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Details on Dwayne Johnson’s next film project

Reported by Adam Martin of

According to an article by The Hollywood Reporter, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will star in a new action thriller called “Snitch.”

“The script centers on a suburban father who is hit hard when his teenage son is sentenced to 30 years under mandatory minimum drug laws. In order to reduce his son’s sentence, the father goes undercover to serve up a senior drug dealer. The story is based on a Frontline documentary.”

Full article:
Dwayne Johnson to Star in ‘Snitch’ Action Thriller

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4 Responses

  1. pk says:

    FINALLY…..FINALLY….THE ROCK HAS COME… find a way to get another gig. LOL. WHAT A LOSER!!!!!!

  2. KC says:

    He’s living the life most people would kill for and you’re here talking about him on a message board but he’s a loser.

  3. KC says:

    @Kevin what do you want him to do? Break his back bump after bump in the ring and wrestle till hes damn near in a wheelchair like Hogan or Flair? Be serious. He values his health and his family, and actually wants to make sure his daughter doesn’t end up like Nick Hogan or Flairs kids

  4. Captain A says:

    Let’s face it, as cool as the Rock is, he is old news. His catch phrases are great, but old. Without him backing up his words, that’s all they are is just words. How many weeks on end would you like to hear him trash talk without getting physical? I like the guy & all but his best days are in his past and he’s doing good with acting. If he can juggle both careers, great, but I think his WWE appearances are stale….at least until next week when he’s live on Raw.

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