3/9 JCW Results featuring Rob Conway, Sabu, Eugene, more

Mar 11, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

Juggalo Championship Wrestling
Live Taping
Hardcore Hell Results
Modern Exchange, Southgate Michigan

Sal, The man of 1,000 Gimmicks defeated Bill Martell
The Jailbird Man with Eugene defeated Jimmy Jacobs
The Bumpin Uglies Vs Ring Ryda’s went to a no contest when Congo Kong destroyed all 4 men.
The Submissionary Rob Conway submitted Brian Poder, Scarry Terry, and Pat Pecker
Sabu & Weedman defeated Bull Pain and Isabella Smothers in a Ladders and Tables Match
2 Tuff Tony defeated Baby Bitch Boy in a Thumbtack, Ladders, and Tables match.
JCW Tag Team Championship Madman Pondo and Necro Butcher defeated The Haters to become new JCW tag team championships in a Barbed WIre, Thumbtacks, and Ladders match
Main Event: Corporal Robinson Defeated Ian Rotten in an extremely bloody thumb tack, barbed wire, and broken glass match to retain the JCW title.

JCW returns to southgate on 3/23 with a show called Monster’s Island, Vampiro Vs Kongo Kong has been signed!!!

JCW HOTLINE 313-483-0949


Show opened with a well dressed Rob Conway cutting a promo that he is a master of submissions and in fact is a mercenary for hire to take out anyone if the price is right. He stated he is to be referred to as “The Submissionary” and later on tonight he would exhibit his skills by submitting 3 competitors in less than 5 minutes!

Sal, The Man of 1,000 Gimmicks (Dentist) defeated the debuting Bill Martel and cut a post match promo challenging “The Emo Warrior” Jimmy Jacobs to a “Best of 3 series” starting on March 23rd!

Next Up KG (Kevin Gill) took to the stage to introduce a world renowned superstar who was in the locker room, and out came Eugene (Nick Dinsmore) for an interview. Eugene said he was there to see his favorite wrestler in person, and that he thought The Jailbird Man had what it takes to go to the top! He led the crowd in chants and finally rushed down to the ring to get an upclose look at the next match:

JailBird Man defeated Jimmy Jacobs via Pinfall, Unbeknownst to JBM, The Man of 1,000 Gimmicks got up on the apron when Jimmy Jacobs attempted to introduce his “Guyliner” into the match and Sal turned the tables on the Emo Warrior and JBM put away Jacobs with “The Shank” and Eugene celebrated with JailBird Man postmatch!

The Bumpin’ Uglies and Ring Ryda’s went to a no contest when the giant Congo Kong W/ Truth Martini entered the ring and destroyed all four competitors. Truth cut a promo saying that Kongo Kong wants competition they will keep sending messages like this to JCW until they get what they want. JCW commissioner Violent J came onto the stage and said he gets the message loud and clear, and he announced that on March 23rd he has signed Congo Kong to face Vampiro!

Next up “The Submissionary” Rob Conway came to the ring in peak physical condition and demonstrated his services one after another he brutally beat on and quickly submitted Brian Poder, Scary Terry, and Pat Pecker.

Tables And Ladders Match:
Bull Pain and Isabella Smothers were introduced for the match and KG got in ring for a quick pre-match interview focussing on the relationship between Bull and Isabella. Bull denied they were anything other than friends, but Isabella made it clear they have been intimate together and Bull insisted he would never “mow another man’s lawn”. Sabu and Weedman entered to massive ovations and separate entrances, and the fight was on! In the early stages of the match, wrestling manager Charlie Brown in his JCW debut watched the wild brawl from the stage intently from the stage
Sabu And The Weedman defeated Bull Pain and Isabella Smothers in a wild brawl that saw ladders and tables used violently. Post match Charlie told Sabu that he could help guide his career so that he could surpass the legend of his Uncle, The Sheik. Much to the shock of Weedman and the Juggalos in attendance, Sabu left with Charlie Brown!

Thumbtack Deathhmatch
2 Tuff Tony Vs Baby Bitch Boy
Seasoned Death Match veteran and juggalo favorite taking on the freakishly large and disgusting Baby Bitch Boy in a bloody thumbtack war. Both men were covered in tacks as Tony unleashed an ass whipping. Baby Bitch Boy held his own and at times used his massive girth to his advantage. Tony slammed the baby into large troughs of tacks, and even individually inserting tacks into the baby’s face ad other sensitive reigons. In the end Tony hit the flaming meteorite and crashing helicopter for the hard fought victory.

KG Called out RIchie Boy Breyer Wellington for a interview about his highly anticipated glass match for the JCW title coming up int he main event. Via his manager Truth Martini Richie Boy stated that his exquisite skin was treated with the finest creams, lotions, herbs, and bee’s pollen and that he was too rich, and too pampered to ever subject himself to such a match. However, with his money and influence he paid someone to take his spot and win the belt for him, and that it was someone who mentored Corporal Robinson and got him into the business. “King of The Deathmatch” Ian Rotten entered the ring and said it’s not personal, it’s just business, and not only would he capture the belt for Bryer, but he would destroy the very soul of Corporal Robinson!

Thumbtacks, Barbed Wire, Ladders, Tables and Chairs Match
JCW Tag Team Champions The Haters vs Madman Pondo and Necro Butcher
The haters hate the juggalos, but they really hate barbed wire, and thumbtacks. They cut a pre-match promo saying now that they are 3 time champions, and plan on keeping the belts forever. While the Haters were visibly afraid of the weapons and tacks, Necro butcher gleefully stomped all over the ring barefoot and filled his mouth up with Thumbtacks during his entrance. These two teams have tangled several times this year, and the matches have been wild all over the building and neighborhood brawls. This match was on like donkey kong from the opening bell and referee AT Huck allowed most of the match to take place with all four men fighting at once. Barbed wire rakes, barbed wire axes, barbed wire bats, and more were involved. It was bloody, it was violent, and with the Juggalos firmly behind Pondo and Necro that Haters slipped from their perch and we have new tag team champions Madman Pondo and The Necro Butcher begin their second reign! Guns were being fired in the hills of west Virginia, and moonshine was being consumed.

Psychopathic Recording Artist Blaze Ya Dead Homie performed live and got a thunderous ovation!

Main Event: Broken Glass, Barbed Wire, Thumbtacks, Ladders and Chairs match
Jcw Heavyweight Championship
Corporal Robinson Vs Ian Rotten (Paid replacement for Richie Boy Bryer Wellington)
The atmosphere was electric as champ and challenger entered the ring and got right down to fighting. Corporal went on the attack the moment he got in the ring, and ripped open Rotten’s head with light bulbs and blood flowed like water. Back and forth violent battle with lots of violent carving, cutting, spiking, and etc. Crowd was 100% behind the Champion, and in the end Corporal Robinson defeated his mentor in a wild, bloody and violent melee and the audience reaction shook the building!

Post Match a very frustrated Richie Boy Breyer Wellington and his associates ran to ringside and started to put the boots to Corporal Robinson. Crowd beccame livid, and moments after it started 2 Tuff Tony and JCW commissioner Violent J cleared house on Bryer and crew, leaving his butler Geeves in the ring to deal with the aftermath. They butler was laid out across a table, and Big Violent J ascended to the top rope and delivered a devastating splash putting Geeves through the table and into the light bulbs beneath it.

JCW Returns on 3/23 at the Modern Exchange in Southgate, Mi for Monster’s Island!
JCW HOTLINE 313-483-0949
Tickets at Hatchetgear.com and Ticketmaster.com

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