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More on John Cena claiming he suffered a concussion

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John Cena stating on Twitter that he suffered a concussion two weeks ago on Monday Night Raw was a work to sell The Miz attacking him on the show with the idea being they would do everything possible to get Miz over as a “championship level guy” reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Cena mentioned he was “cleared” to work weekend house show events after passing the company’s testing procedure, in what may have been another form of getting that over as well. In reality, if someone suffers a real concussion in WWE they are not allowed to get back in the ring that quickly. It turns out the idea may have been dropped completely as Cena never played it up at house sho events and there was no mention on television about it.

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  1. Scott says:

    I’m confused. As the WWE champion for about 5 months, isn’t Miz already a championship level guy? If Cena’s that worried, a clean pin by Miz over Cena at Mania is all that’s required.

  2. alan says:

    and that is what is wrong with wrestling today, you have a top guy go out and say he had a storyline concussion to put another guy over as a bigger heel, back in the days of crockett and awa and others doing something like that would be totally unacceptable to every other guy in any locker room

  3. matt says:

    way to not follow through again wwe

  4. tony says:

    this is why i cant stand the WWE. ever since they did this PG crap it has gotten soft. we need the blood and what wrestling is about.

  5. reyo says:

    @ Scott In today’s age of wrestling 5 months as wwe champion is comparable to Hogan’s 3 year reign in the late 80’s. So he is over. @ Alan and where is the AWA and Crockett today? Oh Yeah WWE owns them! Even though I agree, things are different now. I think the problem miz has is a lot of people respect his mic skills more than his in ring ability. The same way they would have if Piper would have been champion back in the day. Were Hogan’s ribs really hurt at WM 2? Maybe they were sore or something but they ran that angle in an obvious attempt to put Bundy over which worked for WM 2 and then he was buried by creative when he squashed little beaver in front of a large crowd and millions watching at home. (zing!)

  6. michael woods says:

    hell its all fake anyway, i remember attending an event in greensboro nc back in the crockett days before this night i beleived it was real, i happen to walk back stage looking for the bathrooms and thats when i saw it, that night ricky steamboat and jay youngblood were in a feud with sgt slaughter and don kernodle well back stage i saw a little room in that room was ricky steamboat hugging sgt slaughter and laughing and going on like nothing you ever seen, then they went to the ring and beat the hell out of one anthoner

  7. Anony-mouse says:

    @michael woods… and then your childhood crumbled

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