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Publicist for the WWE says they aren’t “wrestling”

Reported by Adam Martin of

Chuck Ross of is featuring an article about being contacted by Kellie Baldyga, a publicist for WWE, over his coverage of the announcement last week that Drew Carey was being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Baldyga took issue with the headline reading “Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame” when referring to the news about Carey and that WWE wasn’t “wrestling.”

Baldyga was beginning to bother me. First, our headline was perfectly fine and accurate. Second, what was this “demand” about changing OUR headline?

I called her and introduced myself. The conversation then basically went as follows:

Me: Your release says that Carey is being recognized as being an entrant in the 2001 Royal Rumble. I believe that was a wrestling event.

Kellie: No, we don’t do wrestling events. They’re entertainments. And we don’t call them wrestlers. They’re superstars and divas.

I’m thinking to myself, is she kidding me? Is this woman mad? The company’s official name is World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. Its crown jewel is an event called WrestleMania. In the best tradition of wrestling on TV since its earliest days, they put on terrific shows (and events), with athletes who are performers and they’ve got storylines that are far more elaborate than any Gorgeous George and Freddie Blassie would have ever imagined. Why would they want to run away from who they are, from what’s made them wildly successful beyond most people’s dreams?

Me: Kellie, I really don’t have time for this. WWE presents wrestling events. I’m not going to change the headline or anything in the item. If you’d like, I’ll just remove it.

Kellie: Huh? What?

Me: Kellie, I don’t have time for this. What do you want me to do?

Kellie: Remove it.

So I did.

Kellie sent me a follow-up email saying “I hope nothing was contentious in our conversation…” She added, “I know the perception is that we are a wrestling company but we are actually much more than that–we are a global media company which is how our Chairman and CEO, Vince McMahon, positions us.”

Whatever. Take away wrestling from WWE and what do you basically have? I don’t think WWE is quite as diverse as global media companies such as News Corp. or Time Warner or Viacom, but what do I know.

Full article:
Psst–Vince McMahon and the WWE Are No Longer In the Wrestling Business

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16 Responses

  1. Kerry says:

    Does anyone remember Vince recalling the time Ted Turner called him on the telephone to inform him that he just entered the “rasslin'” business? Vince told him something like “That’s good, Ted. I’M in the ENTERTAINMENT business.” LMAO!

  2. xLx says:

    … *sigh*

    Wrestling is dead.

  3. Kerry says:

    Professional wrestling has been dead since the 80’s. It became sports entertainment, with emphasis on the entertainment, in the 90’s.

  4. Gaul says:

    Don’t be so negative, it isn’t dead. There is a world beyond Vince McMahon and the WWE, albeit a smaller one. That being said, it’s hilarious because it’s World WRESTLING Entertainment and the biggest event of the year is WRESTLEmania.

  5. -Jay- says:

    Hey it “sounds” better to advertisers and perhaps media outlets and they can branch into other areas of business…at its core wwe will always be in the business of professorial wrestling,jedi mind tricks.

  6. Ian says:

    @xLx: and Vinnie Mac killed it.

  7. FairFax says:

    Wrestling isn’t dead. You just have to look a little harder to find it. Its certainly not on the USA network and its featured less and less on Spike tv as well. But its out there. Its in elks lodges and bingo halls and high school gymnasiums and flea markets. Its certainly not slick and flashy. And if your looking for “divas” or “superstars” I doubt you’ll find any there. This is a new time and age for the sport of professional wrestling. Its sometimes harder for us to realize the significance of these times because we’re stuck in the here and the now but wrestling is shifting and things are changing. Check out NWA Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Its a great WRESTLING show. And you might not recognize names like Adam Pearce or The Sheik or Phil Shatter but these men are changing the face of what independent wrestling is. There will probably never again be territories that can sustain a profit by touring within a state or region. But with NWA Hollywood as an archetype for what new age “territories” can become the future of the business can be looked upon with hope. If three, four, five or six more companies can start up and gain a strong local television presence than a new generation of wrestlers can be born and craft and perfect there trade in the closest thing to the territory system we’re ever likely to see. So if you want wrestling then turn off the tv and go out and find it. Support your local indy feds and instead of using the internet to bitch and whine and moan about the current state use it as a tool to discover the great action that is available. Anyone whose in the central ohio area on july 31st the NWA returns to the Ohio State Fair at the coliseum for what should be another great show. Already announced is Scrap Iron Adam Pearce vs. The Middle East MadMan The Sheik and Mikey from the spirit squad Mike Mondo vs. Mr Media Cliff Compton the former Domino from Deuce and Domino and top OVW stars Jamin Olivencia, Ali, and Paradyse. Plus you’ll get a chance to see stars from Ohio Championship Wrestling and Wrestling and Respect W.A.R. Wrestling. Tickets are on sale now through ticketmaster and are 15 for floor seats and 10 for general admission and tickets include admission to the fair. Please SUPPORT PRO WRESTLING. And as far as entertainment goes, you can’t see me, uh no Mr. Cena, I choose not to watch.

  8. TimL says:

    Can’t wait for Entertainmania XXVIII!

  9. Dave says:

    If you want the business to change then stop buying WWE and start buying Indy, RoH, small time bingo hall promotions, etc

    WWE is what it is, a corporate machine intent on ONE thing only; money.

    Take away a chunk of their income and they’ll take notice.

    This is where TNA has a problem, they need money to survive but they also want to please core “rasslin'” fans but they seem to be doing neither because fans can clearly see a company that doesn’t know whether to go one way or another.

    There is a simple solution, go to the opposite side of things than the WWE. If TNA starts touring the country, moves out of Orlando and begins putting on WRESTLING shows with well known personalities then they will find money not an issue.

  10. Eric says:

    She’s just a puppet for wwe and legally, wwe can’t say they are a wrestling company so they will not be regulated by the athletic commission. I bet you anything even this publicist knows it’s wrestling, but she can’t say what it actually is to avoid regulation.

  11. Gaul says:

    Good call FairFax.

  12. dooman says:

    well that explains how zena can get his push

  13. Josh Dishon says:

    Totally agree with Fairfax, Eric , and Dave on this one . I’m lucky to live in an area where I can see a different indy show just about every weekend if I choose to. Is it entertainment ? yes , but at the same time there is a bit more emphasis on actual wrestling at the shows. Sure there aren’t pyro displays that would make the Fourth of July look like fireflys on a summer evening but who really needs that crap anyway . If I wanted to see fireworks I’d light some bottle rockets,when the marquee says wrestling I expect to see wrestling !

  14. WTF says:

    I can’t believe it’s not WRESTLING!

  15. Kellman73 says:

    “…we are a global media company…”
    Which is the root cause for the company falling short in increasing their buyrates.

  16. David A. says:

    Where to find wrestling?
    SHIMMER, ROH, NWA, even Chikara.

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