TNA VICTORY ROAD: Angelina/Winter vs. Sarita/Rosita

Mar 13, 2011 - by Adam Martin

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships
Angelina Love and Winter (c’s) vs. Sarita and Rosita

We start with Angelina and Rosita. Angelina with quick offense early on. Quick tag to Sarita. Angelina with a big suplex and tag back to Rosita. Winter gets the tag and she drops her over her knee. Quick tag back to Sarita. Winter with a northern lights suplex into a bridge for a two count. Tag to Angelina. Rosita gets the tag as well and misses a body splash off the shoulders of Sarita. Angelina plants Rosita with a front slam. Lots of quick tags by Rosita and Sarita. Rosita misses a body splash off the top rope. Winter gets the tag, puts Rosita on her shoulders and Angelina is in with a big kick to Rosita. Cover and Sarita breaks it up. Sarita bails out and grabs one of the tag titles. Angelina kicks her out of the ring. Rosita has the belt now. She is about to hit Winter when Velvet Sky hits the ring to take the belt away. Winter rolls up Rosita. Sarita turns Winter over so now Rosita has her rolled up. Referee Earl Hebner is still on the outside. A few seconds later, he jumps back in and counts the pinfall.

Winners and new TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Sarita and Rosita

After the match, Angelina Love and Winter are upset with Velvet Sky. Sarita and Rosita run off with the belts.

We see footage of Jeff and Karen Jarrett’s “honeymoon” at Universal Studios today. Karen said he knows what she wants. Jeff is having fun with the kids. Karen wants the kids to go back to the hotel. Jeff said it is pizza time. The kids love it and Karen is upset.

Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Matt Morgan. Morgan said Hernandez took that one magic moment from his father, mother, his wife, fans and himself from becoming the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. He said Hernandez got a big head spending time in Mexico and that his sights are still on the TNA Championship.

A video package runs highlighting Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan.

* Hernandez vs. Matt Morgan in a First Blood match is up next.

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