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WWE to produce a fifth season of NXT

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Just announced: WWE NXT Season Five debuts NEXT TUESDAY at 10/9 CT, only on!

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  1. raven12516 says:

    So why are they bothering to bring back Tough Enough?

  2. Travis says:

    @raven12516 Because Tough Enough and NXT are different?

  3. mmggirl says:

    It’s probably because 1.) NXT didn’t do well on TV, 2.) they want a webshow, 3.) Tough Enough is a recognized name AND did decent on TV, and 4.) it’s WWE; a lot of what they do doesn’t make much sense anymore.

    Oh, and they wanted Stone Cold and Trish back on TV without putting them on between the Cena and Miz crap that’s being pushed. :)

  4. raven12516 says:

    @Travis How are they different?

  5. RAW GM says:

    NXT is online only not televisied
    Tough Enough is televised

  6. Rex Anderson says:

    Tough Enough and NXT are almost alike in several ways but the differences that stand out the most starts with the talent. NXT uses FCW guys, TE uses some independent guys and complete unknowns. NXT has talent that has the WWE style already down, and are basically getting worldwide exposure, TE brings in talent and grooms them to the WWE style. The TE that showed i t the most is the one John Morrison Nitro Hennigan was in. John never wrestled in WWE or was groomed for it, now look at the man. NXT will bring forth new WWE talent that are do for a roster spot. TE will bring forth talent that audiences may know well, and some that people probably havent heard of. The shows are different styles, as one is towards endurance and abillity, and one is toward rookies and pro’s. Honestly TE is more of a reality show than NXT, and NXT is close to an actual WWE show like a SMACKDOWN! or RAW.

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