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TNA Star Arrested

Shockingly, it was not Jeff Hardy. Kurt Angle was arrested in North Dakota last night according to TMZ. Angle was found sitting in his car in the median separating lanes.  Angle told cops he had hit an icy patch in the road.  During the conversation, cops say they smelled alcohol on Angle’s breath.  He failed a field sobriety test and was arrested.

Since cops didn’t see Angle driving, he was arrested and later charged with being in control of a motor vehicle while intoxicated — which basically means he was allegedly drunk behind the wheel but not actually driving.


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  1. Tony says:

    It’s true, it’s true, it’s damn true!

  2. Jose says:

    take note Jeff Hardy; a true pro gets messed up OUTSIDE THE RING!!

  3. Kerry says:

    And he’s smiling in his mug shot. All righty, then!

  4. Douglas Stewart says:

    It’s real, it’s damn real

  5. Rex Anderson says:

    Hahahaha thats just damn funny

  6. Korey Parker says:

    omg he looks so happy lol

  7. dave says:

    All Kurt wanted was a winning mugshot.

    Well, somebody had to say it.

  8. bob holly says:

    someone close that damn company down, its existence alone hurts the business. its an infection. and its spreading.

    tna doesnt produce good ratings, good matches, good segments…but they do produce lots of bad press.

  9. Ky stud says:

    Look at it this way if I was working for Tna I would get drunk too. I now there is nothing funny bout drinking and driving but yes Tna is dreateing tins of bad press. I bet Monet that if these guys were under Vince and Wwe they would be doing Indy shows in front of 50 ppl. It’s sad that talent is so down moral wise that they have to be screwed up. Jeff hardy is just a waste as is his brother. Looks like the inmates are running the asylum in Tna!!!

  10. Matt says:

    Sometimes bad press brings publicity regardless of it being bad because, well you want to check out the product where the person was from. Irregardless to the ones you honestly think that WWE superstars do not do the same thing?

    Shame on me ..i forgot the WWE superstars are perfect ..and yet the WWE probably has the highest death rate of superstars because of ABUSE…

  11. BIG L says:

    I was at the live event in Fargo, North Dakota on the 24th when this happened. My kids and I had a pic taken with him after the show and he did not smell of alcohol at that time, so it must have happened well after the show ended. So, as Jose said, Angle is getting messed up outside the ring AFTER THE SHOW when he is only hurting himself and not putting whomever he is facing in danger as well. Kurt seemed like a genuinely good guy and I hope if this is a serious problem for him that he seeks help.

  12. Steve says:

    TNA supports WINNERS. Charlie Sheen should look in getting his warlocking on there.

  13. Jim says:

    Poor Kurt. At least they can’t really f his life up and hit him with DUI.

  14. Tim says:

    Matt, I your the largest employer of wrestlers then subsequently you will have a larger number of issues. I can only hope that Angle gets help, via WWE wellness if necessary. I must say that even though I know the product is predetermined and the wrestlers are aware of their angle. You can’t tell me that this current angle is not killing Kurt, I mean really using his real ex wife together with a man that many do not like. Then to exploit the kids also, makes me want to drink too. I guess we are lucky were not talking about another suicide in wrestling. Run for your life Kurt, WWE or anywhere, just make a bit more money and quit while you still can. God bless

  15. Wrestling Expert says:

    This shows why WWE is the best, WWE superstars are role models to our kids as they only drink milk & fruit juices. TNA is evil & promotes violence. We want family entertainment & cute storylines.

  16. eddie says:

    Yet again wwe marks talking like wwe is prefect and just because TMZ stays its a mug shot it has to be one doesn’t look drunk to me and if wwe is so great why did they resize Hardy and not get him help

  17. raven12516 says:

    To be honest, I don’t belive s*** I hear from TMZ.

  18. WCW says:

    Kurt is the man.. pure and simple! This mug shot proves it.. he looks so happy!

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