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Sting is in the ring with both Jeff Hardy’s Divas title and the new TNA title belt, which is patterned after a UFC belt.  Sting said he had something to say to Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff.  They come out and Sting handed Hogan with Divas title belt and said they could have it.  Hogan threw it out of the ring.  Sting asked Hogan how he could do what he did to Jeff Hardy, take one of the brightest stars in wrestling and turn him black.  He blamed Hogan & Bischoff for leading him down the path he took, where it was all about money and power.  Hogan said the problem was that Hardy couldn’t stand in Hogan’s shadow.  Hogan said wrestlers from all over the world wanted to join his tsunami that was taking over wrestling.  What a bad choice of words.  Sting said if all these people wanted in, where are they because the only guys he sees are jokes.  Out came Bully Ray who said he’s been calling Hogan and waiting for be beside him his whole life because Hogan made the business what it is.  What a bad choice of words.  He said Sting is nothing but a co-star and is selfish and Sting doesn’t care about anyone else or the company, he’s just jealous of Hogan.  Fortune then came out and said they’ve got Sting’s back.  Styles said Ray was a guy who had a partner carry him for 15 years.  They argued and Styles slapped Ray.  Mr. Anderson was next out to this debate wanting a title shot at Sting.  Hogan said Anderson had his chance to get a title shot and couldn’t get the job done.  This set up a four-way or a shot at Sting with Styles, Anderson, RVD and Bully Ray.
Scott Steiner & Crimson b Ink Inc.
Pope is now doing one of those spiritualist gimmicks where he does gimmick miracles.
Madison Rayne b Alissa Flash.  Another post-match beatdown and Mickie James save
James wanted a title shot.  Rayne said she’s had her shot.  Rayne said the only way she can get a shot at Lockdown is putting up her hair, which she agreed to do.
Jeff and Karen came out.  Jeff wanted a truce with Kurt Angle saying they have to co-exist for the sake of the children.  Kurt came out with a present for Karen and agreed that they have to co-exist for the kids.  Jeff opened the gift and it was a guitar.  They all made up, but then Kurt turned on Jeff and laid him out with a guitar shot and Jeff bled.  Karen gave Kurt a low blow but he no sold it.  He then pulled out a cup he was wearing.  Couldn’t he have just told us after?  Kurt wanted Jeff at Lockdown but Jeff turned him down.  Kurt said he would hunt them down and kill them. Geez, they were right there, why does he need to go hunting, and kill them, what’s he want to do, be stuck hanging with that weirdo Ed Graziano the next few years?
Gunner won the vacant TV title in a three-way over Muprhy and Rob Terry when Gunner pinned Murphy.’
Matt Morgan & Angelina Love & Winter b Hernandez & Sarita & Rosita in a street fight when Winter pinned Rosita
Bully Ray vs. RVD vs. Styles vs. Anderson for the title shot ended with Van Dam and Anderson doing a double pin.  Ray that attacked everyo8ne.  Flair gave Styles a low blow and Ray used a Bubba bomb on Styles off the stage through a table.

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