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TNA News on Lockdown, Jeff Hardy, Merchandise and more

– A local radio add in the Cincinnati area is advertising Sting vs Jeff Hardy and Brother Devon vs Brother Ray for Lockdown. Neither of these matches will be taking place and one can only assume that these were the plan prior to Hardy being sent home. As Dave Meltzer reported recently, Brother Ray has taken Hardy’s heel spot in Immortal.

– is now selling Jeff Hardy’s newest entrance theme “Another Me” for $1.89.

– has also added a bunch framed and matted autograph photos of various wrestlers for $34.99 each. Not a bad price considering the cost of getting a picture framed and matted these days.

– Jakks TNA Deluxe Impact series 4 are now in stores. Deluxe Impact series 5 and 6 have both been delayed by several months.

– I will be covering Impact live this week as it happens so make sure you join us.

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  1. Korey Parker says:

    I can see US Bank Arena from my building and I just cannot see TNA doing well here. I just do not see this town as a wrestling town. HWA has moved to a smaller town up north because they made no money here, OVW shows do not come here as much now. We’re not a wrestling town.

  2. KennyD says:

    Jeff Hard has been give more chances than any one person in any industry and he just continually screws them all up ….

    It is about time that TNA go ahead and release Jeff …. he is showing that he’s a waste of Money …. since he cannot be counted on .

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