News on Paul Ordorff, Charlie Haas, TNA Impact, and more

Mar 12, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

– If you factor in DVR viewing of TNA Impact, this week’s episode was seen by two million.

– Charlie Haas via Twitter: Happy Birthday to my Brother who passed away 9 years ago. RIP Russ. Your legacy lives in my son RUSS Jr. Miss and love you.

– WWE hall of famer Paul Orndorff, 61, is battling skin cancer which is wrapped around the carotid artery, which can not be surgically removed. He’s instead having to go through chemotherapy and radiation treatment for it, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

– From Lekisha Oliver: NWA Main Event – NWA Arena, Nashville, TN: Jamey Farrari def. Chris Eckos; Shawn Shultz def. Bryan Casey; Psycho Medic def. Ox Harley via dq; Damien Payne and Kaige Kuttler with Lekisha def. Super Barney, Kirk Patrick and Sebastian Stardust; Kevin Dunn def. Derek Neal with Lekisha; Wild Thing Will Owens def. Steve O (3-10-10).

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