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Wrestlemania 27 PPV coverage: Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

* Booker T comes out to ring side to call the action. Can you get it, sucka? AND, WWE hall of famer, Boomer Sooner – Jim Ross.

* As JR comes down the the booth, Michael Cole comes out in his ring gear with the amateur wrestling head protector. Cole cuts promos on Lawler and King as he strolled down the ring. Cole is wearing a hooded sweatshirt that says Team Cole. He said after tonight, JR can go back to making really bad bbq sauce. Cole said after tonight, he’ll be called Mr. Wrestlemania.

(5) Michael Cole (with Jack Swagger) vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler. The special guest referee is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

Austin came out on his ATV, which chases Cole back to his cole mine. Austin started the match, but Cole remained in the cole mine. Swagger goes after The King, but Lawler takes out Cole’s trainer. The King gets into the cole mine, and starts to nail Cole.

As The King gets Cole in to the ring, Swagger recovered and nailed Lawler from behind. Baseball slide by Cole nails Lawler. Ankle lock by Swagger on King on the outside. Cole works on Lawler’s knee. Cole applies the Ankle-Cole lock, but Lawler gets out of it and starts to kick Cole in the corner. Swagger threw on the towel to end the match. Austin picked up the towel, and swiped his head with it. Swagger argued with the referee, and gets the Stone Cole Stunner. Cole argues with Austin. Lawler nailes Cole and goes to work on him. Drop kick by Lawler! Lawler delivers the punch from the middle rope, but pulls Cole up at two! Ankle lock by Lawler, and finally Austin accepts Cole tapping out. The King wins at 13:46.

After the match, Lawler and Austin celebrate with beers. Booker T comes in to celebrate as well, and does the spin a rooni! Booker T gets a beer, but Austin gives Booker T a stunner.

The anonymous general manager digs in. The GM says Austin over stepped his bounds referee, and disqualifies Lawler. Mathews read the decree. They are bleeping out alot of language Lawler tosses Mathews into the ring, and Austin stuns Mathews.

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9 Responses

  1. Travis says:

    Why is this match going on for so long?????

  2. Z says:

    Did this seriously get more time than the World Championship match?

  3. Darrin H says:

    Why does Booker think he needs to come in the ring ? Makes no sense … of course nothing that Vinnie does anymore makes sense !

  4. Jim Dee says:

    when are they going to bring this Raw GM bit to and end and finally reveal the identity?

  5. drxfeelgood says:

    @Darrin H
    Booker deals with Cole on Smackdown

  6. Agent Cooper says:

    This match is going on so long because people clearly didn’t want to see the Sheamus-Bryan match or the 8 man tag match longer than 90 seconds. They wanted to see a very long match between a non-wrestler and a 61-year-old. And yes, that is sarcasm.

  7. KennyD says:

    It sucks that this invisible Raw GM dq’d Jerry Lawler ….. This whole storyline has been stupid from day one ….

    For some reason , the WWE has been trying to humiliate Jerry Lawler for several months now .. and are doing a good job at it ….

    This just plain SUCKS … I’m about to QUIT watching WWE for good … TNA ; here I come !!

  8. Darrin H says:

    @ drxfeelgood … thanks makes sense now !

  9. WrestleFan says:

    Perhaps they are leading up to hopefully a feud between the two tough enough trainers Booker T and Austin

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