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News on Shannon Moore, Jake Roberts, Josh Prohibition, more

– Shannon Moore posted in Twitter: is up. Just need to fine tune things just like GCI. Please sign my guest book.

– From Jeff Sheridan: Brief mention of Jake Roberts in today’s New York Metro‏ .. Look at #4 where it not only has his photo, but it also says “Jake “The Snake” Roberts brought live pythons and cobras into the WWF ring.”

– From Dave Lagana: Wrestlemania Special Podcast – Tim Walbert – Director of Wrestlemania 23‏

We’re taking a break from Formerly Creative this week and offering a very special look behind the scenes of WWE TV Production. Tim Walbert is the man who directed the most successful Wrestlemania in history – Wrestlemania 23 from Ford Field in 2007. He worked for the WWE for twenty-five years as a camera man and then a director.

This is a fascinating chat about the art of how television is produced at WWE. To hear this I Want Wrestling Podcast – click here.

Hear all podcasts at

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– From John Thorne: Josh Prohibition returns to pro wrestling

– From Knighten: Here is the link for our television series preview that starred Deryck Barton, a pro-wrestler out of Calgary. There are also a couple of stunts by Brady Roberts. We are going to be needing many more big, bad looking guys and actors for the series and we have found pro-wrestlers really great to work with. If any of your readers are interested, please get them to like our facebook page, to get updates about when auditions are.

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