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Paul Daley misses weight, again

Source: Mike Chiappetta

Paul Daley missed weight again for his BAMMA fight. He missed at UFC 108, Shark Fights, and now. That’s three times in just over a year.

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  1. Mimuran says:

    this is why Daley can’t be taken seriously!! He doesn’t make weight, does immature shit like sucker punching Kos (although, he probably deserved it, that still doesn’t give Daley the right to do that s***!), and never matured at all in his (almost non-existent) grappling game.

    Such a gifted fighter w/ a “comprete rack of disciprine”. A shame too, mainly because I was hoping that by getting released by the UFC for the Koscheck incident, then it would be a true eye opener for the rising brit

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