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Wrestlemania 27 PPV coverage: Undertaker vs. Triple H

* We see highlights of the week’s Wrestlemania activities including the golf outing, fan axxess, art show, etc.

* We see the national guard at ringside, as they are the sponsors!

(6) The Undertaker vs. Triple H

Triple H’s intro included a King with a crown being shown, and then Triple emerging. Taker is still using the Johnny Cash music. Scott Armstrong is the referee.

We now have Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross in the announce booth! Cole, Booker T, and Mathews are done.

On the outside, Undertaker clears the Spanish announce table. Triple H rams Taker right through the Cole Mine. Taker goes for the top rope walk, but Hunter yanks him down. Again on the outside, Hunter tosses Taker into the security wall. Hunter goes for the pedigree on the announce table, but Taker counters and flips Triple H hard to the floor. Taker does a flip over the top rope onto Hunter on the floor. Ouch! It didn’t appear Hunter caught him correctly, but Taker appears to be ok. Taker ran after Hunter, but Triple H spins The deadman through the Spanish announce table. Chokeslam by Taker at 9:47, but Hunter kicked out.

Spinbuster by Hunter, but only a two count. Taker nails Hunter with a chair. Hunter blocks a chair, and a pedigree. Two count!

Last ride by Taker, but Triple H barely kicks out. Cut throat sign by Taker. Tombstone by Taker, but Triple H kicked out.

Undertaker is ready to go on the attack some more. He grabs the chair and puts it down in the middle of the ring. Taker picks up HHH and going for tombstone on chair but Hunter reverses, lands DDT on chair.

A second pedigree, but Taker kicked out. Third pedigree, but again, he kicks out. In frustration, Triple H nails Taker repeatedly with a chair. Taker gets up, and received a serious chair shot from Hunter. Triple H tells Undertaker to stay down. Undertaker grabs Hunter, but he is too weak to do anything. Hunter does the cut throat, and hits a tombstone piledriver, but Taker kicked out!

From under the ring, Hunter grabs the sledgehammer. Taker grabs Hunter with the hells gate on the mat. Hunter grabs the sledgehammer, but drops it as Taker slowly puts Hunter down. Hunter taps out at 29:23. Undertaker is 19-0. Pyro goes off, and it reads 19-0.

After the match, Taker fell off the apron to the floor. You can beat he is feeling it. Fans cheered, as Hunter walked away. They brought out a medical cart to wheel him away. Fans chanted “Undertaker, Undertaker!”

Second secret word is lighting.

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25 Responses

  1. aag44 says:

    Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA! The Snooki match is coming AFTER the Taker/HHH match!?!?!? Well, at least that means that WWE agrees with its fans that it is a bathroom break…

  2. Jose says:

    “Taker gets up, and received a serious chair shot from Hunter.”

    How serious was it?

  3. Zack says:


    Must’ve been a Mick Foley chair shot! haha

  4. -Jay- says:

    Serious head chairshots! Hellz Yeah!!!

  5. -Jay- says:

    To the face!!!

  6. Kerry says:

    Whoa, the streak continues.

  7. joe says:

    probably the best match at 1 of the worse wrestlemania’s of all time

  8. -Jay- says:

    Taker = the true Mr. Wrestlemania!

  9. Darrin H says:

    did not think head shots were allowed any more ?

  10. daniel says:

    wow triple h hits 4 pedigress a tombstone throws him into the cole thingy and loses wif only 1 chokeslam a tombstone and hells gate ROFL!

  11. Ray says:

    Of course taker wins. Why kill the streak when wrestlemania is basically based around it??

  12. James says:

    Make that three people that failed twice…

    Kane (XIV, XX)
    Shawn Michaels (XXV, XXVI)
    Triple H (XVII, XXVII)

  13. John says:

    I thought this was a very good match.

  14. WrestleFan says:

    head shots are allowed in a no holds barred match however

  15. Cody Tougas says:

    Good match, but Taker and HBK set the bar too high for it to ever be topped. HHH is one of the best of all time and I honestly think tonights match came no where near the past two years. A lot of people will say “you cant compare HBK and HHH”, well I just did.

  16. dl1 says:

    great job for 2 men who havent wrestled in a long time. 1 year for HHH and 5-6 months for taker. i actually thought hhh would win at a couple spots int he match.

  17. KennyD says:

    Glad to see that they did the right thing and kept the Streak going …. The Undertaker needs to RETIRE with his streak in tact …. as his legacy to the world of Professional Wrestling …

  18. tk says:

    19-0 need i say more the legend lives on and so does the undertaker the last true outlaw the deadman the phenom the WWE

  19. Fahim Abrar says:

    HONESTLY, I thought this was the 2nd best Wrestlemania match EVER coming in a close 2nd to Austin vs Rock at WM 17 (The 2 matches were WAY too similar)!!
    Other than the LAME finish, this match deserves EPIC status! I ACTUALLY THOUGHT that HHH would pin the Undertaker after the tombstone. I even CLOSED my eyes as I could not watch it! That solitary second makes this match better than the two HBK matches!

    Hadn’t the finish been that lame, this match probably would’ve been the best match I’ve ever seen, and I am talking about a long time(since 1996)!! This was WAY better that Warrior vs Hogan/Rock vs Hogan!!

  20. Jovon says:

    The match was not supposed to end that way. At least I don’t think so. Taker got hurt after the dive and I don’t think he’d fall from the apron face first tot he floor if he wasn’t hurt. Botched suicide dive, by the announce tables no less, and a chair shot to the head? yea, hes injured. Plus, when have u seen the Deadman wheeled off after a WM. never.

  21. jeff says:

    he just couldnt keep up with HHH through the whole match. he seemed worn out as soon as it started. brock wouldve legit hurt him being as intense as he is and the way taker was moving

  22. neumanrko9 says:

    best match of the night by far

  23. tallicaboy says:

    I think the second secret word(s) is more like..Ride the Lightning! Awesome for Triple H using metallica.

  24. hulett says:

    Taker needs to go back to his old music. Johnny Cash just doen’t fit him.

  25. gassan says:

    wow.think about big bangs.the match totally stole the show.taker is
    totally immortal.

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