TNA VICTORY ROAD: Ultimate X for the TNA X Division Title

Mar 13, 2011 - by Adam Martin

TNA X Division Championship – Ultimate X Match
Kazarian (c) vs. Robbie E w/ Cookie vs. Jeremy Buck vs. Max Buck

Cookie held on to one of Kazarian’s leg early on allowing Generation Me to double team Kazarian. Kazarian springboards up to the cables early and is pulled down by Generation Me. Max Buck is the next up on the cables and Robbie pulls him down. Robbie is the next up on the cables. Kazarian jumps up with him and kicks him down. Kazarian jumps off the cables and drops an elbow over Robbie. Jeremy with a kick and face plant combo on Kazarian. Max yells at Jeremy to help him up on the cables. Jeremy walks Max across on his shoulders, but Kazarian breaks it up. Robbie takes a nasty fall to the steel steps outside the ring. Max with a dropkick through the ropes to Kazarian holding on. Jeremy with a springboard moonsault taking out Kazarian and Robbie. Max back up on the cables. Kazarian pulls him down. Generation Me with a double dropkick to the head of Kazarian with a backflip to boot. Max is up on the cables. Jeremy and Kazarian are up on the other side. Kazarian and Jeremy go down. Max stays up and lifts his legs up to lock them around the cable. Kazarian swings Max back, Max lets go and Kazarian hits a cutter/stunner as Max falls down. Robbie is now back up on the cables, gets close to the title, Max pulls him down, hits a big boot and big snap neckbreaker. Kazarian kicks Max’s head into the steel truss. Tower of Doom spot with Kazarian, Robbie and Jeremy. Kazarian with his reverse piledriver on Robbie. Kazarian with a kick to the head of Jeremy. Kazarian with a twisting suplex on Jeremy off the top turnbuckle. Kazarian and Robbie are up on the cables. Generation Me pull Robbie down and hit a double superkick. They then swing Kazarian off the cable. Jeremy goes to jump up on the cable. Max asks what he is doing and pulls him down. Jeremy agrees to back off. Max is up. Jeremy ignores him and jumps up. Both are in the middle by the title exchanging slaps. Robbie slides a ladder in the ring. Kazarian is now on the steel truss of the structure above the cables. Robbie knocks Jeremy and Max down using his ladder. Robbie sets up the ladder, climbs, but Kazarian is walking across the cable. Robbie reaches up. Kazarian has the belt and jumps down to get the win.

Winner and still TNA X Division Champion: Kazarian

After the match, we see highlights from the match leading to the finish. Back live, Kazarian celebrates his win with the crowd in the Impact Zone.

We see more footage of Jeff and Karen Jarrett’s honeymoon at Universal Studios. Jeff has pizza for the kids!

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with the TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money. They have some fun with Christy trying to get her to do the “BEER…MONEY” pose. Roode said Shannon Moore doesn’t know anything about respect. Storm asked who Moore thought he was to call them out on national television.

A video package runs highlighting Beer Money vs. Ink Inc.

* Beer Money defending the TNA Tag Team Championships against Ink Inc is up next.

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