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Mar 2, 2011 - by staff

Thanks for giving me the chance to write these recaps for the season. I enjoyed taking out the time to write them up. I appreciate it. Thanks again.

The WWE Intro airs and merges into a highlight video of the NXT Season thus far before a short video hyping both Brodus Clay and Johnny Curtis as one will become the WWE’s Next Breakout Star tonight.

The NXT Intro airs and Todd Grisham welcomes us to the Season Finale of NXT and sends it to Matt Striker. Striker welcomes us to the show and brings out the WWE Pros. Daniel Bryan, Chris Masters and Maryse take a seat before R-Truth heads out. Truth brings out the “Rookie he thinks will win,”

Johnny Curtis. Curtis heads out with Truth as they walk to the ring. Matt Striker welcomes Alberto Del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriquez. Ricardo brings out Brodus Clay after giving him his own introduction. Both Clay and Curtis eye one another as a “We Want Bateman” chant starts. Striker give Curtis the microphone and tells him to tell the crowd why he should win NXT. Curtis instead says that since day one, Clay has tried to take away him dream. Curtis says he will not back down and that he will fight Clay tonight and knock his teeth down his throat. Clay takes the microphone and calls Curtis “Poor little Johnny.” Clay then tells Curtis that he admires the fact that he never hid from Clay and that in any other line of business, Clay would be his friend. Clay says that Curtis stands in his way and calls the crowd lousy, and says that he will walk out like Lebron James, a winner. Striker then informs both men that they will meet in a match right now.

Clay rushes Curtis and quickly knocks him under the ropes and to the floor as Truth helps him up. Curtis fires off shots while on the apron and heads in. Clay overpowers Curtis and goes for a powerslam. Curtis wriggles free but Clay locks in the Tongan Death Grip. Curtis kicks at Clay and breaks free as he heads into a corner. Clay charges but Curtis puts his boot up and staggers the big man. Curtis hops to the second rope and flies right into a clothesline from Clay. We head to a quick break.

We’re back and Clay has a nerve hold on Curtis, who tries to get back to his feet. Curtis breaks free but Clay takes him down again and hits a huge overhead T-Bone Suplex. Clay walks around the ring a bit before finally covering Curtis and only getting two. Clay applies the nerve hold one more time and Curtis once again breaks free but can’t get any momentum going. Curtis is in the corner and Clay almost takes a shot at Truth on the apron. Clay charges towards Curtis who moves out of the way. Curtis hits a flurry of uppercuts and a dropkick that takes Clay off his feet. Curtis heads up top but Clay cuts him off and flips him halfway across the ring. Clay hits a running splash and hooks the leg for the three. Clay and Ricardo make a move towards Curtis and R-Truth steps in to protect his Rookie. Ricardo announces Clay as the winner.

We head to a backstage segment from earlier between Daniel Bryan and Derrick Bateman. Bryan says that he can’t believe Bateman was eliminated last week. Bateman says he’s used to heartbreak and that everything will be fine. Bryan reminds him of what he said last week and Bateman says he can’t be serious and won’t hit his friend in the face. Bateman leans down and grabs a pair of glasses and puts them on as Bryan punches him in the face. Bryan tells Bateman to get up and tells him that he has a NXT Rookie Reunion Tag Team Match and that he wants him to win it, not for him but for “you, chicks and America.” Bateman screams as he’s pumped up and walks out.

We will see the promo from The Rock on Raw last night when we come back from the break.

We take a quick look at how John Cena responded to The Rock a week ago. Grisham and Mathews talk about Cena’s response and how that was hard to beat but yet The Rock may have done that last night. We head to The Rock’s promo from Raw in its entirety.

After a break, we see Derrick Bateman in a corner with Conor O’Brian as they will face Jacob Novak and Byron Saxton in a Rookies Reunion tag team match. Bateman and Novak start things off and Bateman wants a test of strength but instead dropkicks Novak. Bateman chops him against the ropes and flips him over, kicking him in the spine and tagging in O’Brian. O’Brian works on the arm of Novak but he takes O’Brian to his corner and Saxton tags in. The two work over O’Brian with kicks and cheap shots, isolating him from his corner. Novak tags in and stomps on O’Brian in a corner and covering him for one. Novak applies a sleeper and O’Brian gets to his feet, arm dragging himself out of the hold and kicking Novak away, crawling towards Bateman. Saxton tags in and stops the tag momentarily but Bateman gets in. He ducks a shot from Saxton, who hits O’Brian instead but takes two forearm takedowns. Bateman hits a belly to back suplex for a two and picks Saxton up. Saxton hits a unique leaping jawbreaker that stuns Bateman and goes for a tag. Novak jumps off the apron and walks out as Saxton can’t believe it. Bateman charges and dropkicks Saxton in the corner before hitting a flipping neckbreaker. Bateman picks Saxton up and hits an inverted bulldog that spikes Saxton. Bateman covers and picks up the win in his home town.

A graphic is shown, hyping who will win NXT Season 4 for later tonight.

After another break, we head to the Raw Rebound featuring the John Cena-Alex Riley main event from last night and the aftermath.

Grisham and Mathews talk about the Miz-Cena rivalry and merge into the interview from Shawn Michaels, speaking on The Undertaker vs. Triple H match at WrestleMania.

Up next, we will find out who will be the Winner of NXT Season 4.

Josh Mathews and Todd Grisham plug NXT Season 5, which begins next week and will be like something we’ve never seen before.

We’re in the ring with Matt Striker and the remaining two Rookies. Striker thanks the Pros for all they did this season and then says “Let’s meet the WWE’s Next Breakout Star” and the Titantron lands on Johnny Curtis. Curtis is the Winner of NXT Season 4 and Truth heads into the ring. Truth tells the crowd that the tears in the eyes of Johnny Curtis are real. Striker gives the microphone to Curtis and Curtis thanks Striker and shakes Clay’s hand. Curtis thanks his father, the WWE Universe and his Pro R-Truth. Striker goes to Clay and believes this is not the end for him. Clay says the WWE Universe broke his heart and that he will destroy their heroes. Clay says he didn’t win because he didn’t look like Curtis and that he knows people are scared of him. Clay repeats that the WWE Universe broke his heart and that he doesn’t need a roster spot to do what he does, he will destroy everything they love to make them feel the way he does right now. Clay storms out of the ring and tells the camera man to get out of his face. Striker reminds Curtis that he will get a WWE Tag Team Title match with R-Truth and Truth does his usual “What’s Up” gimmick with the Cleveland crowd as he and Curtis continue to celebrate. Grisham thanks us for joining them and says that they will see us next week for NXT Season 5, something we have never seen before.

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