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UK TV Ratings – what beat TNA to top spot on their new UK home?

the UK ratings report for the week ending February 13th:

Raw from February 7th:
drew 149,000 in the live airing (up 38,000 viewers/+25%)
drew 59,000 in a replay on Friday evening

SmackDown from February 11th:
drew 133,000 in the first airing (up 32,000 viewers/+24%)
drew 33,000 in a replay on Saturday morning

NXT from February 8th:
drew 22,000 in a replay on Saturday night

Superstars from February 10th:
drew 23,000 in a replay on Saturday night (before NXT)

…and the debut of TNA Impact on Challenge TV in the UK (US airdate February 3rd; aired in the UK on February 8th). Impact drew 134,000 viewers, which is their highest UK rating to date. Problem was, it was #5 on Challenge TV that week – the top rated show was a re-run of the quiz-show Catchphrase which drew 161,000 viewers on Wednesday evening. For reference, the final Impact on Bravo did draw 37,000 (airing Christmas Day), which would make that an increase of 262% (comparing Christmas Day at 9pm to 10pm-midnight on a Tuesday night!)

Ian Hamilton –

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3 Responses

  1. haidar says:

    i dont understand these

  2. Jake says:

    Nice start despite being beaten by Catchphrase. At least its attracting more than it did on Bravo and beat all the other shows bar Live Raw.

    Just a pity Sky/TNA couldnt sort out a HD channel – Looks poor in comparison in a HD world…

  3. Jamie says:

    Haidar – the numbers he posted are the number of people who watched the show, simple as that

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