Apr 3, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Thank you for joining us for our LIVE coverage of WWE’s Wrestlemania 27 PPV. Two secret words will appear tonight, stay tuned…

* Ring announcer Justin Roberts welcomes us to Wrestlemania.

* Keri Hilson performs “America The Beautiful”

* Opening introductory video, and they throw it over to the host for Wrestlemania 27, The Rock. The Rock’s music hits, and out comes the most electrifying man in sports entertainment. Rock receives a great crowd reaction, as you would expect. Fans chant, “Rock, Rocky, Rocky.” “Finally The Rock has come back to Atlanta!,” says The Rock. “And finally The Rock as come back to Wrestlemania.” Rock promises that this will be the most memorable Wrestlemania of all time. The Rock says they are making history right now, and that we gonna have fun. Rock says “wrestle,” and fans chant “mania.” He said Cena is in the back trying to figure out which fruity pebbles t-shirt to wear tonight, which gets the fans laughing. The Rock takes a drink from the People’s water bottle. He gets the fans to chant “yabba and dabba.” He goes through many of his catch phrases. Rock gets the fans to say it with him, “if you smell what The Rock is cooking.”

* We see a history of Wrestlemania type video promo, which leads to clips of the current storylines and feuds.

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