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Sunny: “I refuse to work for TNA”

In an interview with Shaffee, Sunny said that she has worked for just about every wrestling organization, except TNA, and says she won’t work for them due to the way they treated her after the death of her ex-boyfriend Chris Candido.

Sunny said that after Candido passed away, TNA sent her his last payment check in his name. Because the couple was never married, the company wouldn’t issue a new check in Sunny’s name so that she might cover his expenses. Instead, TNA sent her a ham.

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  1. -Jay- says:

    Wow if that’s true that’s suck a classless way of handling the situation on TNA’s part.

  2. reyo says:

    At least somebody has some dignity… Too bad I can’t that for ric flair or hulk hogan.

  3. Rex Anderson says:

    That’s messed up. She should take that ham and do something that doesn’t get her arrested. Geez hold up, how xan you be bf and gf for that long? They have been together since Sting was a rookie in wrestling. Darn, would’ve married her by now.

  4. fess says:

    she changed her story yet again…weird

  5. WrestleFan says:

    I have said it before and will stand by my opinion that TNA is a classless ripoff of WCW and WWE

  6. xyu says:

    TNA is the very definition of classless.

  7. Keith says:

    You are aware that TNA is completely in the right in the handling of that situation (not the ham part but the paycheck)

  8. Agent Cooper says:

    They sent her a ham? Did she steal the idea for that story from “The Simpsons”? For some reason, I have serious doubts that’s true. She’s had quite a few problems with the truth in the past.

  9. steve says:

    I think bs on her part, why would she handle his final affairs anyway, it should be a family member.

  10. Kyle Christie says:

    Has ham got another meaning or is it actually ham

  11. Matt says:

    Guess what? If they were NOT married , which according to everything i have seen they were not, then she had NO LEGAL right to that paycheck. So really what it boils down to is she will not join TNA because TNA followed the exact legal procedure by NOT sending her the check.

  12. JD Storm says:

    Matt brings up some interesting thoughts. though, i have to ask who TNA should’ve sent the check to. i always heard Candido never had a will, so it’s not like they could send the check to a next of kin….not that i know of, anyway. also, if Sunny & Candido were together for so long, wouldn’t there be some form of legal protection for Sunny? if they lived together long enough, they would be viewed as having a common law marriage.

    did TNA bother contacting siblings or other family members of Candido?

  13. Matt says:

    JD Storm ..It depends on the laws of the state in which they resided when it comes to common law marriage etc. For example: I been together with my fiance of 12 years (living together) the state for certain purposes considers it a common law marriage but “legally” we are still not married other then for those certain purposes. She is not allowed to use my last name without paying a costly amount to get it changed thru the courts and then all she would be doing is carrying my last name.
    In the case of Candido ..I believe legally the last paycheck should have in that case gone to his next of Kin…(regardless of will or not). I mean if he had no Will then what right did sunny have to that money to begin with?
    To me i think it sounds like she was more interested in that money then anything…She stated this ” so she could pay off his outstanding bills.”..well…when a person does the debt that they owe because you can no longer get money out of someone deceased..However then shes says,
    “So bills I had of his, in both our names, ended up being my sole responsibility”

    You have to ask which is it? Were they his bills or were they her bills? Because if they were not married ..they would not be in both of there names to begin with. They would have been in his name…and when he passed on did those bills…

    This was from before…
    “They had Terry Taylor call me and tell me that. So he basically broke his ankle and died for free. They sent the check in his name, which I couldn’t endorse and deposit. When I asked them to cut me a new check in my name, they said no.”

    Sounds to me at least on THAT aspect TNA did the legal & correct thing..what right did she have to his $$ ..since his death..the relationship is no more!

  14. HTW says:

    I get that TNA was in the legal right, but.. By sending her the cheque in the first place, that says they wanted her to receive the payment. So they changed their minds at some point.

  15. Slippery Pete says:

    Why iz she whining like a *****? TNA did as they should as far as the check goes.

  16. Captain A$$ says:

    As it has been said, she had no LEGAL right to that check because they were not married. If Chris had a will and wanted Tammy to carry it out for him, that was his decision. From what I hear though, she was quite the hose bag even when she was with Chris. Who knows if that is true, however.

  17. Thomas says:

    The check would/should have gone to his estate. There is usually an estate account that is set up to have bills paid from that (plus where life insurance monies, proceeds from investments, etc. are sent once confirmed by the carriers), to ensure that the rest of the family/loved ones don’t have to pay out of their own pocket, unless absolutely necessary. Once all of the outstanding amounts are paid, then the account is liquidated and the funds go to the executor of the estate or next of kin.

    However, I burst out laughing when I saw the word “ham”. Come on, it was a little funny.

  18. WCW says:

    TNA owed her NOTHING.. Tammy is a dumb chick. Legally… if she was in charge of his estate after his death then she could claim the check. But she wasn’t .. who ever was in charge would have been able to cash the check. Sending a check to Tammy would have resulted in legal issues to TNA from whom ever took over Chris’s estate. TNA is in the right here.

  19. john says:

    When Chris passed away all expenses were paid by the family and NOTHING was paid by Tammy. Not one of chris’s bills was handled by her and ALL $$$ including Chris’s TNA money (Dixe also donated $$$$ from the sale of TNA DVD ) into THE CHRIS CANDITO FOUNDATION where his mother gives a $1000 scholarship each year to a student from Chris’s school who can tell how he or she did something that helped someone become a better person in their skills or made someones life a little happier. Chris was all about helping people. One day, Chris was wrestling in his hometown and after the show a father and son came up to him to say hello and the boy wanted to tell him it will be his birthday tomorrow and the best gift was meeting him and invited him to his birthday party, knowing he would never show up, but being a little kid say it anyway. Chris wished the boy a happy birthday and was sorry he didn’t have a picture of him to give to the boy. The next day while the boy was having his party there was a knock on the door and standing at the door was Chris with a hand full of pictures ready to sign for all of his party guess. The boy will never forget that day!!! This is only one story in thousands that Chris did for others, in wrestling and out of the sport that made him the person he was and will never be forgotten. 6 years has passed since we last saw him but his stories still live on. We all miss him and is always in our heart.

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