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One angle, and the Wrestlemania main event is set

WWE is now officially advertising Undertaker vs. Triple H for Wrestlemania 27. Joey Styles posted on his Twitter page: It’s official for WM27! Triple H vs. The Undertaker! Which side are you on?

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  1. Kerry says:

    I guess the reason that’s going to be given for Triple H challenging Undertaker at Wrestlemania is to avenge Shawn Michaels’ loss to ‘Taker last year.

  2. Rex Anderson says:

    So what is this Team Taker vs. Team Game? You know what may the best man win. If WWE creative does a good job with this, I’ll give you a big star on the fridge!

  3. jimbob says:

    To all those thay say we av seen the match before… We saw hbk and taker twice so shut up

  4. Smash Burns says:

    It’s not impressive match.
    At least there should be sensational matches at wrestlemania.
    But there is nothing.
    I think it will be the worst wrestlemania in history.
    People want to see The Rock faces Cena at wrestlemania.
    Who is the Miz? International wrestling fans are not interested Miz.

  5. Eric says:

    Its not so much that we’ve seen this match before, it just doesn’t make all that much sense to me. What about all the heat they built up between Sheamus and HHH. Sheamus has been bragging about being the one who took out The Game for almost a year, and Hunter never struck me as the kind of guy that would let that slide. To have his revenge on an episode of RAW seems like a weak finish to me, and thats even if they touch upon it. Same goes with Taker/Barrett. After all, it was the Barrett led Nexus that helped take out the Dead Man. Those seem like pretty good Mania matches to me anyways, dunno if anyone else has been thinking the same thing.

  6. Tk says:

    true we have seen this match b4 at WM 17 and it was a good match this is 1 of 3 main events and it does have a old school feel to it and will be a impact match…if this is a triple HHH revenge storyline I feel Creative is taking the easy road and bleeding on a storyline that is 2 years old WM 25 was a great match then shawn ran with the obessive angle At WM 26 where he got luny that he had to end the streak now its triple HHH trying to avenge his friends honor thing and if shawn comes back NOW its a DX gang up its just too much…Just a possible story here they might go in a Diff direction. If so how they work the retirement no clue. My Only tiff will be i Hope the Undertaker does not turn into the guy if you want to retire at WM face the taker…Whos next now edge!

  7. Filip CLEM says:

    I hope TAKER wins and keeps his WM streak.
    I hope he looses at a next WM to a younger challenger in order to … put-him-over and pass the torch so to speak.
    I also hope HHH would not retire on account of this match.

  8. Jextreme says:

    As long as it isn’t HHH vs. Taker in a career vs. streak match… That’s the only part of the match that would make it horrible. Other than that, have at it, 2 great wrestlers in a great match, could be awesome.

  9. dubble K says:

    People blame TNA for relying too heavily on “the old guys” and their is merit to that, but WWE does their fair amount of it too. This is a great example of that. Undertaker is about the only “old guy” I can stand to watch in the WWE anymore as his whole vibe just never gets stale. Booker T is another that can still go but he seems happy with his new commentator role. No backstory to this and even if the writers come up with one-big deal!! We want to see new and different angles folks-even if it has to include the veterans at least it would be different.

  10. Ryan says:

    Yeah, but Taker/HBK sucked both times. The same as Kane/Taker the second time around. Granted, Kane/Taker 1 and Triple H/Taker 1 were pretty good, the second match will not live up to this hype..

  11. James says:

    I say give it a chance, it might sound unimpressive, and unimpressive but people set their expectations too high, in my opinion.

  12. Timothy says:

    Ryan, to say HBK/Taker sucked even once proves that you are not a fan of this kind of entertainment. It was voted as Match of the Year both times. With that being said Triple H vs UnderTaker. As much as I would like to see Taker lose(all good things must come to an end) he will win thanks to HBK. I say Triple H gets a big advantage and HBK gives Triple H sweet chin music. I mean, do you think the egotistical showstopper is going to help his best friend win and get the claim. Hell NO. I will be at Wrestlemania and despite Miz/Cena and Del Rio/Edge, I think this will be one of the greatest manias in WWE history.

  13. robin says:

    i really believe this will be a good match. two of wwes top stars, both are retiring soon, they might as well put on one hell of a match.
    and for the record, if it flops, im never watching wwe again…

  14. tk says:

    Tim makes a good point all good things must come to a end the Undertaker retireing someday yes sad but true. The streak NO I do not want it to end its pointless now to end it. 6 years ago maybe but…but there is more of a thrill to see who going to challenge taker and maybe end it put on a good match and come close LIKE WM 25 with shawn then to actually end the streak. But Tim is right in alot of ways example im sure many of us never thought hulk hogan would ever lose a match and what happend at WM 6 loss clean snd passed a torch BUT only for it to be dropped. Im sure if the time came where they tell taker time to lose at WM his get out of jail card is rem WM 6. I know he wouldnt want to pass a torch knowing the wrestler was not THE GUY who is going to headline make money and sell tickets. and the streak rem this is a man who has never left the company Eric most likely offered him alot to jump ship 20 years with the comnpany and has been a main eventer and has outlasted them all… whatever the outcome i hope 19-0 a good match and a good Wrestlemania

  15. WrestlingFanGuy says:

    I think what this might be is that Triple H loses to the Undertaker at WM then is revealed to be the mysterious Anonymous Raw General Manager

  16. Rick says:

    Triple H is one of the most overrated wrestlers in history. Wrestlemania looks realy realy poor!

  17. Czar of Wrestling says:

    Listen, Taker vs. HBK 1 is a classic w/ no equal. Taker vs. HBK 2 blew, end of story. I know it got voted match of the year, but watch them back to back. I didn’t even get emmotional about the Ric Flair of my generation and the man who made me fall in love with WRESTLING retiring because the match just wasn’t good enough.

    Sorry if I offend, but it’s the truth, and Triple H vs. The Undertaker WILL NOT MAKE THIS MANIA WATCHABLE.

  18. Nathan says:

    Ryan, If you don’t think that HBK vs. Undertaker at WM 25 & 26 was a good match then you are truly a moron and shouldn’t be watching wrestling. That’s the dumbest comment I have ever heard in 23 years of being a wrestling fan so congratulations on that.

  19. steve jones says:

    either or I’m just be there for the fun

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