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Recap: “Moonshine Matinee” with Hillbilly Jim, Jimmy Hart & Ricky Steamboat‏

From Jeff Sheridan:

1.NOTE FROM JEFF:For those that wanna
read ONLY the Jimmy Hart & Ricky Steamboat segments, they’re the following:

Jimmy Hart segments #20 & 22
Ricky Steamboat segments #30, 32 & 34

Anyhow he starts the show at 10 AM with the usual “Don’t Go Messin’ With A Country

2.Hillbilly plays a special theme song to start the show off to where he says you
must’ve thought that you landed elsewhere.
He then introduces himself, says welcome to
the show which’s special this week & says
the theme music he just played is this years Wrestlemania 27 [WM 27] theme [Tinie Tempah's "Written In The Stars"], that’s in
Atlanta, Georgia. He says thruout the show
he’ll do some wonderful WM activities,
having a great day along the way with
special WWE Hall Of Fame [HOF] guests by
going down memory lane a bit. He says he’ll
talk about what’s occuring in Atlanta for WM, says that Jimmy Hart: in the 3rd hour & in the 4th hour, he’ll have Ricky Steamboat: .

Hillbilly says he’s got things to bump his
gums about to it, asks Spike if he’s ready &
tells him he’s looking good. He tells fans not to think that Spike don’t have his game
together, says that Spike’s “WM’d out” to
where he’s wearing a plastic Walmart
world title belt & asked Spike if he’s wearing WM pajamas with the Hulk Hogan
“flap trap” in the back. He tells Spike that it
looks as if Spike’s used the “flat trap” a lot,
tells fans that we’ll have a great 1 by talking
to some buddies on the show & asks fans to
call their buddies by saying this is
happening. He says he’ll have great music in
the 1st hour with great tunes that Spike’s
got in the barrel of hits on WM weekend.

Hillbilly says in the barrel he sees George
Jones, David Allan Coe’s, Hoyt Axton for
“The Commander”, CCR [Cross Canadian
Ragweed], Gregg Allman, Willie Nelson & Ray Wylie Hubbard. He tells fans that on 4/7
if they’re in Nashville to go to the Grand Ol’ Opry: ,
says you’ll be treated to some bonified
southern royality with this guy [Charlie
Daniels], says he’ll kick if off by putting a
headlock on it & again says it’s WM weekend.

3.Plays The Charlie Daniels Band’s “Long
Haired Country Boy”, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s
“Gimme 3 Steps”, Mick Foley’s Hillbilly Jim
promo & Merle Haggard’s “Big City”.

4.Hillbilly says he just popped the cork on
this weeks edition of your show on Sirius
XM’s Outlaw Country, says we’re all in this
together & tells Spike that we ain’t playing.
He says he’s down home in beautiful Mud
Lick, Kentucky, says it looks good today &
hopes that you’ll have a fantastic weekend.
He says he’ll try playing great tunes with
some entertaining thoughts & comments
along the way & says he wants you to know
that he’s here weekly doing this by having
some fun. He says it’s lots of fun being there on Outlaw Country, says there’s lots
of great things & then says plugs a show that’ll be on tonight 10PM & tomorrow 8AM EST: .

Hillbilly says that Texas Hill Country hero &
bonified legend Ray Wylie Hubbard will host an hour of great music & conversation with Billy Bob Thornton, Emmylou Harris, Jimmie Dale Gilmore & Slaid Cleaves. He says this was recorded at the recent SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas, says it’s the 2nd annual “Grits ‘N’ Groove Hour”, says that sounds good & says it sounds like they’ll have some food & cocktails there too. He says it’ll have some intimate acoustic performances by Hubbard, Cleaves,
Harris & Gilmore, says they’ll debut new music by discussing their forthcoming albums while Thornton will talk about his new Willie Nelson documentary “The King of Luck”.

Hillbilly says he’d like to see that documentary too, says he’ll play some Hubbard music now ["Snake Farm"] & says
this song goes out to fans that’s ever been on a farm, but doubts they’ve ever been on
this type of farm.

5.Plays Ray Wylie Hubbard’s “Snake Farm”,
Slaid Cleaves’ “Devil’s Lullaby” & Lucinda
Williams’ “Crescent City”.

6.The Rock’s theme music is played, Hillbilly acknowledges that it’s Dwayne “The Rock”
Johnson, says after a 7 year absence Rock
returns to the ring by hosting WM 27 in
Atlanta & says there’s lots to do by having a
big time, woo doggie, bonified movie star
returning to his real roots. He says everyone in WWE would get intensed &
fired up when it’s WM time, says that he’s
been on the earlier WM’s & says was a special time. He says they’d start to point at
WM because they knew that’s where it was
all gonna come down, says that was indeed
their Super Bowl/World Series 7th Game/
NBA 7th Game & says it was all wrapped up
in 1 for the fans.

Hillbilly says it’ll be a special weekend, says
he’ll have fun this week with you by talking
wrestling & says he’ll share some memories.
He again says Jimmy Hart & Ricky Steamboat will be on later, says they’ll kick it up like nobody’s business & tells fans to
hold on for that. He tells fans to not forget
on what they came there for which’s the
music & says this song ["Rolling Stone"] is from the new album “Low Country Blues”: .

7.Plays Gregg Allman’s “Rolling Stone”,
Willie Nelson’s “Satan Your Kingdom Must
Come Down”, Raul Malo’s Hillbilly Jim promo & Raul Malo’s “Moonlight Kiss”.

8.Hillbilly says yes sirree to the “hill-billions”, says that he’s getting late into the
1st hour & tells fans not to go anywhere. He
says if you do he’ll throw you in there, then
slam you thru the mat, put the “possum trot” on you, then mule kick you in the grill
& says you don’t want that. He says that he & Spike need you to call them, says that they have a toll free number for you to call
& says in these hard pressed & economical
times, it’ll cost you nothing. He then plugs
888-OK-OUTLAW, his email , his site & the “Outlaw Country
Rocks” page: .

Hillbilly says when he returns he’ll have his
woods & waters reporter [Uncle Percy] on the show, says it’s a big show to where they’ll be lots of guests & says they’re hopping like worms that’s crawling out in
the garden on this WM weekend. He says
he’ll play a tune ["Tennessee Whiskey"] that
was written by some people that were great, Linda Hardgrove & Dean Dylan & says if you’ve got this guy [George Jones]
singing it, it’s gotta be good.

9.Plays George Jones’ “Tennessee Whiskey”,
David Allan Coe’s “Would You Lay With Me” & Steve Earle’s “Pancho & Lefty”.

10.Hillbilly tells fans in Cleveland, Ohio &
Warwick, Rhode Island & Seattle, Washington & Artmore, Oklahoma that it’s
their weekend. He says we can strutt out
stuff, rock & roll like it’s nobodys business &
says for those that likes woods & waters with all things about nature, he’s got
someone for you now. He says it’s Percy via
phone, asks Percy if it’s true he’s on the road this weekend & Percy says he’s happier then a muddy pig this morning.
Hillbilly says that does his heart good, says
he can see Percy waving the mud out of his
eyes & Percy says he’s on his way to Persal,
Texas for the 1st turkey hunt for this year.

Percy says with all of the blooming flowers
& trees it’s as pretty as his friend Ray
Hatcher told him it’d be. Hillbilly says that
Percy’s someone that has to go out &
explore the boundries of nature, thinks that
Percy’s got a good jump on it with turkey
season & Percy says it’s as big for him as it is for WM. Hillbilly agrees, asks Percy if he’s
fired up & Percy says he’ll find a place to watch the PPV. Hillbilly says it’ll be fantastic,
says he’ll later remind fans on how to order
it by letting them know all the ends &
particulars & says it’s a wonderful time for it. He says with Percy’s reports it’s a wonderful time every week, says lots of fans
contact him & Percy about his woods & waters report & says he does a “Walter Cronkite” type of job.

Percy says that outdoors are alive this time
of the year, says in Airport Lake which’s a
place that he never fished at in Florida is
where fans are catching the wax out of some peacock bass. He says after getting
done with turkey hunting he’ll go over there to see about catching some peacock
bass later. Hillbilly says that Spike’s dressed
up like a wrestling peacock by saying that he’s got a birthday suit which’s a sleeping
suit that Percy bought for him when Spike
was a kid. He says it’s the 1 that’s got a Hulk
Hogan “flap trap” on the back, says that he’s also wearing the cheap, plastic Walmart belt that “Ma” got for him on
Christmas & says Spike’s feeling his oats.

Percy tells Hillbilly not to let Spike wear that MMA outfit again, Hillbilly feels that
“Flossy Jones” & his boys almost beat the
heck out of Spike when he wore that & Percy agrees. Percy says he’s been getting
tons of stuff on , says when going on there you can see the summaries
of the shows [on , then go to the music section] & says fans have
posted photos & stuff like that. He says the 1 thing fans have been asking is something
they never talked about, says it’s something
fans need to remember & says it’s about
Hillbilly’s music career, playing parties & stuff like that.

Percy says fans are asking about booking
Hillbilly & if he’s available, Hillbilly says he
is & says he’ll be more available for that. He
says last year he had to clear up some things, thanks Percy for mentioning it & says he’d love to come & play for any of
Percy’s parties by doing a wang, dang, doodle for him. Percy says fans can either
contact him or Hillbilly via their sites, then
plugs his “Grits & Gravy” newsletter: & hopes that while in Texas, he’s
hoping on getting a Texas recipe to put in
the newsletter this weekend. He tells fans to go on his site to sign up for the newsletter.

Percy then says to find him on Facebook: , says
he’d love to know anyone that’s interested
either in outdoors, music, good food or just
to talk about anything. Hillbilly tells Percy
he appreciates him, knows that he’s ready
for his hunting & asks him to report on it
next week. He says this is great to where
he’s starting it off right, hopes to have a
wang, dang, doodle of a summer & knows
that Percy will lead the parade for us. He
asks if he can play a song for Percy & “The Commander” ["Della & The Dealer"], Percy
says yes & Hillbilly says this is for Percy, for fans that love this guy who’s a legend [Hoyt Axton] & “The Commander”.

11.Plays Hoyt Axton’s “Della & The Dealer” & Waylon Jennings’ “I’m A Ramblin’ Man”.

12.Steve Austin’s theme music is played,
Hillbilly acknowledges that it’s Austin music & says Austin’s the Texas bad ass. He says
Austin’s got a WM connection to where he’ll have 1 in Atlanta, says Austin will be a
special guest ref for an amazing match that’ll be dog gone good & says he’s looking at the match, to see on how it’ll work out. He says it’ll have Jerry Lawler vs
Michael Cole with Jack Swagger in Cole’s
corner & Austin will be the ref for that 1. He
says you don’t wanna miss that, says on the 1st hour he & Percy were talking about how
to order it & says not to just order WM, but
all thru this year just order any WWE special PPVs that your cable & satellite
companies are offering & says it’ll be much

Hillbilly says he’s looking at the 2nd hour in
Mud Lick, says he’s “The Unofficial Mayor Of Mud Lick” & says that Spike got up early
this week. He says that not only Spike dressed up in his wrestling suit but also was
wrestling the goats out there & says he
smells like 1 of them. He says Spike also
stirred up the barrel of wonderful tunes,
says that he sees something that looks good ["Jumpercable Blues"] & tells fans that
on 4/8 if they’re in Louisville, Kentucky they
can go to the Palace Theatre: . He says
these boys [North Mississippi Allstars] will
be opening for Robert Plant & The Band Of
Joy. He says that’s somthing else & says you
need to check that out.

13.Plays North Mississippi Allstars’
“Jumpercable Blues”, Robert Plant & The
Band Of Joy’s “You Can’t Buy My Love”, Kris
Kristofferson’s “The Best Of All Possible
Worlds” & Porter Wagoner’s “Misery Loves

14.Hillbilly says he’s Sirius XM’s Hillbilly Jim
& was formerly WWF’s Hillbilly Jim, says his
trusty little sidekick & “partner in pain” is
there to where the “pain train” is leaving the barn & says it’s Spike. He again says they’re in Mud Lick, says he’s overlooking
the horizon to where it’s a grey day there &
says his spirits are lifted up. He says it’s a
wonderful weekend, says he’s glad you’ve
joined him & is honored for that. He says he’s proud to be there, says that worldwide
the news is out & says he needs to talk about Sirius XM radio: & . He says fans needs to have it so they can check out the
shows & programs that it has.

Hillbilly plugs Elvis Radio: to where he says it’s 24 hours, 9 days weekly & says he won’t slow it down. He says here’s a sweetheart [Stacie Collins] for all of y’all & says this is requested for fans in Bakersfield,

15.Plays Stacie Collins’ “Hey Mister”, Jason & The Scorchers’ “Lost Highway”, Joe Ely’s
Hillbilly Jim promo, Joe Ely’s “I Keep Gettin’
Paid The Same” & Texas Tornados’ “Adios

16.Hillbilly says he’ll put the step over toe
hold with a modified camel & cobra clutch on you & guarantees you won’t get out of
that. He says he’s talking wrestling lingo, says that Spike’s about to bust at the seems
because as soon as he talks some wrestling
trash Spike can’t contain himself. He calls
Spike a mighty excitable little boy, asks as
to why you wouldn’t be mighty excitable &
again says it’s WM weekend, to where he
says it’s the “Super Bowl of wrestling” that’s on hand. He says there’s lots going on, says that everyone’s sitting & having
snacks while watching the PPV & tells fans
he knows what they can have in their hands

Hillbilly asks if they wish they can have his
“Hillbilly Jim’s Beef & Turkey Jerky” product
to chomp down on while watching The Rock, Austin, Undertaker & Cena in the ring.
He says he’s got some of the best beef &
turkey jerky that your gums have ever tasted, says it’s made to down home,
southern specs & says it’s got the old fashioned mountain, smoke house recipe
that he remembers as a kid. He says for more info call 877-451-4017 [NOTE FROM JEFF: it's got the following flavors:
"Grandpa's Corn Squeezin' Kentucky Bourbon & Honey", "Thunder Road Tennessee Whiskey & Honey", "Original Mountain Recipe", "Country Boy Haba-Q",
"Butt Kickin' Teriyaki", "Back Home Garlic Special", "Mountain Mild", "Uncle Pud's Pepper Special", "Mountain Delite BBQ",
"Water Truck Hot", "Jamaican Hot" &
"Cuzzin' Spike's Special Honey Mustard" Each flavored bag cost $6.00 + $5.00
priority shipping & they only accept credit cards].

Anyhow Hillbilly says what’s on his mind is
some bluegrass, asks if he’ll give you some
bluegrass at warped speed by a guitar wiz
[Junior Brown] that’s from Texas.

17.Plays Junior Brown’s “Freeborn Man”,
Jimmy Martin’s “6 Days On The Road”, The
Band Of Heathens’ “Look At Miss Ohio” &
Gillian Welch’s “Tear My Stillhouse Down”.

18.Hillbilly tells the misfits, rebels & “hill-billions” that he’s the big man in Mud Lick
for your show. He says that Sirius XM’s got it cooking, says the satellite in the sky’s
sizzling & is about to explode. He says he’s
getting to the end of the hour, says he’s
fixing to return at the top of the next hour
with a HOF legend, Jimmy Hart, to where he’ll come in, bump his gums a bit & get into his mind to where he says it’s a scary
place to be in. He says he’s been in Jimmy’s
mind before, says Jimmy will give his WM
predictions, maybe some of his reflections &
see what Jimmy’s got going on currently in
his world. He says if there ever was a mover
& shaker it’s Jimmy.

Hillbilly says this guy [Jerry Reed] can shake
a guitar like nobody’s business, sing a tune & was down right entertaining. He says if
anyone’s gonna sing a song about “She Got The Goldmine [I Got The Shaft]“, it’s
gotta be OK with him.

19.Plays Jerry Reed’s “She Got The Goldmine [I Got The Shaft]“, Loretta Lynn’s
“Your Squaw Is On The Warpath”, Cross
Canadian Ragweed’s “Hammer Down”, Bob
Seger’s “Get Out Of Denver” & Jimmy Hart’s
“Crank It Up”.

20.Hillbilly says you heard “Crank It Up” as
he’s coming to the hour, again says it’s WM
weekend to where WM 27′s at the door &
says if he ever had a friend who knew the
in’s & out’s of the wrestling business & was
the absolute best manager that came into the ring, it’s hall of famer Jimmy Hart will come on now. He tells Jimmy that it’s good to check in with him, says it’s been a while, knows that WM’s in his blood & it’s a big weekend for the whole wrestling world. Jimmy on the phone tells him that he’s at WM Fan Axxess in Atlanta: , says The Miz is behind him doing some screaming & yelling interview behind & says Holy Moley.

Jimmy says if it wasn’t for Hillbilly, Jimmy
wouldn’t have been part of WWE all these
years & says he wouldn’t be in the HOF. He
says Hillbilly made the magic phone call to
Vince McMahon, who called Jimmy to put
him in WWE years ago & tells Hillbilly that
he loves him for it. Hillbilly says that made
himself looked good to where he looked like a genius, says he gave WWE a diamond
by giving them Jimmy & says Jimmy’s been
everywhere by doing many things. He says
that Jimmy’s got his hands in many things,
says that besides being a hall of famer & a
busy man, he’s traveled worldwide, is a jet
setter & knows that Jimmy’s got some
things now.

Hillbilly says he’s heard that Jimmy’s got a
new production called “Memphis Heat:The True Story Of Memphis Wrassling”: , Jimmy
says he’s a part of the players that’s in it
such as himself, Jerry Lawler, Hillbilly who was also a part of it [as Harley Davidson],
Sputnik Monroe, Billy Wicks, Jackie Fargo &
Jerry Jarrett. He says it’s a story on Memphis wrestling back in the day, says when he was young he was going to Humes
High School & says before traveling, he used to walk every week for the auditorium.
He says he raised his hand up in the rain or
cold outside till Mr. Coffee would come out,
pick people to sell cold colas.

Jimmy says that’s how he 1st started loving
wrestling, says he’d sell his nightly 5 cases &
make 30 cents a case, which was $1.50 for his school money. He says it’s when he loved wrestling the most, says he was
watching Sputnik Monroe & Billy Wicks fight for a cadillac, then left & joined The
Gentrys & before we knew it, he returned to wrestling. Hillbilly says everyone knows
that Jimmy’s fingers are on the pulse in the
music & entertainment business to where
he’s got him on the show while he’s doing
the Axxess show in Atlanta. He tells fans not
to think that Jimmy’s a 1 trick pony & says that Jimmy’s got many things & creativeness about him.

Hillbilly tells Jimmy to hold on till after the
break & says he’ll play 1 of Jimmy’s greatest
songs that he loves so much ["Eat Your Heart Out, Rick Springfield"].

21.Plays Jimmy Hart’s “Eat Your Heart Out,
Rick Springfield” & Molly Hatchet’s “Flirtin’
With Disaster”.

22.Shawn Michaels’ music theme is played,
Hillbilly acknowledges that it’s his theme &
says HBK will soon be inducted into the HOF. He says Jimmy’s the 1 that wrote HBK’s theme, tells Jimmy that he don’t leave
a stone unturned & tells him that he’s great
at music, being a wrestling manager & asks
Jimmy as to what he can’t do. Jimmy says he
can’t set up a ring anymore, says he used to
do that for the midget wrestlers & says he’s
excited that HBK will be in the HOF. He says
HBK will march to his music theme that he wrote & has been played for many years &
it has been downloaded as 1 of the top 5 WWE ringtones for many years. He says he’s really excited about everything.

Jimmy says he again saw The Miz come by to where he told Miz years ago that he has
the “it” factor, to where he has it or don’t
have it & says Miz has it. He says Miz’s in the main event vs John Cena, says it’s WM
27 to where it’s bigger, badder & better then ever & Hillbilly says there’s matches on
there that he knows that Jimmy’s fired up
about Lawler vs Cole with Swagger in the
corner & Austin being the ref. Jimmy says he told Lawler that he’ll be in the building
to where if he needs a megaphone, chain or whatever thrown to him he’ll do it. He
says he’s still got his “wrestling weekend
manager kit” that he can use if Lawler needs it.

Hillbilly says there’ll be celebrites at the PPV to where he asks Jimmy to mention
them. Jimmy says that Snoop Dogg, Jim
Carrey, Snooki & says Snooki will be in the
ring [with Trish Stratus & John Morrison vs
Dolph Ziggler & Laycool]. Hillbilly says that
The Rock returns after a 7 year break to host WM 27 & says it’ll be smoking in Atlanta. Jimmy says in the Memphis days
Rocky Johnson was a permanent fixture there who’s friends of him & Hillbilly, says
that with Rock & Austin returning it’ll be a
big night & again says WM 27 will be bigger, badder & better. Hillbilly again says
that it’s the “Super Bowl of wrestling”, major league championship match that’s all
tied into 1 with the NBA finals.

Hillbilly says fans from America & worldwide can join it, says that everyone will watch it on PPV & again says to call your cable or satellite company to order it.
He says WM’s an institution, says that both
of them were lucky to have been on them
but Jimmy’s the 1 that’s been on more WM’s them Hillbilly has. Jimmy says that
Lawler always said that sometimes it’s better to be lucky then good & knows that
he & Hillbilly have been lucky & good. He
says Hillbilly’s been a major part of it, says
Hillbilly’s always been a part of it & says that he’s always said, that the WWE HOF
ring’s important. He says being a part of WM 3: in front
of 97,000 fans was great.

Jimmy says if WM 1: wasn’t successful he wouldn’t be talking to Hillbilly
now. Hillbilly says if he didn’t run into Jimmy on Union Avenue in Memphis his
career & world would’ve been different. He
says he agrees that WM brought both of
them together, says years later it’s amazing
that the business continues to grow & says
it couldn’t have been done without gret
Hall Of Famers like Jimmy. He tells Jimmy that he appreciates him coming on the show, says that both lost contact with each
other due to Jimmy being nationwide &
worldwide & says both of them need to keep in touch.

Hillbilly suggests to do some projects with
Jimmy, says he’s itching to work with him &
his staff & hopes they can get something
going. He thinks that next years WM he’ll
come & talk with him about it, Jimmy feels
that the “Legends Of Rock & Wrestling” should come together with Honky Tonk Man, Hillbilly, Jimmy & Koko B. Ware & have
all of them do a tour by doing their greatest hits. Hillbilly says he can hardly
turn a radio channel on, says he listens to
Sirius XM’s 60s channel: & says this song
["Keep On Dancing"] comes on hourly. He
tells fans that unless they’re wheelchaired
bound, you’ll get up & dance to it.

Hillbilly asks Jimmy to talk about The Gentrys & “Keep On Dancing” being a great
dance tune. Jimmy says in high school after
leaving wrestling when he saw he was too
little to wrestle he went to the same school
that Lawler went to, to where Lawler went to wrestling & he himself went to music. He
says the band did the song “Keep On Dancing”, says after that Dick Clark signed
them to tour with The Beach Boys, Sonny &
Cher, did the “Calvacade Of Stars” & says
after that, it led him back to Memphis. He
says soon after he returned to wrestling &
says it’s been a great run. Hillbilly says that
not only was it great but it’s also been a

Hillbilly tells Jimmy that he’s talented, a
great friend, a great guy & says it couldn’t
have happened to a better guy. He tells
Jimmy to enjoy himself, again tells him he
appreciates him being on the show, wishes
him a great WM 27 by keeping them in line
& says nobody can do it with a megaphone
better then Jimmy. He asks Jimmy if he can
end the segment with the “Keep On Dancing” song, Jimmy says before that he
tells fans that championship belts are won & lost, but legends last forever. He tells
Hillbilly that the music’s cranking up, says
he’s gotta go & tells Hillbilly he loves him.

23.Plays The Gentry’s “Keep On Dancing”,
Bobby Fuller 4′s “Let Her Dance”, Steve
Austin promo, Billy Joe Shaver’s “Leavin’
Amarillo” & Willie Nelson’s “Devil In A Sleepin’ Bag”.

24.Hillbilly says you can hear Willie at
“Willie’s Place”: , says that
Willie’s a part of the Outlaw Country scene
& says he loves him so much. He tells Spike
that he’s looking good, ask if he feels good
& if it looks good in the studio. He says he’s
viewing outside by seeing the weather,
animals & critters, then tells new listeners
that he comes to you weekly live & in
charge from Mud Lick at the ol’ home place,
which’s at the makeshift studio & says it’s a
barn. He says Spike comes there on the
weekends, puts it all together & makes it
work for Hillbilly. He says he broadcasts it,
says he loves hearing from you & it’s why he’s got a toll free number that you can call.

Hillbilly again plugs the toll free request line, says he’d be glad to stay in touch because he can’t do it without y’all & says it’s your show. He says it’s an Outlaw Country to where there’s lots of influences
that he wants to make sure he gets your 2
cents worth in there. He says it’s why he’ll
play a classic ["Family Tradition"] from a guy [Hank Williams Jr.] who’s got it, says the guy’s dad [Hank Williams Sr.] came before him & the guy’s son [Hank Williams III] came after him & says this guy’s the cement that kept it all together. He says the
song’s 1 of the greatest Outlaw Country & country tunes of all time & tells fans that he
said it.

25.Plays Hank Williams Jr.’s “Famliy Tradition”, Jamey Johnson’s “High Cost Of
Living”, Shooter Jennings’ “Gone To Carolina” & Waylon Jennings’ “Good Ol’ Boys [Dukes Of Hazzard theme]“.

26.Hillbilly thanks fans for returning, says he’s getting to the end of the hour & says he can’t do it without you. He knows that
you’ve got choices, says it makes his heart
swell up with pride by knowing that you’ve
chosen him & Spike & again says it’s WM weekend. He says he’s thinking back to his
career, says that the other day Spike asked
him on how many WM’s he was on & says he’s been either in “10 or 12 WM’s” [NOTE
FROM JEFF: they were WM's 2, 3, 4, 12, 13 & 17]. He says he’d have to sit & think about
that, says it seems like a blur due to it being
long ago & hasn’t been any in a while. He
says he’s done some managing roles too[for the Godwins]: .

Hillbilly says he don’t like to count those
that much says he didn’t get in the ring &
mixed it up by scuffling. He then gives a big
hello to some fans that’s written to him &
says hi to Phil Estep from Seth, West
Virginia, Lee Palmer from Dawsenville,
Georgia, Jeff Shipel from Fresh Meadows,
New York & Greg Goodwin from Bonnie
Lake, Washington. He says he can’t do it
without them, says they’re the ones that’s
the glue that keeps him together & says he
appreciates them so much. He says he’ll play some blues now ["Big Fat Girlfriend"]
from a guy [Kenny Lee] who’s a friend of his
& is a big entertainer, promoter, booker,
recording artist, studio engineer & a jack of
all trades in the music industry.

Hillbilly says the guy was known in Norway
as “The King Of Heavy Blues”, says when
hearing this song it’ll make you sit &
contiplate your lives & make you go out &
get you 1 of these women. He says it’ll be
better for your lives & says you’ll see that
women are better when they’re large & in

27.Plays Kenny Lee’s “Big Fat Girlfriend”, Kid
Rock’s “Half Your Age”, ZZ Top’s “Beer
Drinkers & Hell Raisers” & John Anderson’s

28.John Cena’s theme is being played,
Hillbilly asks Cena as to what he means that
we can’t see him & says we can see him. He
says Cena’s highly visible, says WM’s
smoking & says he’s been talking about WM 27 weekend thruout the show. He says
it’s great, says he appreciates you & says
you’re back in the 4th hour. He tells fans
from Richmond, Virginia & Indianapolis,
Indiana & Lexington, Kentucky & Stors,
Connecticut that he hears & feels them. He
says he’s on the show with them, says we’re
all in this together & says we’ll have a great
time now. He says things are starting to heat up, says he appreciates everyone that’s
been on the show & it’s been great.

Hillbilly says the WM theme’s been heavy,
says Spike’s been happier then he’s ever
seen him & unless it was Christmas & got a
new toy, he’s been feeling it. He says Spike’s
been drilling in both corners & at all ends,
says that you’ll be too because after the
break he’ll have Steamboat on the show to where he’ll be talking about memory lane, with some of his thoughts about wrestling today & WM.

29.Plays The Waco Brothers’ “I Fought The
Law”, Emmylou Harris’ “I Ain’t Livingt Long
Like This” & Merle Haggard’s “Workin’ Man

30.Ricky Steamboat’s theme music is played,
Hillbilly says that’s got him all stirred up in
Mud Lick & says he’ll show you why he’s got
an award winning show on Sirius XM’s
Outlaw Country. He says on the phone is a
friend, icon & a great human being that’s 1
of the best that’s ever stepped into the
sqaured circle & it’s Ricky Steamboat. He
welcomes Ricky to the show by taking time
out for WM weekend, Ricky says it’s a
pleasure talking to him, says both were
friends when both were active & says he
hasn’t had too much time to spend with him due to both being busy. He asked Hillbilly as to how long he’s been doing the
show & Hillbilly says he’s doing his 6th year.

Hillbilly says it’s like it’s been a day or 2, says it’s gone by so fast & says he often talks about the wrestling business. He says
he often talks about Ricky, says that he
relates to lots of stories & brings up 1 story
about both of them & Ricky’s wife [now ex-wife], Bonnie, were driving to upstate, New
York. He says it’s when all 3 had a nice drive
going to a show there & then they all heard
the accident of the Space Shuttle [Challenger]: . Ricky
says yes, Hillbilly says that was 1 of them
“Where were you when it happened”
moments & mentions other examples like it
such as the Kennedy assassination & the
World Trade Center’s went down.

Hillbilly says he was with Ricky & Bonnie
during the Space Shuttle accident, says all 3
were shocked when it happened & says it
was an amazing day. Ricky agrees, says it put a cloud over everything & Hillbilly agrees. He says we’ve got sunshine now due
to Ricky being on the show, says it’s a big
time of the year in wrestling, again says it’s
WM 27 being in Atlanta & asks Ricky to go on memory lane & talk about his early
career. He asks Ricky to talk about how it all
began & to throw in some influences which
he says gets him going by thinking about the old timers. Ricky says he was at Verne
Gagne’s camp in ’74, admits that was 37
years ago & says talking about time going
by, because it seemed like a blink of an eye.

Ricky says was there for a couple of months,
then went to Eddie Graham’s office in
Florida to where he looked at Ricky & told
him that he looked like the nephew of
someone that wrestled there. He says that
guy did well for Eddie then, says the guy
was Sam Steamboat & decided to call Ricky,
Ricky Steamboat, to where he’ll be Sam’s
“nephew”. He says the next night it was his
1st night in the Florida territory, says at that time there were territories & says on the 1st night, he wrestled in Tampa. He says
he stood in the ring having his 1st match in
his 1st year in the business, then the
announcer says “ladies & gentlemen, the
scheduled wrestler Rick Blood [Steamboat's
real name] can’t make it tonight due to
plane problems but taking his place, please
give it up for Sam Steamboat’s “nephew”,
Ricky Steamboat”.

Ricky says this was before he was “The
Dragon”, says that when the announcer said that “Rick Blood wouldn’t make it”, he
walked across the ring out of the corner to
the center of the ring, then forgot he was
Ricky Steamboat & said “I’m here”. He then
admits that Rick Blood’s his real name, says
the announcer’s trying to make the
announcement by pushing the mic behind
his back & says after he announced “Ricky Steamboat”, the announcer put the mic
behind his back & told him “wave at the
fans, kid”. He says after that he turned from
a “what’re you talking about ‘Rick Blood’s
not here’” to having both hands in the air,
jump up in the turnbuckle in the corners &
waving at the fans.

Ricky says he didn’t know Sam Steamboat,
says that Sam got over in Florida strong &
says when it was announced that he was
Sam’s “nephew”, everyone stood up &
applauded. He then realized that “this is
what it’s like when getting over”, Hillbilly
asks if that’s amazing & Ricky says when he
was originally announced as Rick Blood, he
may’ve had 3 or 4 people clap for him.
Hillbilly says that was a start for Ricky to
where he had an historic career in the
Carolinas to where it was the greatest of all
time. He says it amazes him when he saw
“The Life Story Of The Dragon” DVD set: & tells fans they’ve got to get this.

Hillbilly says you’ll see some of the greatest
work they’d ever wanna see, says that
everyone loves WM & again tells fans to call
their cable & satellite companies to get WM, Survivor Series, Summerslam & other
PPVs. He tells Ricky that he’s been on many of them, Ricky says he’s been blessed, says
that God’s blessed him with a gift & was
able to take it & run with it. He says he
provided an entertainment factor for fans
to watch, Hillbilly tells Ricky that after the
break they’ll talk about WM & WM 3 & on
what he thought was probably the greatest
match in WM history that Ricky brought to

31.Plays NRBQ’s “Captain Lou” & Bonnie Raitt’s “Me & The Boys”.

32.A clip of Steamboat beating Randy Savage for the IC title at WM 3 was played,
Hillbilly says that was from the Pontiac
Silverdome in front of almost 94,000 fans &
tells Ricky that he still gets chill bumps when thinking about that match. He asks
Ricky to talk about that because for his
money, there was never a match any better
at any WM then that match. Ricky thanks
him, says that he & Randy understood that
what was being drawn for WM 3 was the
Hulk vs Andre match. He says the storyline
was if Hulk can pick up Andre & slam him,
says it was built all around that & says nobody up till then had done it [NOTE FROM JEFF: In reality, Hulk has slammed
Andre several times around 1980 in WWF].

Anyhow Ricky says Andre weighed over 500
lbs, says it’s different when working with a
barbell that has weights in a stationary &
everything’s equally distributed on each side of the bar & picking that up. He says it’s different when picking up a person, says
at the time Andre may’ve weighed about
540 lbs & says when picking up a man that
big, slamming him to the mat, it was a
different type of weight. He says that he &
Savage understood & accepted that it was the main event, says it was the match that
was selling the tickets & for the PPV buyrates. He says at that time he was hearing about the event ticket sales arriving with the numbers that were the
possibility of it generating there from the
fans that paid.

Ricky says that both he & Savage said that it
was a moment that they needed to
capitalize & take advantage on the situation, by not knowing if it’ll ever be
duplicated in the business with the amount
of coverage that WM 3 was bringing to the
audience. He says without knowing for
themselves both he & Randy had preview
matches prior to WM 3, to where it came with a match that was different then the typical “A, B, C” match at that time, to where there were many false finishes in it.
He feels that someone said that there were
21 or 22 false finishes in that match, then it
was like #23 was the 1 that they were caught on.

Hillbilly says that he & Randy had almost
94,000 fans jumping up every time they had
a false finish. He says it was stupid to where
he never saw anything like it, says he was in
the back that night watching to where it was the most incredible with 2 guys going at it. He says it was absolutely “wrestling
art” between Ricky & Randy, says it blew his
mind & then tells fans if they have [WWE Classics] On Demand: , they can go & watch this match. He says you don’t wanna
miss it & tells Ricky he didn’t mean to
interupt him but had to say that fans were
into that match.

Hillbilly says it’s OK to see 6,000, 7,000 or 10,000 fans but when seeing almost 94,000 jumping, oohing, aahing, it was something & unbelievable. Ricky says it was a magical
moment, says that even though it was less
then 17 minutes it was all out, says both he & Randy gave it the best they had & says both left it in the ring that day. He says when he returned to the locker room he
collapsed on the floor, was out of gas & says
he’s wrestled Ric Flair how many times for an hour for a draw. He says on that night it
was when they started on 1st gear, then
skipped 2nd, 3rd & 4th, then kicked it into
5th gear to the rest of the match & kept it

Ricky says it was pedal to the medal, slid all
the way down & went as hard as they went
for as long as they wanted, till it was the 23rd fall. He says from what he was told,
that match set a different outlook on matches on guys that told him this & now,
it sets a new strategy on wrestling matches
after watching that 1. Hillbilly says Ricky set
a new level on conditioning for wrestlers,
says that he & Randy were like pitbulls going at each other in there & says the
condition he & Randy were in, was over the
chart. He says that was in good shape as 2
athletes could be that he’s ever seen, Ricky
thanks him & says it plays a big factor on
how well the match was received.

Ricky says that lots of it was on the conditioning factor between him & Randy,
says that Randy was a proud son of a gun
about being conditioned & Hillbilly agrees.
He says that Ricky wasn’t a sloutch in that
match, then asks Ricky to hold on after the
next break & Ricky says yes. Hillbilly says that Ricky’s 1 of the greatest icons, says
they’ll talk about WM after they return &
says they’ll talk about Ricky’s HOF induction.

33.Plays Rolling Stones’ “Street Fighting
Man” & Bobby Bare’s “The Winner”.

34.Hillbilly again introduces himself in Mud
Lick, again says it’s WM 27 weekend & says
he has the pleasure & honor of having someone who’s 1 the greatest wrestlers that’s ever put on tights & boots that’s ever
got into the squared circle, Ricky Steamboat. He says both of them were talking about WM 3 with Ricky & Randy,
again says it’s WM 27 to where he knows
there’s lots of festivities occuring to where
he’ll ask Ricky more questions. He asks Ricky to talk about his HOF induction to
what an honor it was & for a deserving guy
such as Ricky. Ricky says when McMahon
started the HOF that was to be the talk with
everyone on their minds wondering if they’ll ever be inducted.

Ricky says everyone takes it as serious as
baseball, football or any other athletic
sport when they’re being inducted into their own HOF. He says it’s like putting the
dot on the “i”, crossing the “T” & says the
final thing in that chapter of that person’s
career, is saying that everyone’s watched &
accepted him or her by bringing forward to
being 1 of the best ever, by being inducted.
He says he feels blessed in the presence with others that’s in there with his name
now as a part of them. Hillbilly tells Ricky that he’s now on the “Mount Rushmore of wrestling”, says as far as others he’s known
in wrestling he tells from the heart that
Ricky’s 1 of the nicest guys you’d ever wanna meet.

Hillbilly says Ricky was a big star when he
came to WWF/WWE, says there was never
anyone else that was more personable & as
someone that you can talk to. He says Ricky
treated everyone good, tells Ricky that anytime he reads about him getting an
award or of any new DVD on him, he can’t
wait to get it. He admits to being a mark for
Ricky, Ricky thanks him & says he remembers that both would talk as if they
knew each other for 100 years. Hillbilly says
that was great, says that like himself Ricky
always smiled & says he’d always gravitate
to guys that smiled. Ricky asked him as to
why he’d wanna hang out with those that
has a smirk on their face.

Hillbilly asked Ricky as to what match he’s
looking forward to at WM 27 in Atlanta,
says that he knows that Ricky’s got lots of
thoughts about it & wants to know what
he’s thinking. Ricky says he was watching
Raw: to where
The Undertaker comes out in 1 of the best
intros in the business today. He says Taker’s
“gong” presence, smoke & fire to where his
entrance to where he understands, that to
book an additional 5 minutes to the
segment on whatever you wanna have
done. He says the extra 5 minutes is
necessary for Taker’s entrance alone to where it’s the best to where an icon’s coming out.

Ricky says after that HHH comes out to
where it’s a situation on the old saying:
“if a picture has a thousand words”, those 2
didn’t say a word to each other in that
segment. He says he had a moment to where Taker turned, walked a few steps
away, then returned & looked at HHH face
to face. He says Taker did his thumb
across the throat thing that says “it’s over
for you”, says that HHH didn’t take a step
back with a blink of an eye & didn’t twitch &
says both of them viewed the WM sign,
which means that they’ll meet there. He says that was a moment, says when he saw
that with them he thought of the match that drew fans & money at WM 3 with Hulk vs Andre.

Ricky says he put HHH & Taker up with Hulk
& Andre, says those 2 are headlining WM 27
& says this is the match that everyone’s
curious about. He says he knows them
personally as well as Hillbilly does, says they
know that Taker’s been around who’s 6 foot 9 & says Taker’s hips, knees, back &
shoulders ain’t the same, as well as the
number of wars he’s been in as well as how
long he’s been in the business. He says that
Taker’s 18-0 in WM to where that record
will stand for eternity & says that nobody will ever break that. He says that HHH’s
been there, done it all & is a big man who’s
6 foot 5, 260 to 270 lbs & knows the

Ricky says HHH knows all the ins & outs &
the skills, says that HHH knows how to
“politic” [as McMahon's son-in-law] & knows everything about the business. He
says there’s 2 icons that’s getting ready,
then asks if Taker’s 18-0 record’s in jeapordy & feels that it is for the 1st time in his career. Hillbilly agrees, tells fans that they don’t wanna miss this & again says to call your cable or satellite company to order
it. He says the time’s near, says he’s been
blessed to have his buddy that he loves,
Ricky, who’s a hall of famer & is 1 of the best guys that knows the “X’s” & “O’s” of
wrestling that he’s ever met. He tells Ricky
it’s an honor for him being on the show.

Hillbilly tells Ricky that he appreciates him
being on the show, hopes that he’ll have a
great time in Atlanta & asks to stay in touch
because he can’t wait to see him. He says
the time’s getting by, says the clock’s ticking on them & Ricky it’s ticking faster as
each year gets by. He then challenges Hillbilly 1 on 1 for a future match, Hillbilly
agrees to that & guarantees it. Ricky says
both have lots to talk about, Hillbilly says he
can’t wait & says that fans everywhere can’t
wait to hear from him. He tells Ricky it’s
wonderful, says he appreciates him & wants
him to have a good time. He says he’ll leave
the segment with a theme that should be for Taker [which as of now as you'll see the title below, it IS].

Hillbilly says he’ll play it for Ricky, says it’s
“Ain’t No Grave”, tells Ricky he’ll talk to him
next time & wishes him a great weekend.
Ricky wishes him too & tells him that he loves him.

35.Plays Johnny Cash’s “Ain’t No Grave” & Jerry Jeff Walker’s “Up Against The Wall
Redneck Mother”.

36.Hillbilly says my goodness, says he can see the clock on the wall that’s telling him that he’s gotta go & says what a week he’s
had. He thanks Percy, Jimmy Hart & Ricky
Steamboat, says WM 27 in Atlanta will be
fantastic & says he & Spike will get home &
have the PPV cranked up. He says both will
watch WM 27, have his “Beef & Turkey Jerky”, says that Spike will put his
“pajamers” that he’s got with the trap door
on the back & will put his little belt on. He
says he may have to put duck tape on there
for Spike so the trap door won’t have to
come off & he’ll have to keep it on
permanently. He tells fans not to think that
he didn’t have a busy weekend, because he

Hillbilly hopes that you enjoyed yourselves
as much you enjoyed him, says he’s been
everywhere & says due to it being WM,
everything gets crazy. He thanks his producer Steve Popavich Jr., Spike & says
that Cowboy Jack Clement’s coming up next, to where the whole Sirius XM lineup
will be fierce the rest of the weekend. He says he ain’t here for a long time, he’s here for a good time & says until next week, he’ll
leave you with an outlaw that you’ll never
forget. He says it’s a bonified guy who lived
the life, says he loves this tune & says to take him home, it’s Johnny Paycheck’s
“She’s All I Got”. He wishes fans a great
weekend & says he’ll talk to you next week.

37.Ends with Johnny Paycheck’s “She’s All I
Got” & the show ends at 2 PM .

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