2/28/11 WWE Raw Recap

Feb 28, 2011 - by staff

– Triple H kicks off the show to a huge ovation. He talks about DX, Evolution and everything he has done. He said he has beaten everyone except one man and that is Undertaker. He said they are a lot alike. He said they both look around that locker room and see the same thing and that is no challengers left. He said Taker has one thing left and that’s the streak and when that is done Taker is dead. He said he only has one thing left as well and that’s the streak and if he can’t end it he will die trying. Sheamus is out to interrupt. Triple H gives Sheamus a low blow and tosses him out of the ring. Triple H is destroying Sheamus. Triple H places Sheamus on the announcers table and gives him a Pedigree through it.

– Michael Cole will respond to the challenge of Jerry Lawler later tonight.

– The Rock will respond to John Cena live from his home in Miami.

– Sheamus is being helped up from his attack and the Raw GM chimes in. He announces that Sheamus will take on a man making his return to Raw right now which is Evan Bourne.

(1) Sheamus vs Evan Bourne. Bourne wins in like 2 minutes with the Shooting Star Press.

– The Undertaker’s return to Smackdown is announced for this Friday.

– Michael Cole is in the ring. he calls out Jerry Lawler and asks him to get in the ring. Cole says if Lawler strikes him he is fired but he is allowed to do anything he wants. Cole says he will face Lawler is Wrestlemania if his trainer can be in the corner and he can choose who the guest referee is. Lawler agrees to the match. Cole introduces his trainer for the match and the man who will be in his corner for the match Jack Swagger. Swagger attacks Lawler and Cole raises his hand in victory.

– Stone Cold will return next week on Raw.

– Michael Cole is now on commentary with Josh Matthews.

– Randy Orton is out. He said he will crush CM Punk’s spine and he will end up in a hospital sipping each and every one of his meals through a straw. Punk is out with Nexus. He says they are going to put Orton in the ground. The GM chimes in and announces Orton vs Punk at Wrestlemania. He says Orton will take on various members of the Nexus over the next several weeks to determine if the Nexus will be allowed at ringside at Mania.

(2) Randy Orton vs Michael McGilicutty. Orton wins via the RKO. After the match Orton punts McGilicutty in the head.

– The signing of Mistico is announced with the footage of him in Mexico.

– Miz is out with Alex Riley. He talks about Wrestlemania and his match with John Cena. He says the Rock is washed up. Cena is out with his usual lame comedy. He is ripping on both Riley and Miz. Cena challenges Riley to a match where if he loses he will be fired. Miz accepts for Riley but says if Cena loses he will have to say Miz is Awesome. The Raw GM chimes in and makes in a steel cage match.

(3) Divas Battle Royal. This match is joined in progress after the break. Eve is on commentary. The Bella twins switch and one of them eliminates Gail Kim to win.

– We go live to the Rock’s home for his response to John Cena. He has on Cena gear and starts to cut a rap but takes the hat and necklace off instead and destroys it. He cuts a long promo ripping on Cena and says he will see him at Mania. He says The Rock is back to scratch an itch and tells Cena to enjoy his Fruity Pebbles and calls him a Yabba Dabba B*tch.

– Footage of Shawn Michaels is shown talking about Triple H vs Undertaker at Wrestlemania.

– Daniel Bryan is out for a match but Miz attacks him on the ramp. Miz cuts a promo and orders the cage to be lowered now so that the match between Riley and Cena can start.

(4) Cage Match: Alex Riley vs John Cena. Miz trys to stop Cena from going out the door but Cena pushes his way out and wins. Riley is now fired from the employee of Miz. Miz lays out Cena with a Skull Crushing Finale on the floor.

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