4/1 Dragon Gate USA Results from Burlington, NC

Apr 2, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

this is Daniel from Greensboro nc. I just attended the DGUSA show in Burlington NC. It was one of the best shows from start to end I have ever seen. Here are the results.

Brodie Lee beat John Davis in a solid big man opener.

Jimmy Rave won a four corners match awesome fast paced match.

Arik Cannon won another four way to go against Jimmy Rave later.

Sami Callihan beat Rich Swann in a great match that had everything in it

Naruki Doi vs. Jon Moxley was a good wrestling match but compared to the rest of the show this was slow

CIMA vs. Johnny Gargano words can not explain how off the charts crazy this match was loved it.

Arik Cannon beat Jimmy Rave in a good match.

The Main event was a dream partner tag match with Chuck Taylor & Akira Tozawa vs PAC & Ricochet. This was a crazy all over the place match highspots everywhere at one point tozawa headbutted pac and busted him open hard way.Pac and Ricochet won with crazy back to back highspots.

I have been going to shows for 25 years nothing compares to this show.


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