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Report: Jeff Hardy pulled from upcoming TNA events

Reported by Adam Martin of

Mike Johnson of is reporting that TNA Wrestling has pulled Jeff Hardy from upcoming house show events this weekend in Jacksonville, FL and Savannah, GA.

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  1. Rob Roy says:

    Beginning of the end for both Meth Hardy & TNA. Shame. RIP TNA.

  2. Luke Darbey says:

    Very disappointed in the way Jeff presented himself at Victory Road. Always been a fan, not sure what’s going on with Jeff, hope he learns from it and sorts problems out, not good to see what I’d call an amazingly talented man present himself in such a let’s be frank pathetic way. Please try Jeff for yourself, you have always had such passion and ability.

  3. xyu says:

    Really, there is nothing else TNA could do. Jeff was so mess up that the match didn’t even last two minutes. Come on, working with a legend like Sting and old Jeff is high as a kite. I hope the man get help, I truly do! But, there is no way TNA should allow Jeff to disrespect the fans and his peers in the manner he has.

  4. KennyD says:

    I can’t say as I am sorry for Jeff Hardy … He’s been given chance after chance , both in the WWE and in TNA … apparently his drugs are more important to him than a nice paying career ……

    Hopefully ; the court will see his present behavior and combined with his past behaviors and the charges …. send his better than thou a** off for five or six years …..

  5. Wil says:


    While I like Hardy and always have so I do feel bad, I think hes just going to be one of those people that need to go away for a few years. Not even for his career bc let’s face it, this mess aside, once the court case is over depending on what the final charges are that he IS pleading guilty to, he will most likely never work for a major promotion again. But moreso, just so he doesn’t freaking die!!! If there were a countdown or a list as to who will od, Hardy’s next.

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