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Wrestlemania 28 Main Event Announced

As announced tonight on Raw, The Rock vs. John Cena will main event next year’s Wrestlemania in Miami, on April 1, 2012.

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  1. Cody T. says:

    And that shows WWE’s awful booking

  2. John says:

    Yeah, come on. That’s terrible. A year away.

  3. Steve says:

    Way to reward the fans. I feel like the Wrestlemania I went to last night didn’t matter at all.

  4. Tim L says:

    I’ll start believing it 9 months from now.

    But if it does happen, I think that since Cena is facing the Rock, Undertaker will face HHH AND Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 28. Because, let’s face it, NO ONE on the roster today is in their league and NO ONE can be built that quickly and convincingly to be seem as a threat to Undertaker’s streak. Kinda sad when you think about it.

  5. Zack says:

    A lot can change in one year. But if it stays true, I might keep an eye on that card for next year. Don’t disappoint again, WWE.

  6. -Jay- says:

    Meh could be worse, Rock was gased after a few moves.

  7. Rex Anderson says:

    Since Wrestlemania is coming to my hometown, don’t be surprised if you see Gerweck. Net on a poster in the front row. Platnium pass

  8. jaypluto says:

    ya, i dont like this. a year away. so much can happen. so i guess cena wont win the rumble or have the title(which i guess is god anyway). wwe needs to build a show off who they have wrestling full time. not hhh, taker, rock, trish, lawler, hbk, snooki,… without those names there would have been no WM and thats the fault of wwe not using their talent. i liked the taker/hhh match & lawler thing was good build up but wwe can do better. and the edge/del rio match was rushed and wasted.

  9. Terror says:

    April 1…2011…April Fool’s? Lol

  10. neumanrko9 says:

    how can anyone hate on this? so what if it’s a year away it’s probably one of the most anticipated match-ups of all time. who would’ve thought they would ever see this match say hey a couple of years ago people would say no way. I’m glad they’re saving for the grandest stage of them all: Wrestlemania, it’s better than simply being on a Raw or other ppv. It’s in The Rock’s hometown too which means he’ll finally go into the Hall Of Fame as well as he so deserves. I can’t wait for this, this is what the millions and millions all want to see no question about it this is the true definition of a dream match.

  11. Coolquip says:

    For once WWE is showing a direction in their story… Think about it Sting v Hogan one Of the greatest hyped matches of all time and the hype went over a year without a single Sting match. Compare to the month long hype of Miz v Cena

  12. tk says:

    Well Now is the Rock’s chance to do the right thing and give back to the business and like it or not put cena over as THE GUY even if there was a torch to pass or not! this is the true moment to tell the crew backstage the fans and the boys this is the guy and the future. If not i really couldnt think of anything to say to anybody in the sec ill be sitting in or my friends who will be with me that night if it dosent happen all ill be able to say is…20-0

  13. Filip-Valentin CLEM says:

    Maybe MACHO MAN will be the special guest referee (since he resides in Florida and will possibly be inducted in WWE HOF on this occasion).
    … he may be the “spice effect” in this match.
    It would also reflect upon 3 generations of WWE stars:
    Macho – the 80’s and ealy 90’s,
    Rock – late 90’s-2000’s,
    Cena – most of this past decade.

    Also, since FL is the home state of Hulk Hogan, maybe WWE will approach him too for this show.

    Personally, I don’t see the reason for which WWE couldn’t get GOLDBERG for this past week-end’s ‘Mania in Atlanta, GA. I hope it’s not because of rumored opposition from HHH and HBK or insufficient negotiations. Goldberg would have fit excellently into the Georgia Dome show at ‘Mania as a memoir of WCW’s July 1998 success, when he defeated Hogan for the championship and cemented his career.
    It’s too bad, Goldberg can’t make a decent come back in WWE and properly say good-bye for his past WCW-WWE years.

  14. Bommaniac says:

    The wwe changes like the wind blows and this angle can be killed within seconds. A year is a very long time in wrestling and this won’t happen. This time last year Jericho and Batista were in the mania title matches, now Jericho is on a dancing show and Batista is squeezing money out of strikeforce.

  15. says:

    This is a very long way away and they have to hope no one gets injured and all, but it is definitely a big match and really makes Wrestlemania 27 look even worse, lawls!

  16. Denis says:

    Sting vs. Hogan was a great hyped match that failed to live up to its billing. Sting looked rusty in the match. Unless the Rock plans on wrestling full time during the next year, chances are he will also look rusty. And tk has a good point: Will the Rock put Cena over and pass the torch?

  17. -Jay- says:

    Can’t imagine Rock losing in his home town of Miami, especially to Fruity Pebbles.

  18. Brodus Clay Jr says:

    WrestleMania 28: When Eras/Generations Collide!!!! Here is my predictions for possible matches…

    The Rock vs John Cena
    Stonecold vs The Miz (WWE Title)
    Undertaker vs CM Punk
    Trish vs Michelle McCool
    Edge vs Christan (World Title)
    Morrison vs Kofi vs Ziggler vs Bryan vs Sheamus vs Barrett (US/IC title)
    RKO vs Y2J
    Sin Cara vs Rey vs ADR

  19. KC says:

    You marks and smarks will whine and complain about any and everything,regardless of how different or out of the norm it is. You’re pathetic. I think every fan should appreciate the fact that someone who is now bigger than wrestling and opened the door for alot of people, came back to his roots to entertain you ungrateful pricks. Get off your soapboxes. It’s like Michael Jordan coming back to play one last game because you weren’t able to go see him play during his last run with the Chicago Bulls for whatever reason. It’s like ALL the original Guns n’ Roses members performing together just one more time. Just sit back and enjoy the show. I’ll be partying at the Winter Music Conference in Miami then enjoying Wrestlemania weekend there. Just sit back and enjoy the show, after all, it’s just wrestling, don’t take it too seriously.

  20. Gothik says:

    @ brodus ……yeah dude the way WWE will have that many good matches at once is if Paul Heyman owned the company….Of course the company would be bankrupt the following morning. ;{

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