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Who will induct Bob Armstrong into the WWE HOF?

Scott Armstrong posted on Twitter:

ME, Brad, Steve and Road dogg will b inducting our dad in the HOF! Family Reunion at Mania!!! THAT’S livin the dream!!!!!!!

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  1. Ian says:

    As they should

  2. Dave says:

    If they could get Road Dogg into the Mania PPV somehow then I would be one happy fan.

  3. Daniel says:

    What more could a father ask for? his sons putting him into the HOF, now sign them all up to a legends deal

  4. DJ REIGN says:

    Don’t Road Dogg & VKM have heat? If they gonna have The Armstrong family induct their dad, why not have the HHH, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman induct HBK?

  5. shaneo says:

    @dj reign: 1) do you really think heat would stop vince from letting him induct his dad? have you been watching wwe for the last 20 years? heat means nothing..
    2) how does having your sons induct you into the HOF compare to having your party/travelling buddies in the 90’s induct you? but i can answer your question anyways, first HHH will probably induct HBK, Scott Hall is in rehab and probably show up smashed, kevin nash doesnt compare to hhh, and waltman is a abuser. nuff said

  6. Kerry says:

    As much as I think it’s great that “Bullet” Bob Armstrong is getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, why don’t they induct the whole family – Bob AND HIS SONS – in? The entire family has a legacy of their own.

  7. Joan B. in SC says:

    Kerry, I was thinking the same thing. Induct them as a family the way they did with the Von Erichs.

  8. Riten says:

    They Should Have Done That With Stu Last Year, Loophole To Get Owen In. Besides That’s The Only Way I Can See Any Other Guerrero In The HOF

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