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Wrestlemania 27 PPV coverage: The Miz vs. John Cena

* We see a promo for the 5/1 Extreme Rules PPV.

* Roberts announced the attendance at 71,617.

Choir on stage ready to sing for John Cena’s entrance. Showing video of Cena from now with WWE and mixing in him as youngster as fan. Choir is singing as Cena is about to make his way out. Cena comes out and run down to the ring. Lots of boo birds for Cena..

(8) WWE championship match: The Miz (with Alex Riley) vs. John Cena

Cena with big arm drag and more boos from the crowd. Miz tossed Cena into the corner and hits running lariat. But cannot get the pin. The Miz missed in the corner and Cena connects with leg drop across his back from top. Miz kicks out. Crowd is really quiet.

Match going to outside the ring where Miz has Cena on apron and lands a big knee. Cena kicks out of pin. Five knuckle shuffle, but is unable to his the attitude adjustment. Miz DDT-ed Cena, but Cena kicked out.

Miz removed the top turn buckle. As referee attended to it, Cena inside cradled Miz, had him beat, but ref was out of position. STFU, but Miz made it to the bottom rope.

Skull crushing finale by Miz after Cena hit the exposed corner, but Cena kicked out. Ref bump. Attitude adjustment, but no referee. Riley gets into the ring, and nails Cena with the metal brief case. Miz covered Cena, but again, only a two count.

Miz accidentally hit Riley with the case, attitude adjustment – but Miz kicked out!

On the outside, Cena clotheslined Miz into the security area. Cena took The Miz over the security wall, as the referee continued to count. Both men have been counted out at 14:44. The match is ruled a draw, with Miz retaining. Time for The Rock?

Here comes The Rock. Rock takes off his jacket on the way to the ring. The GM rings in, but the Rock stops JR from answering. The Rock reads the Raw GM e-mail. He reads it, but stops when it says as Raw GM I think… “I doesn’t matter what you think,” says The Rock.

The Rock says the Mania won’t end like this. The match continues.

Cena is rock bottomed by The Rock. The Miz covers Cena at :33 after the match was restarted. The Miz retains the strap.

The Rock comes back into the ring and lays the smackdown on The Miz. The Rock drops the People’s elbow.

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  1. ryan says:

    im 21 years old and been watching wrestlemania since i was 7 and after this one i truthfully can say I will not be watching it ever again, pathetic the way every match happened even the HHH/taker match being the best match of the night was a let down, sorry but HHH is better than taker and he should of defeated him to end the streak especially being so close as to having the championship more times than flair he should still wrestle hes only 41 and has alot left in him

  2. eddie says:

    Triple H and Taker was topical no dq match but twas best match by far like Shawn and taker will be rematch next year with hhh career on the line also how was snookie match not one of first 3 not 2nd to last cody and Rey was 2nd best match also Cody has good future in the business and needs a title push

  3. Craig says:


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