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Matt Hardy says Jeff is fine

Matt Hardy via Twitter:

Well-Today has been QUITE the interesting day to say the least! & yes, Jeff is fine. I’m def fine. Just sore from busting my ass last night.

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  1. D says:

    Jeff is not fine! He needs help seriously.

  2. Sonia says:

    What a joke. They are so in denial. Hey Matt wake up Jeff is no where near fine.

  3. Max Amillion says:

    Jeff may be fine now, but he certainly wasn’t last night. 1 minute for a ppv main event? do me a favour fatt hardy.


  4. DJ REIGN says:

    so when did Matt Hardy become the spokeperson for his brother? like he would admit to the failure his brother is

  5. James C. says:

    Jeffery Nero Hardy
    Needs To Go Into Rehab!!

  6. Tynen says:

    y is every1 ripping on matt and jeff what have they ever done to u guys seriously jeff is the best to ever hit tna and ripping on him is the same as ripping on Chris Benoit R.I.P

  7. Rick says:

    @ Tyren, we’re ripping on him cause he’s a constant disappointment, turning up in a bad state and needing to wrestle is no way for the ‘face’ of the company to act.

  8. Shane Daly says:

    Jeff Hardy is as okay as Charlie Sheen

  9. Deada1m says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again Jeff hardy should go on celebrity rehab and get wrestling exposure and fix his life

  10. Mart.D says:

    WTF Tynen ?
    Are you really trying to compare Hardy to Benoit ?
    Hardy is not even NEAR Benoit as a wrestler , Get your Fact straight !
    And … Hardy is the best to ever hit tna ? C’mon dude , AJ Styles Been carying this company FROM THE BEGINING

  11. paul says:

    Jeff being “fine” means Matt stays “employed”. You really think if Jeff goes Matt stays?? Id say send them both down that Randy “the Ram” road.

  12. kosiba k says:

    i belive jeff hardy goin make a date with god if dont get mental help serious now i think that y he left wwe cause he didnt want help from vinnie mac but serious jeff take a break from wrestling and get the help u need and when u r better go back to tna if ur heahtly enough to wrestle again cause last night performess was sad that u got like one hour of stardome soo jeff please get better

  13. seth says:

    no wonder why WWE was happy to get of m.hardy,hes just a big as nutcae a his bro

  14. Eric says:

    I agree with Rick and Mart.d Jeff Hardy is always letting his fans down and i dont even know if Matt even has fans anymore seriously. Sting comes back to the company out of loyalty to TNA and passed on a deal with WWE last night was a big slap in the face to him his first title defence went down like that? definatly not how Sting pictured it, you could see the disgust on his face. Not to mention Hardy almost fell on his face when going up the ring steps. As far as comparing Hardy to Benoit, Tynen that made me sick. Hardy on his best day(which was long ago) couldn’t lace Benoit’s boots!

  15. Tynen says:


  16. Kerry says:


  17. -Jay- says:

    Yes Matt we believe you because we all saw last night how AWESOME Meth Hardy is doing with our own eyes…TNA TNA!

  18. KC says:

    LMAO Tyren you are one delirious mark. “Herp Derp Jeff Hurdy #1 yeahh!” people like you are the reason I refuse to attend wrestling shows anymore.

  19. Eric says:

    you go ahead and think what you want there Tynen but the rest of us know that Hardy has major problems and its affecting his work. And when that happens you can either get better and all might be forgiven or you can continue going down the destructive path that will claim your life. If that were to happen Jeff Hardy would never EVER be remembered as one of the great heavyweight champs. just a big ego with a even bigger drug problem

  20. Steve says:

    Jeff Hardy is winning!

  21. Jennifer says:

    Jeff needs help. This man and his wife just had a child. What on earth is going to happen to that little girl? Does he handle her while in that ‘altered state’? Calling child services.

  22. Kerry says:

    Anyone who thinks that Jeff is better than Chris Benoit was is only saying that because of what Benoit did to his family & himself. That man was the absolute best in ring performer ever.

  23. Tynen says:

    I am not saying jeffs better than benoit coz of what he did im normally the 1st to defend him jeffs better coz in 15 years he has accomplished more than benoit did in damn near 30

  24. DBone says:

    Awesome. You’re normally the first person to defend someone who murdered his family in cold blood. Kudos to you sir.

  25. Some Kid Named Johnny says:

    Jeff Hardy is better than Benoit lol

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