News on Shawn Michaels, Honky Tonk Man, and Allison Danger

Mar 21, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

– From Dave Lagana: New Podcast – Shimmer’s Dave Prazak and Allison Danger‏

The creator of Shimmer Wrestling and Allison Danger talk the state of women’s wrestling and this coming weekend’s Shimmer events on latest podcast with David Lagana on

– From Steve Wilton: The Honky Tonk Man will be shake, rattlin, and rollin later in April when he is released as a free bonus DLC character in WWE All Stars. The Honky Tonk Man would like to thank the millions and millions of his fans world-wide who helped unlock the Greatest and Longest Reigning Intercontinental Champion of all-time with the WWE All Stars Facebook Fantasy Warfare Application. It’s because of you guys, the WWE Games Universe, that the Honky Tonk Man is now apart of one of the greatest videogame rosters ever. It’s now ok to be cool, cocky, and bad in WWE All Stars. It’s the Honky Tonk Man way!

– From Anne Licuz: Shawn Michaels speaks about Tammy Sytch, Triple H, his role at WrestleMania 27, tonight’s episode of Raw and more

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