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John Cena suffers concussion on Raw?

Cena via Twitter:

CeNation. Sorry I have been away. Concussion on mon night from either del rio kick or mic shots. Took and passed IMPACT exam, rtg for fri!

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  1. Jack Windham says:

    The guy’s a workhorse. It’s a shame how some people still blindly hate him.

  2. Agent Cooper says:

    LOL. So he allegedly suffered a concussion Monday night, but he’s “rtg for fri!” despite the fact that his Smackdown appearance was taped on Tuesday. Okay, jean shorts.

  3. Korey says:

    (Crazy Fan Voice Mock) OMG!!! He put Impact in CAPS!!!! He must be hinting at a possible jump!!! omg!!!!!

  4. Ryan says:

    Oh well, is it ok if I have my own reasons for hating him? Because if so, I’d like to continue on and say how unfortunate it is that Del Rio’s kick didn’t more severely knock him out.

  5. Da Brat says:

    I think it is unfortunate that Del Rio has not defected to TNA with all the other former WWE trash myself

  6. mmggirl says:

    @Agent: Cena wasn’t at the show for Smackdown Tuesday. I was there in KC, and while any video of him got way too much pop, he never showed up in the ring.

    And I would say most people are Cena “dislikers”. He works hard, and he can get one hell of a reaction, but it’s nice when he’s not on TV in some sort of form every week. :) It’s nice to see someone other than him in the spotlight, that’s all.

  7. Big Dave says:

    Isn’t the mic soft?

  8. squirrbells says:

    More importantly :

    1. was the mic damaged.
    2. was it a shure brand mic?

  9. ???? says:

    LMFAO!!! @ “ok jean shorts” HAHAHA amazing.

  10. -Jay- says:

    Damn and he gets heat from GLAAD about all the gay comments he made towards Rock and Miz recently…lmao.

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