Victory Road Preview & Predictions

Mar 13, 2011 - by Jason Graening

The countdown to Lockdown is on as TNA presents Victory Road, which comes to us live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL. Victory Road is highlighted with a rematch between Sting and Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Championship and is among eight matches featured on the card. Here is the run down.

– Sting vs. Jeff Hardy (TNA World Championship)
– Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam (#1 Contender for TNA World Championship)
– Matt Hardy vs. AJ Styles
– Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan (First Blood Match)
– Kazarian vs. Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Robbie E. (Ultimate X for X Division Championship)
– Beer Money vs. Ink Inc. (TNA Tag Team Championship)
– Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer
– Angelina Love & Winter vs. Sarita & Rosita (TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship)

Sting vs. Jeff Hardy (TNA World Championship)
Sting returned to TNA and was the surprise opponent the network put up against Jeff Hardy from the TNA World Championship. Sting won the match after taking Hardy out with a trio of Scorpion Death Drops to win his third TNA World Championship – or fourth if you count his NWA World Championship reign. This past Thursday, Eric Bischoff nonchalantly announced that Hardy would get a rematch against Sting at Victory Road.

Although I am not high on Sting being the top guy in TNA, I hope that he holds on to the title for more than a couple weeks. The TNA World Championship has been passed around like a hot potato as of late, and there needs to be a meaningful, lengthy, run in there for a change. Plus, let us not forget that Hardy still has his never ending legal troubles to deal with, so I don’t foresee Hardy regaining the title in this match.

Starman’s Prediction: Sting to retain the TNA World Championship.

Mr. Anderson vs. Rob Van Dam (#1 Contender for TNA World Championship)
Mr. Anderson and Rob Van Dam made it clear on Thursday’s Impact that they still have the TNA World Championship in their sights. Eric Bischoff then booked the two former TNA World Champions in a match to see who will be the next #1 contender to the TNA World Championship.

I could see either one of these challenging for the TNA World Championship, but I have to say that Mr. Anderson stands out as a logical choice. Anderson has made it clear that he is out only for himself and doesn’t care who he has to face to get what he wants. Also, Anderson has yet to get a rematch after losing the TNA World Championship to Jeff Hardy.

Starman’s Prediction: Mr. Anderson to become the #1 contender to the TNA World Championship.

Matt Hardy vs. AJ Styles
Another match added to the card this past Thursday is this match pitting Matt Hardy against AJ Styles. On Impact, Hardy stated that he saw a young version of himself in AJ Styles but he soon realized that the wrestling business isn’t about what he wants, but what the system wants. I guess what the system wants is this match that was thrown on the card at the last minute.

Styles and Hardy fought in a match recently on Impact where Hardy picked up the victory after Ric Flair showed his true colors and turned on AJ Styles and Fortune. The three then fought this past Thursday in a street fight where Hardy picked up another victory after hitting a Twist of Hate on to a steel chair. The third time should be a charm for Styles, as I see him finally picking up a victory over Hardy in this match.

Starman’s Prediction: AJ Styles to win the match.

Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan (First Blood Match)
Hernandez returned to TNA and immediately reignited his feud with his former tag team partner, Matt Morgan, and cost him his shot at the TNA World Championship. Since then, Hernandez and Morgan have been going at it every chance they get and it has finally boiled over and come down to a First Blood Match.

Hernandez has been aligning himself as the hired muscle for Immortal and I believe he will go over here to solidify that position. Unfortunately for Morgan, he has been pushed down the card and I feel that this match will end in a similar fashion as the last meeting between these two, with Morgan being busted open. It won’t be the last time, though, that we see these two square off in the ring.

Starman’s Prediction: Hernandez to draw first blood on Morgan.

Kazarian vs. Max Buck vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Robbie E. (Ultimate X for X Division Championship)
Due to travel issues with Generation Me, Max and Jeremy Buck missed their 3-way #1 contenders match for the X Division Championship last month at Against All Odds. TNA had to scrap those plans and instead gave the third participant, Robbie E., a shot for the X Division Championship against Kazarian, who successfully defended his title. All three will get a shot at the title this time around in an Ultimate X Match.

Looking at the matches on this card, this match has the best chance of being match of the night. Ultimate X is the premier gimmick match in TNA and usually never disappoints, and I don’t expect it to here. Kazarian has shined in Ultimate X Matches before and Generation Me has participated in one before as well. We’ll have to see how Robbie E. handles it, but with three of the four having experience, this should be a fun match to watch. In the end, I’m predicting that Kazarian will walk out with the X Division Championship.

Starman’s Prediction: Kazarian to retain the X Division Championship.

Beer Money vs. Ink Inc. (TNA Tag Team Championship)
Ink Inc. came out during the first Impact show in Fayetteville, NC, and challenged Beer Money to a match at Victory Road for the TNA Tag Team Championship. Beer Money said they were the best tag team in wrestling today and accepted their challenge.

It’s too bad that there isn’t more to the story than a simple challenge. At any rate, this should be a decent match, but I think that Beer Money will make good on their statement by proving once again that they are the best tag team going today.

Starman’s Prediction: Beer Money to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship.

Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer
Last month at Against All Odds, Bully Ray crossed the line and put his hands on Brother Devon’s kids during their street fight. Tommy Dreamer then put himself in the middle of the feud and helped Devon extract a little revenge, but was in the wrong place at the wrong time and ended up being laid out by a chair shot from Devon.

I feel the feud between Ray and Devon is far from over, with this match being a small detour to change things up a bit. It wouldn’t surprise me to see Devon involve himself in the match only to have Dreamer turn on his buddy and get some revenge on Devon for the chair shot. In that case, this match will either end with in a no contest or with Dreamer picking up the win before making his turn.

Starman’s Prediction: No contest or Dreamer winning.

Angelina Love & Winter vs. Sarita & Rosita (TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship)
It’s hard to believe that they still have the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship since they haven’t been defended in who knows how long, but the champions are putting the titles on the line against Sarita & Rosita. Angelina Love & Winter won the titles in a tag team tournament after Winter put herself into the match after Velvet Sky was taken out and the two have done little with them since.

Sarita has been a thorn in the side of Velvet Sky as of late, and even though Velvet isn’t a part of this match, I think that her presence will be felt and will inadvertently cost Angelina and Winter the titles. This will add to the tension between Velvet and Winter with Angelina still being stuck in the middle. Hopefully Sarita & Rosita can do something more with the tag titles and make them a bit more meaningful in the process.

Starman’s Prediction: Sarita & Rosita to win the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship.

There is the Victory Road preview in a nutshell. With Lockdown just around the corner, it seems that this is a mere pit stop on the road to Lockdown than it is a full fledged pay-per-view. I’m hoping that at the very least, Victory Road sets up some key matches and feuds to get the ball rolling for Lockdown, since TNA did a horrible job setting up matches for this event. A good majority of this card was thrown on at the last minute, and it shows. Just think of what TNA could do if they spent the time and energy hyping their pay-per-views as they did with the March 3rd show.

I don’t think fans will miss much if they skip watching Victory Road and instead wait to read about the results later on. As always, live coverage of Victory Road will take place on starting at 8 PM EST.

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