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Reason HBK didn’t mention Flair by name at the HOF ceremony

Despite being present in Atlanta last night, Shawn Michaels didn’t not mention buddy Ric Flair by name during his acceptance speech, and here is the reason why. Flair’s contract with TNA bars him from appearing at any other televised wrestling event. WWE can use old footage of him, but not new footage under his new TNA contract.

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  1. Kerry says:

    That’s what I figured would happen.

  2. Big Dave says:

    But why does mentioning a name matter as long as you don’t show him

  3. WrestlingFan says:

    That may mean a real stiff penalty or fine for Mr Flair from TNA

  4. tk says:

    you would think it fall under the terry funk rule terry gotton away with things like that no one has said anything…funny from one wrestler to another after all flair has done soooo much you think hed have a get out of jail free card on big Moment stuff but contract is a contract i guess.

  5. Filip-Valentin CLEM says:

    Ric should leave TNA and make one final return to WWE.
    In TNA there’s nothing else for him to do anymore.
    In WWE he could FINALLY retire more decently.

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