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Triple H hints at retirement; Wrestlemania match scrapped?

– While it is unclear if The Undertaker vs. Triple H match will be a streak vs. retirement match at Wrestlemania 27, Triple H has told friends he is retiring this year.

– The original slated Nexus vs. Corre match for Wrestlemania appears to be off the table. The new direction is now doing something with the Corre vs. Big Show in some capacity.

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  1. Anony-mouse says:

    While I would’ve liked to see a Nexus VS Corre match, I can see why they’re scrapping it… Whichever team loses instantly makes them inferior and causes them to lose a certain level of credibility on their respective brands

  2. -Jay- says:

    It’s time to quit the gaaaaaaaame!

  3. Ronald B says:

    Game Over.


  4. The One you H8 to Love says:

    Good, hopefully he retires but they dodnt do a 1 year turn around and make him the Headliner at the HOF in Miami…because I feel another WWE Alumnist deserves that honor…oh and Double A better be inducted this coming year or the WWE HOF loses credibility!

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