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Detailed 3/11 WWE Smackdown SPOILERS

Dark Match:

Shelton Benjamin vs Curt Hawkins
Decent match to get the night underway. Lots of back and forth action. Shelton hit the dragonwhip during the match and won by pin after the Blockbuster neck drop from the second rope.

NXT Season 5 Opener

This season will be about redemption. 6 past NXT rookies are back to prove themselves worthy. The rookies and pros are as follows:
Byron Saxton/ Yoshi Tatsu
Conor O’ Brian.Vladimir Kozlov
Darren Young/Chavo Guerrero
Titus O’ Neil/Hornswoggle
Lucky Cannon/Tyson Kidd
Maryse is the new co host

Matches started as Darren Young beat Jacob Novak. Young looked very good during the match and looks to be the favorite from the word go. Most of the crowd was strongly behind him.
Next was the Boot Camp challenge. Young won this and earned 3 redemption points.
Last match of NXT was Titus O’Neil vs Lucky Cannon, during the match Kidd went after Horswoggle and ended up costing Cannon the match after Hornswoggle pushed him off of the top ropes and O’Neil hit his finisher, after the natch Kidd was putting Hornswoggle in the sharpshooter until O’Neil kicked Kidd out of the ring.

Chris Masters beats Tyler Reks by MasterLock.

Show opens with Edge calling Alberto Del Rio out. Alberto comes out with Brodus Clay and he is huge live. They get in and attack Edge which leads to Christian coming out and making it 2 on 2. Teddy Long comes out and says after the contract signing last week and what just happened we are going to have the biggest Smackdown ever with Edge and Christian reuniteing for the first time in 10 years to fight Clay and Del Rio. Main Event announced.

Kane vs Wade Barrett is the first match of the evening. This match is over quick as the rest of the Corre hits the ring to beat down Kane. Big Show out with a chair to even the odds up. Long comes out and makes a tag match of Big Show and Kane vs Wade Barrett and Heath Slater. Jackson and Gabriel are barred from ringside, good match and as the end was coming here comes the Corre back out so Kane and Big Show win by DQ. Big Show grabs a chair and then cleans the ring and the hits Kane with the chair in payback for last week.

Next out is JTG vs Cody Rhodes. Rhodes comes out in a suit and makes quick work of JTG winning by the CrossRhodes.

Next Michael Cole interviews John Cena. Cena talks about how he let the Rock distract him from the Miz and how the Miz should have just let him be distracted as he had a better chance of winning and that he is now focused on the Miz. Cole provokes Cena but Swagger makes the save. Swagger get Cena in the ankle lock twice but Cena flips out both times the last time sending Swagger out of the ropes. He grabs Cole for the Attitude Adjustment and Swagger saves Cole but gets one himself.

Layla vs Katilyn from NXT.
Layla wins in a quick match.

Rey Mysterio vs Drew McIntrye
Good match with Drew looking good. Rey wins by 619 and a top rope splash. Afterwards Cody Rhodes comes out and asks Rey to answer his challenge. Rey accepts so we have a new Wrestlemania 27 match.

Triple H comes out and does an interview reminding people what he is capable of and this leads to a stare down with the Undertaker.

Main Event time good match and ending came when Christian hit Clay with the Tornado DDT followed by a top rope elbow drop by Edge for the pin.

Dark Match Main Event
Huge 10 man tag match between The Corre and Del Rio vs Cena, Big Show, Edge, Christian, and Mysterio.
Good match with the Corre and Del Rio walking out on Slater and letting everyone hit their finisher with Cena getting the pin after the Attitude Adjustment.


Jacob Gamron

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4 Responses

  1. chris says:

    Outside of the main event, looks like its a must miss TV show. Looks like Drew is getting buried for reasons known only to the booking committee.

  2. Kobe says:

    I wouldn’t say burried. Tear him down before you build him up has always been WWEs philosophy. I say we may be seeing a McIntyre push soon.

  3. haidar says:

    yeh doubt it bet drew is released soon
    along with katlyn

  4. Ahmad says:

    Looks to me like everyone not named “Sheamus” gets crapped on from the get go lolol…….guy wasnt in the company for a year, wins the wwe title? come on now

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