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WWE hoping for a million PPV buys for Wrestlemania 27?

Variety posted an article entitled “WWE aims to pin 1 million,” outlining WWE’s exceptions for pay-per-view buys for this year’s Wrestlemania:

WWE is aiming to hit the million mark for more than just bragging rights. WrestleMania is the company’s single biggest moneymaker each year. Last year’s PPV earned $19 million; ticket sales to the Phoenix show chalked up another $5.8 million. But that was down from previous years. In 2008, Orlando’s ‘Mania earned nearly $24 million from PPV buys and another $6 million in ticket sales.

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  1. michael woods says:

    well then they need to lower there prices where a poor man can afford it and maybe they,ll get a million

  2. James says:

    They are crazy. don’t know if its like this everywhere or just here. But its $70 for the regular non-HD PPV and $85 for the HD PPV. Maybe they should lower the prices, or my cable provider needs to be sued for over charging.

    Either way, prices need lowered.

  3. Anthony says:

    yeah they are charging way to much money for the ppv. Mania always has the higher price, but the average person doesnt have the money to drop for a questionable ppv.

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