TNA VICTORY ROAD: Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer (No DQ Rules)

Mar 13, 2011 - by Adam Martin

No DQ Rules
Bully Ray vs. Tommy Dreamer

Dreamer continues big offense on Ray with punches and kicks. Ray fires back with a big clotheslines, but misses an elbow drop. Dreamer dumps Ray over the top rope. Dreamer hit Ray with a stuffed animal that was handed to him from the crowd. Host of “The Velvet Room” Clinton Bowman sent me word that it was Minion from the movie “Despicable Me.” Dreamer with a water bottle to the head of Ray as they brawl up into the crowd. Ray crotches Dreamer across the guard railing. Ray grabs a kendo stick and cracks it near SoCal Val to scare her. Dreamer tosses a trash can inside the ring with other street sign weapons. Dreamer off the top rope cracking a kendo stick over the head of Ray. Dreamer has an Inflatable Doll in the ring and slams Ray over it. Taz said the doll was Jeremy Borash’s best friend. Ray with a superplex on Dreamer from the top rope and then drops an elbow on the doll for fun. Dreamer responds with a quick DDT for a two count. Dreamer brings a table into the ring and sets up one side. Ray hits Dreamer over the head with a trash can. Ray with shots to the body of Dreamer using the kendo stick. Ray yells for a mic yelling, “How does it feel buddy!?” Ray continues hitting Dreamer with the kendo stick. Ray then yells out, “DEVON! DEVON! THIS IS FOR YOU DEVON!” The Team 3D music hits. Devon’s two sons are walking out. Devon hits the ring from behind. When Ray turns around, Devon lifts him up and Dreamer assists as they give Ray a 3D right through the table. Dreamer covers Ray and gets the win.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

After the match, Tommy Dreamer celebrates with Devon and Devon’s two sons.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions Angelina and Winter along with Velvet Sky. Winter said she doesn’t have an issue with Velvet and that velvet has an issue with her. She adds that Angelina is starting to see the same. Velvet asks Angelina what is up and Angelina walks off.

* Angelina Love and Winter defending the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships against Sarita and Rosita is up next.

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