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Video: The Rock surprised by Cena comments, ready to get physical

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  1. KING444 says:

    The Rock speaks the truth, Cena saying what he did obviously offend Rock’s Family cuz Rock basically grew up in the WWE along with his dad and his grandfather, Cena thinks hes all that, but what people dont see is how throughout cena’s whole career, he bited off the rock when it came to jokes, wrestling moves, crowd ovation, top dog and so on so cena shouldnt be running his mouth at all

  2. ryan says:

    dude the rock speaks no truth he left WWE to make movies cenas still here making cena better than rock

  3. jeff says:

    no that just means the rock is a better actor and cena couldnt make it as an actor only so he has no choice but to keep wrestling. if he could make what the rock does he’d probably do the same thing he complains the rock did

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