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Apr 2, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Hey Gerweck.net readers, this is Joseph Nocera alongside Brittney O’Loghlen and we are here to provide you with the preview and predictions to WWE’s biggest pay-per-view of the year, Wrestlemania 27! Wrestlemania 27 is coming live from Atlanta, Georgia this year. There are 9 exciting matches heading our way at this year’s Wrestlemania, along with the fact that it is being hosted by The Great One, The Brahma Bull, The Jabroni Beating, Pie Eating, Trail Blazing, Eyebrow Raising People’s Champ, THE ROCK! and here are the preview and predictions for the matches:


Brittney: John Cena and The Miz, the two most popular Superstars on the RAW roster. This match will be an excellent one because, they are battling it out for the most prized possession in WWE, the WWE Championship. These Men will come in fully determined and focused. This will be the Miz’s most important match of his career, as it’s his first time defending a World Championship belt at Wrestlemania. John Cena has been in a WWE Championship match a 5 times and is very well experienced. You may all be thinking that a certain Pay per view will make The Miz unexperienced, but this is going to put a lot of pressure on the Miz, in a packed out crowd of over 70,000 people in Atlanta Georgia, this match will be very intense. It will be exciting to see John Cena’s entrance this year as it is always the number one thing that pumps up the crowd for his match, and without a doubt pumps him up too. The crowd will definitely be on the edge of their seats throughout the entire match, every pinfall count giving the crowd suspense. Alex Riley will definitely play a massive part of interference, doesn’t he always? As usual the Referee will not see most of what goes on, therefore Miz has a huge advantage going into Mania. Cena does not want any of this going on, as it could result in a disqualification, leaving him walking away empty-handed. I have a strong feeling that The Rock will definitely be apart of this match, not only being the Guest Host of Wrestlemania 27, but also he does not get along with Cena nor Miz, so things could get out of hand. If any thing does happen involving the Rock, it will be to the Miz, but it will end up happening to Cena aswell. What better way to close Wrestlemania with the Rock leaving both Men on the ground leaving his mark, leaving thousands of fans screaming at the tops of their lungs, right? With the Rock coming down to the ring, the Referee will be very concerned and distracted as he knows the Rock isn’t just here to enjoy the match. Alex Riley will hand Miz the belt going for the ‘Skull Crushing Finale’ to hit Cena’s face on it and slide it back out to make it look like nothing happened, but Cena will hit the Attitude Adjustment and go for the STF, forcing Miz to tap out. John Cena is your new WWE Champion.

Joseph: This match will be very interesting. You have in my opinion the two biggest stars that Raw has to offer competing at Wrestlemania 27 for the WWE Championship. You have Miz, who is a former United States Champion, Unified Tag Team Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, World Tag Team Champion, and of course, the current WWE Champion. And then you have John Cena, former 7 time WWE Champion, 2 time World Heavyweight Champion, former 2 time WWE Tag Team Champion, 2008 Royal Rumble Winner, 3 time United States Champion, and former World Tag Team Champion. The Miz has had most of the momentum heading into the event. He has gotten the better of Cena for 4 of the last 6 weeks. The Miz will be wanting to make this match slow paced and will want to take his time, while John Cena on the other hand, will want to want to use the exciting fast paced moves he has used to win matches. I also expect to see some interference from Alex Riley and that will give Miz an advantage. Most people expect Cena to win the WWE Championship, and I agree. I think WWE wants to push the Miz in a huge way, but I just can not see him defeating John Cena at Wrestlemania. I see John Cena winning the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. Miz is a great champion, but I think it is time that his title run comes to an end. Also expect an interference from the Guest Host of Wrestlemania, The Rock.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: John Cena wins the WWE Championship
Joseph: John Cena wins the WWE Championship


Brittney: The match of the entire night, Undertaker VS Triple H, No holds barred! This is the most important match, as it involves the Undertakers most important WWE achievement, his Wrestlemania streak. As we all know there have been a few promos going back to Taker VS Shawn ‘HBK’ Michaels last year, in a Streak VS Career match, one of the most amazing matches I had witnessed. It was one of those matches where you thought it was honestly going to have no end, and every time there was a pinfall, you thought you had your winner. No holds barred, anything goes, no disqualification, no count-outs! This will give the bout way more edge to it and hopefully we see alot of chairs, tables and of course sledge hammers! I bet what you’re all wondering is if HBK will interfere in the match? My answer is a definite yes. Undertaker will be in the lead, setting up for the Chokeslam, leading onto a tombstone piledriver, but HBK will come out to the ring and plea him to stop. Taker will go for the chokeslam leading up to him receiving a Sweet Chin Music. Triple H is confused and surprisingly angry, he wants this to be between him and Taker and he feels as if his match is going to be ruined, if he wins because of Shawn. This is possibly one of HHH’s most important matches. HBK has always been known to be jealous, and it always needs to be about him. Shawn Michaels will Sweet Chin Music Triple H also, leaving both competitors injured on the canvas. Shawn Michaels will walk away to an atmosphere filled with boo’s. Both Men will find themselves back up, using the ropes for support, and Taker will get himself a pedigree. With the crowd thinking Triple H is going to win, Undertaker will kick out. The crowd will be going insane by now and the Commentators will be speechless. Taker will chokeslam Triple H and set up the tombstone. With his unique pin, he will get the three count, leaving fans with goosebumps, tears, and excitement. Triple H fans will of course be disappointed, but he would have put up an amazing fight. Undertaker is now 19 and 0. This will forever be the match to remember.

Joseph: I don’t think I have been as excited for any other match as much as I am for this encounter. The last two Wrestlemania’s, I have watched Undertaker and Shawn Michaels have two of my favourite matches ever. Both matches had me on the edge of my couch. It will be the match of the night, and I think it will be an early contender for match of the year. I think if there gonna be anyone to break the streak at Wrestlemania, it is Triple H. The fact that this match is No Holds Barred makes the match more interesting and more exciting. In case you don’t know what a No Holds Barred match is, it is a match with no disqualifications and no countouts. It is going to be a slow paced match, with both guys wanting to make it a long match. I don’t see this match going any shorter then 30 minutes. Also, Undertaker’s legendary 18-0 Wrestlemania streak is on the line. The Undertaker has beaten some of the best superstars to ever grace a WWE ring, people like Shawn Michaels, Mark Henry, Randy Orton, Big Show, Jimmy Snuka, Ric Flair, Kane and also, Triple H. Another thing in this match is what is the mind-set of Triple H? Because he knows that his best friend Shawn Michaels hasn’t been able to break the streak for the past two years, and also the fact that Undertakers ended HBK’s career. I also see Shawn Michaels make an appearance and interfere in this match. I think that he will give both Triple H and the Undertaker some sweet chin music. I don’t think that there will be many weapons used in the match even though that it is no holds barred. I think that a lot of the bout will be on the outside but also, a fair amount of it will be inside the squared circle. Another interesting fact about this match is that it will be the 10 year anniversary of their match at Wrestlemania 17. That match was a classic, and I don’t think this match will disappoint. I see this match going down as the match of the night and possibly one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history. I am hoping that Triple H breaks the streak, but I think that WWE will put Undertaker over, and Undertaker will go 19-0 at Wrestlemania. This match will be a classic and there is no doubt about that.

Predictions for this match:
Joseph: Undertaker wins this match and goes 19-0


Brittney: Michael Cole threatens Jerry Lawler every week on RAW and Jerry Lawler can’t do anything about it, according to The anonymous RAW general manager, his job is on the line and he can not physically harm Michael Cole. Wrestlemania 27 changes it all, Jerry Lawler can finally have his vengeance. With Michael Cole’s first ever appearance in a match everybody assumes he can’t do it, think again WWE universe! The all American American, Jack Swagger has been training Michael Cole and in doing that will be there ringside to support him. This will be quite a lengthy match as both opponents have a lot of hatred towards each other and want to give each other as much punishment as they can. We all remember JBL coming to the aid of Michael Cole to be the guest referee and so Jerry Lawler would have no-one to help him, but Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hit and by the look on JBL’s face he and everyone else could tell this wasn’t good for JBL nor Michael Cole. With a celebration involving lots and lots of alcohol, Stone Cold signed the Special Guest Referee contract and it was done. With Michael Cole’s over-confidence he will head into this match, fine, but when it’s time, he will chicken out and take a while to get in the ring. Once he’s in, he will hit the first strike, but Jerry will dodge and will dominate for almost the entire match. Alot of interference will take place on Cole’s part and will never be seen by the ref, typical. We all know Stone Cold likes to break the rules, so he may even throw in a stunner towards Cole, although Stone Cold or Jack Swagger can do anything to the Ref, otherwise it will counter into a disqualification, leaving Lawler as the winner, and all Michael Cole wants to do is punish Lawler and rub it into his face. JBL will head down to the ring and will try and interfere throughout the match, he will get caught several times and will be sent on his way, JBL will argue with Stone Cold and receive himself a stunner. This will result in Michael Cole distracted, only to be hit with an illegal piledriver which will give him the win and finally having his revenge on Michael Cole. In using his piledriver, this will lead onto RAW with the General Manager exchanging some words through his computer, towards Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

Joseph: This match is going to be very interesting to watch. It will be interesting to see how Michael Cole wrestles and how he reacts to wrestling in front of over 70,000 people on the grandest stage of them all. This match has been hyped up so big due to the fact that it is Jerry Lawler’s first ever match at Wrestlemania. Jerry Lawler has not been able to get the upper hand on Michael Cole over the last few weeks. At first when the match was announced, everyone thought that Lawler would have the advantage, but the momentum quickly shifted when Cole announced that Jack Swagger would be in his corner. But also, the match was made even when Stone Cold Steve Austin signed the contract to be the referee at Wrestlemania. Stone Cold will have a huge impact on this match, I think he will serve both Jack Swagger and Michael Cole with a good old Stone Cold Stunner. Stone Cold will also make this match no disqualifications but for Jerry Lawler only, that would make the match more interesting and good to watch. I know this may sound unrealistic, but I think that Jim Ross will have an involvement in this match, helping Lawler. And then we might see Jack Swagger get involved and also, we might see JBL interfere, since he was the original referee that Michael Cole chose The match will have its moments where it will be boring, but it could be alright. I don’t think this match will be good and it could be a time-waster, but you never know. I see Jerry Lawler winnng this match. I don’t know what will happen between the two after the event though, but lets hope that the rivalry ends at Wrestlemania. It will be interesting to see also what WWE decides to do with Michael Cole’s character. Will he turn face or stay heel? Who knows, but hopefully he gets more entertaining. I think that Lawler will use the piledriver on Cole and then the Raw General Manager might have something to say about it, but we will see what happens.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Jerry Lawler wins this match
Joseph: Jerry Lawler wins this match


Brittney: Edge and Alberto Del Rio are on of the best feuds in WWE right now, since it started the very night after the WWE Royal Rumble pay per view. As soon as Alberto claimed that World Championship was his, there was rivalry already beginning to burn. Christian’s return also made it better for Edge, as Alberto was the one who put Christian out for 6 months due to a pectoral muscle injury. Christian is raving and since he’s in Edge’s corner for this World Heavyweight Championship match, things could get interesting. Brodus Clay is also in Del Rio’s corner, he has been known to always take advantage of matches, but this time, he must be careful as it’s for the belt and it could cost Alberto the match of his career. Alberto’s career has been outstanding so far, for only being the WWE a short amount of time. He had short promo’s every Smackdown episode showing him being very cocky and the crowd already booing him, he debuted in early June at a WWE live event in Roanoke, Virginia. He has stated that the future is bright and that it is his destiny to win the championship. Edge will come to the ring full of confidence, but like everyone else will be, nervous, as it’s Wrestlemania! Del Rio will come as his normal cocky self, in his fancy car, he thinks he’s got this in the bag easy, but he can’t sell himself too short as Edge is an eleven time World Heavyweight Champion, he is going to be extremely tough competition. Both Men, extremely focused, will put on a great Match for Atlanta, Georgia crowd. Both competitors will have a rough start, but this match is going to be incredibly intense, with close three counts and a lot of interference. Del Rio will look as if he’s going to win, but Edge will hit the spear and retain his World Heavyweight Championship.

Joseph: This match will be a great in my opinion. I think that this match will be the one that confirm Alberto Del Rio’s place as a main eventer in WWE. He has proven that he can hang with the big dogs, but he needs to put in one hell of an effort if he wants to have a great match with the Rated R Superstar, Edge. Alberto Del Rio may have not won any championships, but he defeated 39 of the WWE’s best superstars in the Royal Rumble Match to urn a shot at the championship match at Wrestlemania. I believe that Alberto Del Rio has earned this title shot against Edge and I think that the fact that he has only been in WWE for about 9 months makes this match unique. You have Edge, who is a veteran, 11 time World Champion, and a man who has held every title possible, and a man who has won the Ring of the Ring and he was also the 2010 Royal Rumble Match winner. Then you have Alberto Del Rio who is one of the biggest rising stars WWE has had in the last 10 years, and already has accomplished a big feat when he won the Royal Rumble Match in January. Alberto has stated multiple times to the Rated R Superstar that I will replace your legacy with my destiny. I see Del Rio wanting to take his time and work on the arm of Edge, while Edge will want to try and work on the body of Del Rio for the spear. I see interference from Brodus Clay and also Christian in this match, and I have heard that Christian might be turning heel at the event. I think that it is possible, cause I think that Christian needs a main event push, But I think that the heel push might be postponed because Christian will want some revenge on Alberto Del Rio due to the fact that Del Rio put Captain Charisma out of action for up to six months with a torn pectoral muscle. But I think that Edge will overcome interferences and retain the World Heavyweight Championship.

Predictions for this match:
Joseph: Edge retains the World Heavyweight Championship


Brittney: For a long time now, Rey Mysterio and former ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes have clashed and haven’t exactly seen eye to eye. A few weeks back on an episode of Friday Night Smackdown, The legendary Hall of famer Dusty Rhodes made his Son ‘apologize’ to Rey Mysterio for his careless acts. They all gathered in the ring and Cody made an apology to Mysterio, as Mysterio has always been, he accepted the apology and went to hug Dusty as if they could all move on. Dusty Rhodes attacked Rey Mysterio and of course his Son Cody joined in. This left WWE universe in shock and we knew this was a new era for Cody Rhodes. This matchup will be one of the shortest matches we have at Wrestlemania 27, because we all know that Cody Rhodes hates people looking at his face, this may also lead to a surprise, something different and Cody may also come out with a mask. It is unknown whether Dusty will be out there to support his Son or not, but in my personal opinion, I think he won’t. Cody Rhodes has changed, and we’ve definitely seen a more aggressive side to him, this will make the match a lot more interesting as he is not as concerned about his face getting injured, he is more focused on getting the job done and punishing his opponent as much as he can. Rey hasn’t had a match-up with Cody since, so it’ll be very good to see how they both perform against each other. Rey Mysterio’s high flying moves will be getting him in a bit of trouble as Cody is a more determined wrestler now and will be more focused. As aggressive and better I am making Cody sound, Rey Mysterio will have his part in this match, and will use his high flying techniques to the better of Rhodes, he will most definitely hit the 619 and the west-coast pop on Cody and will pick up the win.

Joseph: I think that this match will be a great one. This will be the match that pushes Cody Rhodes into the main event scene. I think that even if he loses or even he wins, this will be the turning point in Cody’s career. I think that Rey Mysterio has a great chance of winning this match too. He knows what it is like winning at Wrestlemania, he has won at the last four Wrestlemania’s that he has been involved in, including his famous World Championship win over Randy Orton and Kurt Angle at Wrestlemania 22. Both of these guys will put in a solid performance. Cody will want to make the match slow paced and will want to work on the face of Rey, but will ant to make the match short due to the fact that he does not like looking people in the face, let alone over 70,000 people at Wrestlemania. Rey Mysterio will want to use his high flying moves to get the better of Cody Rhodes and will want to get the upper hand on the former ‘Dashing’ one. Cody wants redemption after what happened on Smackdown three weeks before the Royal Rumble, when Rey shattered the face of Cody, forcing him to miss out on the Royal Rumble match. I think that this match is going to be huge for the career of Cody Rhodes, but I see Rey Mysterio winning this match with a 619.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Rey Mysterio wins this match
Joseph: Rey Mysterio wins this match


Brittney: Possibly, two of the highest superstars on the RAW roster as of now, CM Punk and Randy Orton. CM Punk is the leader of The New Nexus and is just as nasty as Wade Barret ever was, which means he’s doing his job correct! Randy Orton or as CM Punk likes to refer him to ‘Randal Keith Orton’ has serious anger issues, and as vicious as it may seem, it’s a good thing for Randy to have, it gets him more fired up for all his matches. Randy has punted all the members of Nexus on all the previous episodes of RAW and because of this, CM Punk now stands alone. As much as it may seem that Punk comes across scared, he is one of the most capable wrestlers there is in the ring. Last week on RAW, Orton was setting up a punt for Punk but re-injured his already injured knee, giving Punk the opportunity to hit the GTS sending a message for Randy that he doesn’t always need his Nexus buddies around to help him get the job done. Being that said, Randy really shouldn’t have given into temptation and should have waited for Mania to get his hands on Punk, giving his knee healing time. This should lead into a very good match and the crowd will be on their feet the whole time as Randy Orton is possibly one of the best faces we have on the Roster, and CM Punk is easily the best heel. As of Randy’s injured knee he will find it more difficult to defeat Punk, but as always, he won’t give up. CM Punk will hit the GTS, but won’t get the three count. With CM Punk dazed and confused, it will take him a while to get re-focused. Randy Orton will hit the RKO and pick up the win.

Joseph: I think that this match is going to be great. You have Randy Orton, a former 7 time WWE and World Heavyweight Champion, and former Royal Rumble winner against CM Punk, another former World Heavyweight Champion, former Intercontinental, World Tag Team and ECW Champion. I think this feud between the two has been very well done and good to watch. The feud began when CM Punk and the New Nexus cost Randy Orton the WWE Championship back in January at the Royal Rumble. Since then, Randy Orton has been getting into the head of CM Punk by taking out every member of the New Nexus, which includes Husky Harris, Michael McGillicutty, David Otunga and Mason Ryan. But CM Punk shifted the momentum his way when he attacked Randy Orton in the parking lot in front of his wife. Both of this guys like to work slow-paced matches, and I think that CM Punk will spend most of the match working on the injured knee of Orton. I think that CM Punk will put Randy Orton to sleep and pick up the victory at Wrestlemania 27.

Predictions for this match:
Joseph: CM Punk wins this match


Brittney: As we all know John Morrison is currently feuding with Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler and his former girlfriend and now ‘business partner’, Vickie Guerrero, will be in Dolph’s corner, and The Cougar herself, has brought her friends into play, Laycool. At The Royal Rumble Pay per View in January and on previous Smackdown episodes, Kelly Kelly and Vickie Guerrero haven’t exactly been on the same page. Kelly is tired of Vickie getting in her personal life and wants nothing to do with her. Vickie fired Kelly and she was soon re-hired by Smackdown General Manager, Theodore ‘Teddy’ Long. The point in reminding all of this, is because Kelly was scheduled in the original Wrestlemania card, but Snooki is now in place instead, as of making an impact as RAW’s guest host two weeks ago. So my personal opinion is that Kelly Kelly will be a surprised feature in Trish Stratus’, Snooki’s and Morrison’s corner. Laycool will come out in their Jersey Shore gear as a mockery towards Snooki. With a former 7 time Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus, training Snooki, it will be interesting to see how Snooki turns out for her first ever time battling it out in the ring. Morrison and Ziggler will start it off and show the girls how it’s done. For the first half of the match Ziggler will take control Morrison will strike back, leaving Ziggler forced to tag in a member of Laycool. Morrison is then automatically in need to tag either Snooki or Trish Stratus. With Trish Stratus fired up to get her hands on Laycool she will take full control of the match. Snooki will be a last-minute tag and Laycool will take in turns to tag each other and pick on Snooki. With Snooki getting angered up she will use her aggressive Jersey antics towards the girls of Laycool and will lead to another angle of them splitting up. With all the girls tired or injured on the canvas, the boys will be battling it out outside distracting the referee. Vickie will conceive her sneaky ways and try to get Laycool back on their feet, in doing so Kelly will get agitated and roll out the ring attacking Vickie. Laycool will strike at Snooki but Snooki will dodge and hit the ‘Stratusfaction’ giving her team the three count.

Joseph: Lets face it, the main reason this match is on the card is because WWE think that they will get more money if Snooki competes in a match for Wrestlemania. The match will be good, but only because of everyone in the match besides Snooki. I know that their are fans who are upset about this match, but there are some positives to this match, like the fact that we get to see John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler compete, as well as Trish Stratus and Laycool. I think that this match will go for around 10 or so minutes and the team of Ziggler and Laycool will dominate. Laycool will most likely spend most of the match pulling faces and making fun of Snooki. Also, expect an interference from Kelly Kelly, there has been rumours that she will appear and make sure the Vickie Guerrero does not interfere in the match. The match will be unique and it could be entertaining, but I don’t see Snooki doing much. I can see Snooki though picking up the victory alongside John Morrison and Trish Stratus. I think that after Wrestlemania 27, Snooki will make more appearances for WWE and possibly get a contract with the company. It would be interesting to see what would happen if Snooki stayed with World Wrestling Entertainment.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morrison pick up the victory at Wrestlemania
Joseph: Snooki, Trish Stratus and John Morrison pick up the victory at Wrestlemania


Brittney: This match will be a definite crowd favorite. Kane and Big Show re-uniting! I know it’s always been a dream of mine, and many others of the WWE Universe! With the three teams mixed into a four on four tag match, I think this is a possible match to soon lead to a triple threat tag team match for the Unified Tag Team Championships at the next Pay per view. Especially since Vladimir and Santino have been former Unified Tag Team Champs. Kane, Big Show, Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella will all team well together as we saw on the previous episode of RAW they all lightened Kane up a bit. This may make their team a little less focused for Wrestlemania. As talented as Kane is, he’s been acting a little less fierce as of late and The Corre are always at their most vicious, focused state. This may lead to a happier Kane, meaning that he’ll go out there with a more positive attitude towards things and not be more aggressive. The Corre will have the upper hand of the match, but Kane, Show, Vladimir and Santino will pull up a win with each and everyone of them hitting their finishers on them all, ending with the Cobra!

Joseph: When this match was announced, i was thinking that the team of Kane, Big Show, Marella and Kozlov was very different and very unique. You have Kane and Big Show who are two serious guys and then you got Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov who are like a comedy tag team. But i gotta say, I like this team. The Corre are a dominate group, 3 of their 4 members have championships. The Corre has been on a roll, they have been getting the better of Big Show and Kane over the last few weeks on Smackdown, but the unique team of Kane, Big Show, Kozlov and Santino got some momentum when Marella defeated Justin Gabriel on Raw. The Corre will most likely dominate the majority of the match, then Show, Kane, Marella and Kozlov will get some offence. But I think that the Corre will win this match and they will continue to dominate.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov wins this match
Joseph: The Corre wins this match


Brittney: Three weeks ago on Monday Night RAW, a United States Championship match took place involving the current Champion, of course, Daniel Bryan and his opponent Sheamus, a former two-time WWE Champion. This match, in my opinion, was the highlight of RAW as both members of the bout are two incredibly talented wrestlers. Sheamus won the belt and that lead Daniel Bryan wanting a re-match, and it was scheduled for the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania 27. Daniel Bryan held the belt for 6 months and seemed like a fierce competitor to go in this match, although it was aware of the WWE Universe that his time was up, It was Sheamus’ time. With Sheamus’ just winning the belt and also his talent, he will hold onto the belt in this matchup at Wrestlemania, although putting up a great fight, Daniel Bryan will indeed not win this match. Daniel Bryan will climb the top rope setting up for a flying drop-kick, but will be setup for a Celtic Cross, with the Referee counting the 1,2,3 and Sheamus remains United States Champion.

Joseph: I love the idea of Sheamus as the United States Champion. He won the championship three weeks ago on Raw when he defeated Daniel Bryan and he snapped his losing streak. Daniel Bryan came out the next week and he challenged Sheamus to a rematch for the title at Wrestlemania, and Sheamus responded by kicking Bryan in the face. It was later confirmed on WWE.com that the match would happen at Wrestlemania 27. I enjoyed their match on Raw a few weeks ago and i think that they won’t disappoint on the grandest stage of them all. I see Sheamus controlling most of the match and Daniel Bryan also getting some offense. I think it would be stupid if WWE decide to give the title back to Bryan on Sunday, because I believe that Sheamus should have a good championship run. It will be an entertaining match with Sheamus retaining the United States Championship at Wrestlemania 27.

Predictions for this match:
Brittney: Sheamus retains the United States Championship
Joseph: Sheamus retains the United States Championship

It is here! We are only a matter of hours away from the biggest pay-per-view of 2011. Both myself and Brittney really hope you all enjoy Wrestlemania 27, we both know that we will. Thank you for reading. And enjoy Wrestlemania 27 live from Atlanta!

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