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SPOILER Sting’s new look

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  1. David R. says:

    WTF!??!?! he has a matador – shawn michaels – catcher thing going on

  2. TK says:

    It looks like something of kiss/Warrior/Savage different but whatever works…its sting enough said. But i will always like the Crow look its like classic undertaker never gets old.

  3. Thomas says:

    He looks like he’s in marching band… or in a color version of My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade.”

  4. eddie says:

    Looks like old sting with black face paint

  5. Husky Anderson says:

    Love the Michael Jackson Thriller Jacket.

    Didn’t like the dark brooding Sting anyway. I always thought adding jazz hands was the next step in the progression of the Icon Sting.

  6. -Jay- says:

    The Crow meets Randy Savage meets Micheal Jackson.

  7. ILMH says:

    It’s showtime! Sadly he means a circus, apparently. Which really does make sense as Jeff Hardy’s a clown, Terry and Steiner are roided up freaks, and the title scene is seriously like 5 people trading spots off repeatedly like clowns coming out of a damn car. TNA! TNA! TNA! TNA! TNA! (I’m not a hardcore TNA mark so I don’t know if rhythmic clapping will make my chant better or not….)

  8. Matthew Christopher Maida says:

    welp guess that whole sting to WWE thing was some marks over active imaginations.

  9. Rex Anderson says:

    I’ve seen enough im done.

  10. matt giberson says:

    so he would rather dress like that instead of going to wwe, what does that tell you

  11. Smash Burns says:

    Stinf still stay on TNA!
    Look at that ringpost, http://WWW.SHOPTNA.COM!

    There was a rumor that Sting faces Undetaker on WWE.
    But Undertaker will face HHH at Wrestlemania according to this week Raw.

    Interestingly Sting’s promo(3 3 11) is like Undertaker’s promo.(2 21 11)

  12. wiscokid says:

    his outfit doesnt look much different to me just a crazy jacket…he has had red on the black outfit before…the jacket has kind of an old school sting look to it.

    I for one have always loved the surfer sting, not sure about the red/yellow color scheme though…shoudl have went with something different instead of Hogans colors…maybe blue and white or something would have looked more face like and completely different.

  13. Sir says:

    I think it looks cool, updating his image is admirable- keeps things fresh!

  14. Gurn Blanstid says:

    grow a goatee and wear pink like neidhart!

  15. Kerry says:

    He should lose the full face paint job & go back to just painting the top half of his face like he did pre 1996.

  16. Scott says:

    The jacket is part of his old surfer look. Google it. I like the hybrid.

  17. Jerry says:

    On the computer OMG so aweful.
    We shall see if the TV changes it at all.

    We can only hope

  18. brandon says:

    looks good….lets see how long it lasts

  19. IronHyde says:

    LOL @ Thomas!

  20. sandy says:

    sting again? yawn! dixie is such a mark for this d-bag.

  21. matt g says:

    so he would rather dress like that then fight taker at mania, makes you wonder

  22. James says:

    I liked the fusion of his classic and modern looks. Reminded me of one Bound For Glory, where he beat Jeff Jarrett for the NWA World title.

  23. Daniel says:

    absolutely horrible look

  24. Steve says:

    Marching band Sting!

  25. William says:

    Sting really missed an opportunity by not signing WWE his abilities are hanging on by a thread why not collect one last big check

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