WWE and TNA TV Ratings from the UK

Mar 5, 2011 - by Steve Gerweck

This is the week that the Rock spiked the ratings for every WWE show bar the live Raw (for obvious reasons!)

Raw from February 14:
127,000 viewers saw the live airing (down 22,000 on last week/15%)

61,000 viewers watched the replay on Thursday evening
25,000 saw a replay on Friday afternoon

SmackDown from February 18
201,000 viewers saw the first airing of the show (up 68,000/up 51% on the prior week, likely because of Rocky)

40,000 saw a replay on Saturday morning (up 7,000/21%)
59,000 saw a replay on Saturday night

TNA Impact from February 10
152,000 saw the first run episode on Challenge TV, airing on February 15 (up 18,000/13% – that made it the top rated show on Challenge for the week, with none of their 90s quiz show reruns beating it)

Against All Odds drew 119,000 on that Tuesday night after the Feb 10 Impact.

Ian Hamilton

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