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A couple WWE Hall of Fame Notes

Believe it or not, the WWE Hall of Fame speeches are being scripted this year by WWE writers, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Road Warrior Animal did an interview and noted that the company has guidelines on what can and can’t be said.

Speaking of the WWE Hall of Fame, the company is talks with a number of cities about establishing a physical Hall of Fame. Animal said in an interview that he has heard that Tampa is a possibility. Orlando has also put in a bid.

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  1. Agent Cooper says:

    WWE writers scripting the Hall of Fame speeches? That’s just sad. I’m sure they’ll remove any reference to “wrestling” and “wrestlers” and replace with “entertainment” and “superstars”.

  2. Josh Dishon says:

    I understand the need for guidelines to an extent,but do they (Vince,etc.) actually think that by not mentioning someone or an incident from the past (steriod scandal, Benoit ) will make go away ? I really liked listening to the story tellers in the past during their inductions ( Flair, Piper ,and Rhodes ) and can’t see why they won’t let this years inductees tell their own stories . The writers are in place to create storylines to keep people entertained and get ratings, the Hall of Fame ceremony isn’t about ratings it’s about the men and women who lived the life going up and down the road to entertain us the fans. It is also their opportunity to their OWN story . I just wonder the double standard that HBK and HHH will set by doing things their own way ? They will probably toe the line and be good little corporate puppets something the characters they portray for ratings were/are very much against.

  3. Dirk McNasty says:

    April fools!

  4. barry says:

    IF they do a hall of fame building i think nyc would be the best spot seeing its the closest major city to where the headquarters are

  5. raven12516 says:

    @Josh Dishon I remember The Rock in 2008 talking about stuff irrelavent to the HOF. Maybe that’s why.

  6. Josh Dishon says:

    Perhaps. I wish he’d make up his mind whether he’s going to be in Hollywood or stay “home”.

  7. Rob says:

    heyy put it where wwf new york used to be

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