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Video: The Rock responds to John Cena on “Raw”

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  1. James says:

    Two things.

    1. Scripted or not, Rock seems legit pissed. I’m pretty sure that its not just the fact he was told to act angry, he seems like he is legit pissed.

    2. Anyone else notice that this is taking place in a bathroom?

  2. Rex Anderson says:

    LMAO that is in the bathroom, damn its the most electrifying bathroom I’ve seen before

  3. Ronald B says:

    Rock is pissed. No more “Super Cena”.

  4. JayJay says:

    My God you people are fucking stupid. He’s an actor, he’s not legit pissed, it’s all written for him… everything was written for Cena to say, they’re not pissed at each other. You guys need to get a grip on reality. They are PRETENDING to hate each other, it’s their job you morons.

  5. Anony-mouse says:

    hey JayJay the jet plane, LAY OFF! everyone here knows wrestling is scripted… The Rock doing his thing makes all of us remember the glory days that were the Attitude Era.. It’s about nostalgia, and The Rock brings it… So if people here wanna quote their favorite parts of the segment.. LET THEM and SHUT UP… We’ve all been deprived of entertainment of this quality in wrestling for quite some time… Rock said seven years but I see more as about five since they had some decent stories in ’05 and ’06.. so if you’re just gunna be some loser who gets his jollies berating other people for enjoying something you can’t, go do it somewhere else.

  6. JayJay says:

    Anony-mouse… I don’t think everyone here knows wrestling is scripted. Read the other post here, they’re talking about the Rock having “legit heat” with Cena, they’re talking like the promo Rock cut was unscripted. Where did I say don’t enjoy the promo? I think you’re just bitter because you’re one of the idiots that thought this promo was real, that the Rock really hates Cena. They don’t hate each other, if they did the Rock wouldn’t be working with him.

    You’re trying to rip me a new one, and you clearly didn’t read what I was saying. I said nothing about the promo being bad, I said nothing about it not being funny, I said nothing about people enjoying it. I was responding to the people above me that were talking like the two guys really hated each other. If you can’t understand that very simple concept, then you’re more of a moron then I could ever imagine. Like I said, I think you’re just bitter because you were one of the people that thought the Rock really hated Cena.

    I’m not berating people for enjoying the Rock’s promo, I was berating them for acting as if it were real. Anyone that’s read the comments section on this site have read post where people are pretty clearly not understanding that wrestling is scripted, such as saying the Rock and Cena hate each other. I liked the promo, most people liked the promo… but my post above wasn’t really about the promo, it was about the response to it.

  7. BRUCE says:


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