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Knockout files claim against TNA, deal not renewed

Reported by Adam Martin of
Former TNA Knockout Daffney via Twitter:

“Yesterday my picture was taken down off of the TNA roster page. My contract expires today and TNA did not renew it. I do not know if it has anything to do with it, but I’ve filed a Workers Comp claim against them for injuries I’ve sustained in the ring and my lawyers said to not go into anymore details.”

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  1. Agent Cooper says:

    Good for Daffney. TNA has sadly dismantled in the past year what made their Knockout division great at one point. Inexplicably letting go of unique talents like Awesome Kong, ODB, Roxxi, and now Daffney just turned it into a joke like the WWE divas.

  2. chris says:

    Agreed, Agent Cooper. Only difference is I can’t think of anyone in the knockouts division who got their spot because of who they are sleeping with.

  3. Thomas says:

    So… let me get this straight: one of the best women wrestlers in the world is released and TNA screws her over at the same time.
    …Wow… you know, I keep wanting to pull for TNA but DAMN they make it hard!

  4. -Jay- says:

    TNA used to seem so worker friendly about 3-4 years back but now it seems shady and they are showing how much they don’t really care for the workers…good for her.

  5. says:

    I like the direction Total Nonstop Action is going, no one wants to see ugly women called knockouts, we want beautiful chicks that make us fantasize about their ice cream cones, lawls!

  6. Matt says:

    Agent Cooper ODB & Roxxi are both back. I do not think any one really misses Daffney! All she was capable of doing was screaming…thats about as needed as Vickie is on Raw!

  7. TimL says:

    It sounds like she seems to question whether the claim prevented her from being resigned. So, I’m guessing she filed the claim first, then TNA chose not to renew her contract. Coincidence?

  8. Daniel Schein says:

    What makes/made the Knockouts division so special was the diversity and uniqueness of the roster. You have The Beautiful People who were the traditional Divas as far as looks go and excellent heels…..The Madison Rayne and Winter story lines kind of stalled there progress.

    Then you had ODB who was the most unique and entertaining anti Diva of all time…….never been anyone like her and that made TNA unique. Daffney is awesome and when she came to TNA I was ecstatic as she was one of the main highlights at the end of WCW and WWE dropped the ball by not calling her up to the main roster. WWE and TNA lack good Goth/horror oriented gimmicks like hers. Roxxi debuted in an over the top Voodoo lady gimmick and actually made it entertaining and got over. Once she dropped it I think she made an excellent face and her hardcore knockout gimmick could have gone places. Hamada is one of the best female wrestlers in the world but was never utilized properly. In fairness though I don’t think she was going to stay in the US for the long haul. Cheerleader Melissa aka Alissa Flash and Raisha Saeed in TNA is one of the absolute best female wrestlers in the country and never got the chance to properly develop after they dropped the Raisha gimmick. She could have had an excellent long term feud with Kong. Finally Mickie James and Tara are prime examples of the right former WWE talent TNA should pursue as they work out fantastically for the company.

    TNA needs to focus on and only sign proper female wrestlers. Hopefully this Madison Rayne storyline of challenging former talent will lead to them coming back full time. To not bring back ODB is pure insanity. TNA should also take a strong look at Shimmer and the U.S. and Canadian indies as there is more legit talent out there than ever before. Ultimately I could see a one hour Knockouts tv show being really popular for Spike TV.

  9. Castle says:

    what the hell would a wrestler file a claim like that for in the first place?

    does a UFC fighter file a claim if they get beat up in the octagon?

    have fun cleaning houses.


  11. Kevin says:

    Secretly I think Hogan and bishoff have been working with Vince for a long time. First it was WcW not its Tna.

  12. Some Kid Named Johnny says:

    Thumbtacks…Barbed wire….Tables….oh my god what a huge reaction she got last time on TV. WTF ARE YOU DOING HOGAN!? THIS GIRLS SHOULD GET A SHOT AT THE WORLD TITLE!! lol She’s paid her dues. Miz has NOT.

  13. Phillip says:

    @ Matt, r you nuts??? I mean really, you say all Daffney is capable of is “Screaming”, well did you happen to see how she was cheered when she returned to the ring during that KO’s Tag Title Tourney on Impact? Daffney is in the top 20 of womens wrestling…

  14. Dom says:

    Good riddance. The women ruined TNA and hopefully they all get fired.

  15. Tony says:

    My favorite female wrestler of all time, GIRL go see VINCE. Get PAID! You deserve it after paying all your dues. You and Goldust would make a great couple. I CAN SEE THE WEDDING NOW! THE GOTH AND GOLD CONNECTION RULES!

  16. Tony says:

    PS. Bring back your old green Harley Quinn outfit.

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