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TNA offers free On Demand to those who ordered Victory Road


TNA Wrestling strives to give fans who purchase our pay-per-views as close to a full three-hour event as possible. This past Sunday’s “TNA Victory Road” fell short of that standard. Your support of TNA is never taken for granted. To show you how we value that support, we would like to offer six months of free access to the library.

To receive your free offer, please send us a copy of your Victory Road pay-per-view purchase receipt to :

TNA OnDemand Offer
209 10th Avenue South, #302
Nashville, TN 37203. … ctory-Road

Please be sure and submit your name, address, and email address, as we will be emailing a special code that will unlock over 300 hours of great TNA Wrestling action.

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9 Responses

  1. Brett says:

    Even with this deal, it still doesn’t mask the fact that TNA had not one, but TWO sub par main events on PPV. Jeff Hardy could’ve been replaced at any time by anyone on the TNA roster and it would’ve been better than what they gave people. TNA has loads of talent, they just have absolutely no idea how to utilize it. I’ve tried really hard to like TNA as a whole, but it’s really hard to do when they feed us crap like this. TNA has lost a fan. While WWE may have toned down the violence and cursing for a younger audience, I still feel that even on their best day WWE will still have the superior product.

  2. Aleks says:

    Well…atleast they aren’t totally ignoring the fans. This is a good deal.

  3. seth says:

    only the right thing to do

  4. Good thing they decided to do something about it. I try to keep an open mind about the trash you read on the net, but this time we all had to see it with our own eyes. The fact that TNA is offering a “please still watch us” type of promo is kind, but makes me a little weary of their future.

  5. Taylor says:

    yay 6 people are getting on demand for free

  6. Dr. Pym says:

    durr durr tna suxxors wwe rul;z

  7. Phillip says:

    Funny thing is…6 months of TNA on Demand is better then TNAs era of 05-present…LMAO SAD…just SAD!

  8. Agent Cooper says:

    All because Jeff Hardy couldn’t be bothered to show up sober to the main event of a PPV. What a dick.

  9. Ronald B. says:

    LOL @ Taylor

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