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3/3 TNA Impact Rating

TNA Impact last night did a 1.4 cable rating, a 1.1 M18-49, a .8 in M18-34, and an average audience of 1.8 million viewers. Among Basic Cable Networks between 9p-11p, TNA ranked #3 among M18-49, behind MTV (Jersey Shore), and TNT (NBA)

Qtr hours: 1.52 1.26 1.32 1.17 1.36 1.43 1.37 1.42 1.48

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  1. advo319 says:

    Supposedly TNA management was expecting better…that’s what happens when you pass crap that was done 2 weeks ago as original.

  2. Sander says:

    Good Job.
    I do not followed TNA since I visited Bound for Glory in Daytona.
    Maybe TNA can grow slowly now to compete with WWE.
    The Only problem i have with TNA is their chaotic Storylines. That’s where i lost my interest.
    I hope they can hold their momentum at The moment and bring better Storylines, so tv ratings can grow even further.

    THE Netherlands

  3. advo319 says:

    BTW, the average of the quarter hours is 1.37…

  4. Torjohnson says:

    Wow, their best ever and it’s not even half of the WWE’s lower-end ratings for Raw.

  5. AJ Starr says:

    Torjohnson… too bad WWE’s been in the same ratings hole for 10 years and TNA only improves, right?

  6. James25 says:

    This has to be their best ever on Thursdays. I’ve never seen them this high across the board.

    Look at that overrun for Sting’s return and the first quarter hour a 1.5 that’s pretty special.

    This is a clear sign that TNA benefits more from having their shows done on the road. They need to stay out of the Impact Zone they don’t belong there anymore.

  7. Red rooster says:

    I’m happy with this lol

  8. Michael says:

    One day I hope TNA can pass Smackdown. and if they do, finally we are getting somewhere

  9. Justin says:

    They aren’t going to overtake WWE in a night. And probably will take another 5-10 years before they can even dream of competing again unless they really grab a hot talent. It’s sad nobody gives them a chance. It’s a bearable product you just have to bear with the 30 minutes of crap to enjoy 30 minutes of good talent.

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