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Results from last night NWS show featuring Tito Santana

National Wrestling Superstars returned to the Jersey Shore on Saturday night March 5th at the Island Heights, NJ Fire Company Hall, with a near-capacity crowd and lots of hot action (had it gotten any hotter, the fire department personnel would have been called to duty for sure).

* In the opening contest, which was for the number-one contender to the NWS Heavyweight Title, former champion Ray-Ray Marz and ROH star Judas Young fought to a ten-minute time-limit draw. Marz, anxious to get another shot at his belt as well as prove himself in front of his hometown fans, fought a tough bout with Judas, who was looking for his first chance at gold in NWS. After a back-and-forth match, Marz powered out of a sleeper hold by Judas and slapped on a sharpshooter hold in the center of the ring, but before Judas could tap out, the bell sounded indicating the time-limit, and the match was declared a draw. The fans clamored for five more minutes, Marz was certainly willing, and Judas said that even though he could care less what the fans liked, he agreed with them and wanted the match to resume. But Judas then immediately attacked Marz before the referee could call for the bell, and Commissioner Moore threw out the match and ordered a rematch when NWS returns to Brick, NJ at the end of April.

* In a non-title match, NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans (with manager Captain Johnny Kool) defeated former ECW star The Zombie (with Island Heights Volunteer Fireman “Odd” Todd Tumbles in his corner). The two veteran stars fought hard, but towards the end Zombie had the upper hand as he powered out of a moonsault from Oceans and leveled him with a DDT and an F-5. But before he could get the pin, Captain Johnny Kool distracted the referee, and former ECW star The Equalizer and Danny Inferno ran into the ring and attacked Zombie while Judas Young also came out and helped distract the referee. Equalizer and Zombie rolled Oceans on top of the beaten-down Zombie, and the referee turned around and counted the 1-2-3 for Oceans. An angry Zombie attacked and laid out Oceans before leaving the ring to fan cheers.

* In a six-man tag-team rematch from the last Brick, NJ show, where Falls Count Anywhere, Team Jersey Shore (NWS Tag-Team Champions The Jersey Shore Jocks & Slayer) vs. “Corrupted” Corey Havoc & Jumping Joey Janela & Bobby Youngblood ended in a double-disqualification. The match was a wild affair from the start, spilling out all over the fire company hall, with chairs, belts, garbage cans, and anything else not nailed down. The referee was pushed around as wrestlers each tried to pin an opponent, only to have another wrestler interrupt the count and make a pin attempt on someone else. Referee Sargeant Jimmy Storm eventually had enough of this and ordered the wrestlers back to the ring. When they refused and continued brawling on the outside, he started counting, and when he reached ten he called for the bell and threw out the match. The six wrestlers continued to brawl with each other, and attacked the referees and security personnel who tried to break it up. The fight only broke up when Commissioner Moore himself got in the wrestlers’ faces and got them to finally stand down. The disgusted Commissioner saw that putting these wrestlers in tag-team matches was a bad idea, and ordered that in Brick, NJ in late April, the six would wrestle in three separate singles matches, Janela vs. Slayer, Havoc vs. Jersey Shore Jock Chris D’Andrea, and Youngblood vs. Jersey Shore Jock Mike Dennis.

* In another rematch from the last Brick, NJ show, “The Bounty Hunter” Johnny Ringo (making his NWS wrestling debut, with Island Heights Volunteer Fireman “Odd” Todd Tumbles in his corner) vs. former NWA Canadian Champion “The Hockey Goon” Rocco Dorsey (with manager Captain Johnny Kool & Judas Young in his corner), with Father Ozzie as the referee, also ended in a double-disqualification. Johnny Kool attempted to bring his entire stable to the ring, as Danny Inferno and The Equalizer also came out with him, but Commissioner Moore pointed out that they were not in the contract as cornermen, and sent them back to the locker room. The former police offiicer Ringo was impressive in his debut, showing his power early. Rocco’s extra cornerman gave him an edge during the match, but Rocco could not put Ringo away because Father Ozzie still had difficulty counting past two. After Ringo powered back and leveled Rocco with a DDT, Captain Kool distracted the referee and Judas slipped Rocco a “Wet Floor” sign which he used to level Referee Ozzie and attack Ringo. Ringo tried to fight off both Rocco and Judas, but was soon outnumbered four-to-one as The Equalizer and Danny Inferno ran back to the ring and the four pummeled him. The attack was broken up when The Zombie, followed by “Atomic Dog” Ali and former WWE hall-of-famer “El Matador” Tito Santana ran out to the ring and chased the attackers away. Inferno and Equalizer were furious, and promised to destroy Santana and Ali in the main event. Meanwhile, Commissioner Moore threw out the match between Rocco and Ringo, and ordered a rematch in Brick, NJ at the end of April, with Father Ozzie as the referee again (they promised to help him with his counting skills), and to prevent outside interference, the ring would be surrounded by wrestlers in a Lumberjack Match.

* Boricua Bad Boy Tino won by disqualification over “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie. Tino surprised the crowd by holding his own against the veteran Smoothie. A frustrated Smoothie tried to choke Tino into unconsciousness, and Referee Mike Jones eventually had to physically pull Smoothie away from Tino after Smoothie ignored his warnings. Smoothie’s temper got the better of him and he leveled Referee Jones with a low blow and a DDT. Commissioner Moore called for the bell and disqualified Smoothie. Smoothie kept up the attack on Referee Jones, and only stopped when Commissioner Moore threatened him with immediate suspension.

* In the Main Event tag-team match, former WWE superstar and hall-of-famer “El Matador” Tito Santana & “Atomic Dog” Ali (with Island Heights Volunteer Fireman “Odd” Todd Tumbles in their corner) defeated former ECW star The Equalizer & Danny Inferno (with manager Captain Johnny Kool). After failing to match wrestling holds with the veteran Santana, Equalizer and Inferno concentrated their attack on Ali and tried to wear him down in their corner. But Ali eventually powered out of a sleeper hold from Inferno and head-butted him out of the ring, ducked out of the way of an Avalanche from Equalizer, and tagged in Santana. Santana cleaned house on Equalizer and Inferno. After Todd Tumbles stopped Johnny Kool from bringing a chair into the ring, Santana locked Equalizer in a Figure-Four Leglock in the center of the ring, and Equalizer tapped out, giving Santana and Ali the victory to close out the show.

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