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Update on Undertaker vs. Triple H at Wrestlemania

The word going around is that this year’s Undertaker vs. Triple H will not be a streak vs. career match as once planned, nor will it feature Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee. At last word, the match is still considered the Wrestlemania main event, as is penciled in to go on last.

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  1. james says:

    Cena vs. Miz is the obvious choice to main event. If Triple H isnt even going to retire when he loses then this definitely should not be last on. They can’t have 2 years in a row without a title match being main event.

  2. Mackdeezy says:

    Well this is good news… I didn’t want this to be the way Trips ended his career, it would seem kinda inappropriate especially since we had taker “retire” hbk last year… I didnt want to see undertaker retiring another, it would have seemed repetitive

    Then again there wasn’t really much build up, on tv they never officially said it would be streak v career, so I can understand the change of plans due to lack of build up

  3. Chris says:

    Nobody else on that roster deserves the main event spot other then the undertaker and HHH…they are the last true main eventers left…this match should exceed cenas match by far

  4. Oddstuff says:

    Good. These two excellent performers don’t need to gimmick up their match.

  5. Ronald B. says:

    Will we see another gimmick change for the Undertaker? I want to see him become “himself” (American Badass) again.

    Someone give him a chain as a weapon on this match!

  6. tk says:

    With a PG rating this might be a hard match for both of them to fight in Bret vs Vince was a NHB and that wasent the greatist match in a NHB sisuation granted bret’s Physical in the match was limited. I hope this match is a drag out fight…Oddstuff does have a point no need for gimmick to build off of BUT it be nice to see them on tv on the road to wrestlemania to get the story going and get some heat behind it.

  7. dooman says:

    i agree this is main event i’m tierd of seeing 2 shoulder blocks side slam 5 knucle shuffle then someone break out of the AA maybe if he knows a couple more moves but its the same thing over and over again for zena…i think he should be left off that card sent to fla and learn how to wrestle

  8. William says:

    this is a great main event…should be THE one,but only if Triple H ends the streak…otherwise THE main event should be Miz VS Cena because The Rock could loom in their match

  9. William says:

    I agree this should be THE main event..but Triple H needs to end the Undertaker”s streak…otherwise the main event should be The Miz VS Cena because The Rock will be looming

  10. WCW says:

    Main event = most money. period.. every Wrestlemania the main event ends with a World title match. heck the last 2 had Taker vs HBK in the upper card but not main event. Cena/Miz should be the main event..

  11. Adam says:

    Say whatever you want about HHH, but he is a consummate performer and he truly lives and breathes the biz. Taker is the end all be all. Trips and Taker don’t need to have some match with a bunch of bells and whistles to be great and this certainly shouldn’t have been the way HHH retires. I agree, however, that if Taker is gonna try and fight through the pain to Miami and not give up the streak, then this should not be the main event.

  12. Kellman73 says:

    The ‘Mania Main Event SHOULD be the best match on paper. ALWAYS save the best for last. At this point, that looks to be Miz V. Cena…with a chance to electrify.

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