News on Vader’s son, “Bones” Jones, school’s site relaunches, more

Apr 3, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

– From Mike Informer: Wrestlemania picks and musings

– Vader’s son Jesse White did very well at a recent WWE tryout at Florida Championship Wrestling and is expected to be offered a developmental deal reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. White has spent time wrestling in Japan including a recent show on 3/21 for All Japan at Sumo Hall.

– From Jeff Sheridan: Jon ‘Bones’ Jones may be future of MMA

– From GQ Money:

9145 Deering Ave

Chatsworth, CA 91311


Make Me a Pro Wrestler : Home of the Pit is proud to announce the relaunch of our website with a whole new format, and increased production of content.

Make Me a Pro Wrestler is a pro wrestling training center in Chatsworth, CA that does things a little bit differently, and follows a slightly different training philosophy. You may recognize one of The Pit’s former trainers, Ricardo Rodriguez on WWE television, you may know of one of our featured personalities, hot-bod diva extraordinaire Lizzy Valentine, and you may know of one of our alumnus Kyle Rasmussen, who was formerly signed to WWE’s FCW territory where he wrestled as Conrad Tanner.

The Pit is owned and ran by former XPW personality and executive GQ Money, whom was also involved in the creation and production of MTV’s Wrestling Society X and has been seen on reality TV, infomercials, game shows, commentating the Viva la Lucha pay per view series and more. Make Me a Pro Wrestler, Home of The Pit, is ran in conjunction with Xert Nutrition, a gym owned by the World’s Strongest Bench Presser Scot Mendelson.

We at The Pit believe it takes more to being a pro wrestler than learning how to wrestle, and the new website aims to bring in many of the ancillary skills including promotion, production, character development, story development and more.

It is our goal with the new site to regularly (multiple times a week) add new content and video bits that entertain the fans, as well as help the students develop their skills in front of the camera, as well as in the ring.

Featured Sections:

* Fit Pit Fit Tip for How to Be a Great Pro Wrestler w/ GQ Money

* Bo Cooper’s Down and Dirty Tricks to Becoming a Great Pro Wrestler

* That’s Just Pit-iful!

* Drama at the Pit

* The Clean Cut Combo presents Combo’s Kitchen

* Lizzy Valentine’s Pointers on Pole

* Hobo For Your Health

* and more new features to be added in time

Be on the look out for exclusive matches, blogs and much, much more from Make Me a Pro Wrestler, Home of The Pit!

Please take the time to go through the site, and watch all the various clips, matches, music videos and more.

If you have ever had the desire to stepping through the ropes and becoming a pro wrestler, Make Me a Pro Wrestler is an excellent place to begin.

Training sessions at The Pit take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings, with Thursdays being devoted to video production at Studio P-I-T.

For more info, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the site.

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