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Video: Sting vs. Jeff Hardy from Victory Road

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  1. Tim Steed says:

    Wow! That has to be the worst main event I have ever seen in wrestling history. TNA should be ashamed of that, can’t see how anybody could defend that title match. I think Sting ” agrees ” with the fans who were probably feeling ripped off, I would be!

  2. james says:

    And Sting chose TNA over WWE…..

  3. Matt says:

    I’m so glad chose to wrestle the high Jeff Hardy in a 1 min main event, instead of wrestling Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

  4. ADAM says:


  5. TimL says:

    From what I’ve read here and on various sites, Hardy was wasted which is why the match was so short. It looks like Hardy really tried to kick out and Sting really forced the pin. Sting looks pissed as well.

  6. Daniel says:

    absolutely disgraceful

  7. Clash says:

    TimL has a great point. It appears Hardy isn’t in on the finish. He seems to have a questionable look on his face right after he appears to kick out and then questions the ref with Sting staring at him with a legitimate look of disgust.

  8. Denis says:

    Sting did look very upset. I agree that TNA should have pulled Hardy from the match and gave Sting a different opponent. Maybe a 3-way with him, Anderson and RVD. TNA did rip off fans; but so has WWE in the past. And the whole Sting-Undertaker supposed match at Wrestlemania was just fans hoping. From my understanding, there was never any real serious talk about that happening.

  9. Bumbolee says:

    They would have been better served doing a faction run-in, both sides get DQ’ed, and having a brawl for 5-10 minutes than going through with that crap.

    @TimL – your 100% correct. I’ve read the same stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if TNA and Jeff part ways after this, unless it truly is a work. What a shame either way.

  10. shaneo says:

    is this wcw?

  11. TimL says:

    I think they kept the match Sting vs. Hardy because that was what was advertised. While Sting vs. Anderson vs. RVD would have been great, it seems a shame to trash the Anderson vs. RVD feud before it’s done. Plus Sting wasn’t losing the belt so why waste giving Sting vs. Anderson vs. RVD without any build up. Had they done that, everyone would have been complaining it wasn’t advertised.

    It appears everyone who bought the PPV is pissed and won’t buy another TNA PPV. They should give the next PPV free to those that bought this one. Yes, they’ll lose money, but not as much as they will if they do nothing.

    It’s a shame. They have all the players to make a great show but just can’t seem to deliver.

  12. dylan says:

    when he there hands told jeff that he was in no condishen mr brother said u could he that on the mic

  13. dylan says:

    when he shock ther hands

  14. Adam says:

    Disgraceful…’nuff said.

  15. trevor_harris says:

    well well well
    sitting here in the u.k woke up this morning in hopes of reading about a great payper view from tna to be shocked to read that they had an under two minute main event
    just shocked no other word for it!!! as we all know in wrestling each wrestler in told the outcome of the match so sting knew he was going to win and hardy was told he wasn’t no other way about it!!!
    tna should take a second and if it is true and hardy was in no fit state then punish him correctly just like if one of us went to work in so fit state we would be out on your a***!!!

  16. Steve says:

    TNA should be ashamed. No matter what you don’t put that out there to the fans and you don’t allow a worker to go on in that condition. I hope TNA fails miserably now. They are enablers.

  17. -Jay- says:

    Best PPV ending EVER…TNA TNA!

  18. neumanrko9 says:

    this is absolutely pathetic, I’ll admit I’m a WWE guy but I do watch Impact each week on my DVR (mainly for Kurt Angle) but to think Sting turned down possibly main eventing Wrestlemania 27 with the Undertaker (even if it was all rumors)is crazy that he chose TNA over the WWE, 1st of all I don’t know why in the world Jeff Hardy gets so many second chances he clearly looks out of when during half the match he messes with the fans with his t-shirt (even Taz was questioning what he was doing) and Sting does look legit pissed at the end, this is actually quite laughable just when TNA does a good show (March 3rd) then they fall this low, it’s pretty sad

  19. neumanrko9 says:

    also it’s retarded how TNA centers Jeff hardy’s title reigns around his court dates, just get rid of him the guy just showed up to a main event at a ppv wasted and to think TNA went through with it anyways is just hilarious to me

  20. Z says:

    I don’t disagree with them putting Jeff out there like this. I actually agree that he should have been squashed exactly like how this happened. The fans would have been pissed if the scheduled main event didn’t happen. But instead of how they did this they should have cut the RVD/Anderson match down a little (but kept the same ending) then cut out Bischoff’s stalling promo & Hardy’s “playing to the fans”. Then after Sting squashes Hardy he should have grabbed a mic and said he would give both Anderson & RVD a shot tonight if they were up for it. He then could have retained after a 10 minute or so match and it wouldn’t hurt RVD or Anderson. Some people would still be pissed at hardy’s squashing but you know the IWC, someone’s always pissed about something.

  21. DeathNote81 says:

    That sucks. I like heel Jeff. He’s like a cross between Mis-sta J (The Joker) and Raven.

  22. Facebook addict says:

    TNA should just give up and be a developmental league for wwe..Dixie explaining this will take a lot of persuading.

  23. xyu says:

    Wow, that was rather reminiscent of WCW! I honestly expected the NWO to come out and attack Sting, it was that bad!

    Jeff is high as a kid and well, look bloated from all of the dope. He looked shocked at the end, was it a shoot or a work?

    Sting, I don’t blame him for the look on his face. I would be pissed too, Jeff so high he couldn’t wrestle and Sting had to squash him rather than putting on a performance for the fans. I really felt for Sting here.

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