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Feb 28, 2011 - by staff

We start the show with a flashback to Jim Cornette introducing us to the Top Prospect Tournament competitors. Tonight we will have the final 3 matches of the first round of this tournament.

Top Prospect Tournament First Round Match
Mike Bennett v. Adam Cole
Bennett has made it well know that he is head and shoulders above the rest of the field in this tournament. Bennett is really being pushed by ROH. Tonight he is in for a big challenge with Cole. Cole takes an early advantage with some hammer chops on Bennett. It’s really a ground game here tonight between these two. After about a 7 minute solid match Bennett hits a Rock Bottom for the win out of nowhere.

Winner-Mike Bennett
Bennett advances to the second round

After the match Steve Corino is interviewed. He says Bennett is really good, but too confident. He tells him over confidence could be his worst enemy. Bennett tells Corino to sit back and let him handle the wrestling.

Top Prospect Tournament First Round Match
Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini v. Bobby Dempsey
Bobby is the fan favorite in this tournament. He’s just a big teddy bear folks. Elgin on the other hand is being pitched as a monster. Let’s see where is goes. This match is full of power moves and more power moves. Elgin goes for a power bomb on Bobby, but Bobby reverses. About a 5 minute match with Dempsey being power bombed from the top rope for the clean win.

Winner-Michael Elgin
Elgin advances to the second round

After the match Corino comes back out and says Dempsey is great, but Elgin was better tonight. He tells Elgin he does not need Truth Martini. He tells him to follow his own path.
Top Prospect Tournament First Round Match
Grizzly Redwood v. Andy “Right Leg” Ridge
Both of these wrestlers have had a pretty good year with ROH. Both getting pretty good TV time. Redwood is the smallest competitor, but you can’t tell by how he matches up with the others. About a 9 minute match with Grizzly losing by the right leg of Ridge. Ridge catches Redwood with a boot to the face for the win.

Winner-Andy “Right Leg” Ridge
Ridge advances to the second round.

Main Event
ROH World TV Title Match
ROH World TV Champion Christopher Daniels v. Kenny King
Daniels is one of the founding fathers of ROH, and it’s good to have him back. Daniels is a worthy champion if you saw the match he won it in. King and Daniels spend the first few minutes of the match exchanging hold out of the wrestling handbook. King is at a disadvantage with only a 15 minute time limit in this one. They use almost all of it here tonight. King puts up a huge effort, but in the end Daniels is just too much. Daniels hits the Angels Wings for the win.

Winner and still ROH World TV Champion Christopher Daniels
After the match Daniels shakes Kenny’s hand and raises it to the crowd.


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